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Special Report on

Certificate in Leadership Coaching

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The Level 7 qualifications in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring are designed for managers and leaders who have the authority and responsibility for developing and implementing a coaching and mentoring strategy across the organisation. The qualifications require managers and leaders to build on their strategic management and leadership skills and to focus on the requirements of embedding the organisation’s strategy. These qualifications are derived from the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership and are accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. What ...
refers to the activity of a coach in developing the abilities of coachees or clients. Coaching tends to focus on the achievement by coachees of a goal or specific skill. Methodologies for coaching are positioned away from the directive or the facilitative, and rest on accompanying clients within a dialogue that will allow emerging patterns and solutions to surface. Coaching lies out of the scale between mentoring and training on one end, and psychotherapy and counseling at the other. There are many applications of coaching ranging from sport, to business, to niches such as divorce or motivational speaking . Sessions may be ...
tuesday shorts: 11/20/07
1.  There is not an outcry from lawyers for leadership development.  Many partners already see themselves as either adequate leaders or they don’t care.  Leadership education is best sold as a privilege and a ‘fast track’ to other benefits.   Leadership Development (LD) needs absolute buy-in from the Managing Partner and the Management Committee, including recognition that LD will take time away from admin and billable hour expectancies. 2.  While it is important that the Managing Partner and Managing Committee participate in LD, the real benefit is when front-line leaders like Practice Group and Office Leaders ... market research, surveys and trends
my personal branding story part 4: i am a renaissance worker
This is the fourth of ten posts where we follow Marcos Salazar’s personal branding journey, as he uses the concepts and four-step process outlined in Me 2.0 for his own career. Over 500 years ago, a new vision of human beings began to emerge during the Renaissance period that “considered man empowered, limitless in his capacities for development.” This idea was fully embraced by a group of individuals known as Renaissance Men whose lives were dedicated to developing their skills in all areas of knowledge, physical development, social accomplishments, and the arts. It is this same vision that I have pursed my career since ... market research, surveys and trends


Suntiva takes tailored executive coaching to federal agencies ...
Hany Malik’s Falls Church-based Suntiva helps the federal government hold onto its executives by coaching them on ways they can move up the career ladder and gain leadership skills. View Larger Tell high-powered, executive-level managers at an influential federal agency they need a life coach or a personal trainer and they might not take it very well. But offer executive coaching and one-on-one professional development to senior executives at the Food and Drug Administration and they apparently line up. At least, they have been lining up for Falls Church-based Suntiva ’s executive coaching since 2007. No longer a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Executive Coaching, Business Consulting, Leadership Development ...
Alignment, Inc., founded in 2007 by Kristin Kaufman, was created to help individuals, teams, and leaders increase their overall levels of contribution, bottom-line effectiveness and personal fulfillment. To be a successful leadership coach, you have to have been successful in business - what better way to help guide you? Most coaches offer the personal, emotional approach. Kristin is a very warm and approachable person. Yet, what really cuts to the chase is her 25 years of expertise in Fortune 50 corporate and non-profit leadership roles. And in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Energize Your Managers This Summer To Do More With Less
BridgeFront, an online education firm, announces Tuesday its newly released Leadership Development and Managerial Skills educational training courses. Courses include topics such as coaching, generational differences, performance issues, delegation and harassment in the workplace. BridgeFront's comprehensive leadership library is designed to boost organizational leadership skills and competencies, allowing management to achieve more-with-less resources. "I just finished my training yesterday and thought it was one of the most interesting and informative training I’ve had in quite awhile," said Cheryl Sherlock of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Brenetia Adams-Robinson Recognized by Cambridge Who's Who
Cambridge Who�s Who is an exclusive membership organization that recognizes and empowers executives, professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world.     ATLANTA, GA, July 20, 2010 /Cambridge Who's Who/ -- Brenetia Adams-Robinson, President and Chief Consultant of Epitome Consulting Services and Manager of Training and Organizational Development in the Department of Human Resources at the Morehouse School of Medicine, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in human resources and professional development. A recognized professional ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Certificate in Leadership Coaching
If you wish to pay by EFT please contact us for our bank details. Registration Form for Certificate in Leadership Coaching ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Leadership Coaching
Broadly, coaching is a collaborative learning relationship in which the client defines the agenda and the coach serves as a committed listener, resource and champion of the client's potential. Coaching is all about the client's development, in whatever areas he or she wishes to grow. Because it makes good business sense. Many top corporations have been contracting with certified coaches to develop their senior managers, and several of the larger corporations have developed internal coaching staffs to meet the demand. FFAS believes that leadership development is not an event, it's a long-term journey. Through the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Certificate in Leadership Coaching | Georgetown University School ...
This International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program examines the links between coaching and organization development while emphasizing coaching skill development on three levels: learning about self as a coach and instrument of change, creating productive and fulfilling relationships in the coaching role, and understanding coaching within systems dynamics. This rigorous program prepares participants to the Professional Certified Coach level of proficiency as established by the ICF. Coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change. Change is essential for an organization to grow and ...
Dealing with Bosses and Coworkers: arrogant coworker ...
I can answer questions about how to build better relationships with bosses, coworkers, and employees. I can also answer questions about how to create more positive and productive work environments through communication skills, team-building, leadership development, and relationship building techniques. Experience I am a certified professional executive coach, corporate trainer, and leadership development consultant. I specialize in helping individuals and groups deal with interpersonal "hot spots" or difficult issues. I frequently facilitate conflict resolution and often work with a partnership or team before a full ...
How do you select a business Coaching certification program that's ...
The programme you select will depend on the outcomes you wish to achieve. If you wish to develop coaches to coach staff within an organisation, certification may not be necessary, but it might be desirable. If however the coaches are likely to be coaching external people, certification does establish credibility. a certified course is likelyto be more time consuming and expensive, but it will give attendees an externally recognised standard and well researched methods to used. If external credibility and a common standard is important, a good starting point would be to look at one of the main coaching asociation such as the ...