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Special Report on

Collaboration and leadership

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News from Inderscience Publishers: publishers of distinguished academic, scientific and professional journals in business, environment, engineering, information technology and more. Call for papers: Virtual Project Management: Collaboration and Leadership A special issue of International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations There is in both literature and practice common agreement about the increasing importance of collaboration and leadership in virtual project management teams. Generally, virtual project management means virtual teams (geographically dispersed teams) as a group of individuals who work across time, ...
is a creative problem solving organization for youth and adults. Destination ImagiNation's educational goals are to foster creative and critical thinking, to develop teamwork, collaboration and leadership skills, and to nurture research and inquiry skills involving both creative exploration and attention to detail. The program is open to students from elementary school through college . Teams of up to seven members compete in various challenges that require complex thinking, problem solving, teamwork and creativity. The organization holds international competitions to encourage creativity in the world's youth. The ...
Things I've been noticing | Foghound
Every quarter, or change of season, I reflect on things I’ve been noticing and ponder what they may mean.   Here are some  slow trends and emerging patterns I’ve been noticing, and my thoughts on what they might mean. Here’s more evidence that people are hungry for meaning and purpose in their professions and business. I saw that more than 2,500 people dialed in for a conference call about how to run a spirituality-driven business. Nothing about religion. But doing work that feeds your soul. Holy cow.   This trend should send a signal to leaders in business:  is it high time to step back and refresh and reframe ... market research, surveys and trends
Building the star firm AccMan
Anyone who is thinking about restructuring their practice or going for the creative destruction model needs to read this. I remember meeting Ray in Pasadena just about the time he was ready to jump from Forrester to start building Altimeter. He looked awful. Those of us who are working as independents in the analyst/consulting/commenting game work darned hard, often keeping ridiculous hours, traveling extensively, constantly searching for fresh insights or clues to where the puck will go and not where it is or has been. It’s what you do to keep in the game. For those that really want to be stars as Ray puts it ... market research, surveys and trends


Online Social Networking And Education: Study Reports On New ...
Verizon has just published a data-rich survey dissecting social and education related activity patterns by American students. ...And the results are more than interesting. As you may expect traditional academic institutions have generally resisted the influence and increasingly pervasive presence of social networking activities in the life of their students, but recently, the same institutions have had to look with new eyes at all of the aspects and consequences of this new modes of technological socialization sweeping the younger generations. The data that has emerged from the NSBA survey leaves no doubt as to how important ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Collaboration: Closing the Effective Teaching Gap
ways in which opportunities for collaboration and leadership (within and beyond ... subject area and grade level at the time of the survey, and 78 percent held ..... together 1.5 million classroom teachers in over 20 network affiliate ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Interest groups jockeying for leaders' attention
LABOUR and environmental groups will jockey to get the attention of Canada's provincial and territorial leaders today as the leaders gather in Winnipeg to discuss issues ranging from the ongoing economic recovery to protection of the nation's water resources. Climate Action Network Canada wants the provinces to take a bigger leadership role to reduce emissions and promote wider use of clean energy, including the creation of "a provincial-territorial climate action secretariat" to foster inter-provincial collaboration on climate change. "The creation of this institutional capacity is a prerequisite to the kind of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Pain Relief of Soft Skills
There's a saying in business that you are either selling aspirin (making a customer's pain go away) or vitamins (by making the customer's existing situation better). My work involves helping individuals and organizations with so-called "soft skills," or things like interpersonal communication, self-awareness, conflict negotiation, collaboration and leadership. These soft skills are typically considered vitamins more than aspirin. But should they? In my experience, many organizations suffer a great deal of pain because employees lack proficiency in many of these interpersonal areas. This is because most ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Keystones for Collaboration and Leadership: Issues and ...
Keystones for Collaboration and Leadership: Issues and Recommendations for the Transformation of Community Psychiatry. The American Association of Community ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
“Collaboration and Leadership for Effective Emergency Management ...
Waugh, William L., Jr., and Gregory Streib (2006), “Collaboration and Leadership for Effective Emergency Management,” Public Administration Review, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Can i get some words/word groupings that include the letters DI?
The D or I has to either be next to each other in the word or at the start of the two words. This is for my Destination Imaginaiton team. They have to go in the order of the D being presented in the word or word grouping first then the I. :) Observing members: 0 Composing members: 0 Welcome to Fluther! There are online word dictionary/listings that will give you every conceivable available word. Here is but one . @ipso Isn’t that cheating? It’s for a Destination Imagination group, not a regurgitation group. (If i spelled it right) Is the collective giving examples not cheating? A dicey situation. But using fluther ...
What is your reaction to: “Effective collaboration is more than ...
What is effective collaboration? Well, it depends! The short and sweet answer is that a collaboration effort is effective when it achieves its goals: high quality deliverables, on-time, every time during the project and within budget. Note that this description of effectiveness focuses on the destination only, and not the journey. This is a good enough answer, if the collaborative effort is a one-off, discrete occurrence. What if there were many more journeys to be had, in the enterprise, to reach many more destinations, for success of the business! Now the journey becomes as important, if not more, as the destination. For more ...