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Special Report on

CAVAL Human Resources Group

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Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery and Family Practice, University of Texas Health Science Center; Chairman, Division of Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care, Chief of Critical Care Units, Trinity Mother Francis Health System Coauthor(s): Douglas M Geehan, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Missouri at Kansas City Contributor Information and Disclosures Updated: Dec 29, 2008 Treatment options for inferior vena caval thrombosis (IVCT) have evolved as understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms has increased. Both surgical and medical options are available. The goals of therapy center on ...
South, West and Central Asia, and has been home to various peoples through the ages. The region has been a target of various invaders since antiquity, including by Alexander the Great , the Mauryan Empire , Muslim armies , and Genghis Khan , and has served as a source from which many kingdoms, such as the Greco-Bactrians , Kushans , Samanids , Ghaznavids , Ghurids , Timurids , and many others have risen to form empires of their own. The political history of Afghanistan begins in the 18th century with the rise of the Pashtun tribes (known as Afghans in Persian ), when in 1709 the Hotaki dynasty established its rule in Kandahar ...
Subject: FF News: A Profile on Dimension Data - by: Dana Liebenberg
FOR Dimension Data to be bought out by Japanese company Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) seems a bit of an anticlimax for a company that once flew so high. Back in the glory days of the IT boom in 2001, the company traded at R65. Now it is to be sold for R14 a share. But the fact is that the company has not traded at R14 for eight years, never mind anything like the heady heights it achieved when it first listed in London. Consequently, it’s not as though it is being bought at a knockdown price. In fact, the offer seems respectably pitched — neither a steal nor overly generous, a solid 20% above the trading price before the ... market research, surveys and trends
Chapter II: Season of HareelOnce More, Into the Breech
Res Amar entered his compartment, the door sliding open quietly and shutting just as quietly behind him again. He called for "lights at half" and moved towards the com center at the rear of the compartment. Sitting in his ergonomic chair, he turned to the small bar to the left and poured himself the second tumbler of Viv Illumina for the night. It was one of his few vices that he allowed himself, but like all vices, could quickly become a habit. He knew a number of men who had succumbed to the elixir, something that was looked down upon in the shining city. Men who were unable to control themselves had little ... market research, surveys and trends


Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009 « Tame The Web
Welcome to the 2009 version of TTW’s annual look at the trends and technologies that I believe will impact what we do in libraries and information centers. This post ties in with several presentations I will be giving this spring. I was remiss last year – prepping to take “The Hyperlinked Library” to Australia , I just couldn’t get the 2008 post going. Another reason was many of the same discussions and trends from 2007 had carried over into 2008.  If you’re curious, here are the previous posts: This year, I’m focusing on some ideas and technologies that I believe will impact everyone. These things will surely influence ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Transforming Professional Development for Librarians – More than ...
compete for increasingly scarce human resources. Since 2003, CAVAL has ... The baby-boom generation [those 78.2 million Americans alive today who .... For the 40-plus age group, this [Generation Y] attitude does not always sit ... the 40 to 60 percent of colleagues expected to retire within the next 10 to 15 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Researching and Benchmarking Best Practice in Library Staff ...
In September 2006, the CAVAL Human Resources Group (then known as the CAVAL ..... CAVAL's Human Resources Group. Richard is an Associate Fellow of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CALIFORNIA OVC State Wide Report
TOTAL FISCAL YEAR 2002 VOCA VICTIM ASSISTANCE AWARD $ 42,709,000 AMOUNT OF SUBGRANTS AWARDED $ 29,669,911 TRAINING FUND $ 0 0.00 % ADMINISTRATIVE FUND $ 0 0.00 % BALANCE $ 13,039,089 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NUMBER OF SUBGRANTS AWARDED = 239 67 - SUBGRANTS AWARDED TO A CRIMINAL JUSTICE-GOVERNMENT 3 - LAW ENFORCEMENT 44 - PROSECUTION 15 - ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Removing filter spike takes expertise unique to Stanford Hospital ...
William Kuo has pioneered the use of endovascular laser technology to remove the umbrella-shaped filters that have been implanted in patients’ veins to prevent blood clots from recurring. Over the years, Susan Karnstedt had gotten used to the intermittent pain in her abdomen, chalking it up to her diet, or perhaps to her physically active lifestyle, as a water skier and yoga enthusiast. “The abdominal pain continued to get progressively worse, and was pretty debilitating,” the 44-year-old Portola Valley resident said, describing how she was feeling when she visited the doctor earlier this year. Karnstedt was ...
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Is there a way for a former employee to contact Wendy's ...
I need to find a way to get W-2 forms for 2004 to file multiply years at once and can't seem to find out the right way to do so. I have to get it for my financial aid or I'll be unable to attend college in the spring. I've been trying for weeks, but it's hard when you're only free time is in the dead hours of the working world. I've got 2 weeks to get it all gathered and processed or I'm screwed. That will lead to another battle in court as my ex tries to convince people I can't support our son as well financially as he can, and I can't bear the ...
Oncology (General Cancer): Metastic lung cancer with Cancer of ...
QUESTION: About March 20, my 20 year old son presented with dyspnea, coughing, fever. He is a diabetic since age 11 yrs with an insulin pump. On 3/25, a bronchoscopy was done, which was adenocarcinoma. The Brain scan was negative; US of abdomen was normal; US of Thyroid showed a hetergenous area in the posterior mid left lobe that is suspicious for nodule measuring 1.2 x .4 x 1.0 cm (There was not enough tissue for pathology to do a Thyroglobulin test; Testicular US was normal; Pet Scan showed diffuse nodular disease both lungs, adenopathy in hilar, prevascular, mediastinal and abdominal lymph nodes. The initial 4 wks, he spent ...