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Special Report on

Cross Cultural Intelligence

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I came across a new culture assessment to day which has promoted me to write about some of the other ones that I do know about.  Some may be a good fit for coaches while others are a better strategic fit for HR. In a recent article for Forbes, CQ: The Test Of Your Potential For Cross-Cultural Success David Livermore writes: People have long understood that success in today's globalized economy requires cultural awareness and an ability to adapt to different cultures. Now research indicates that those kinds of awareness and abilities can be measured and evaluated. This is an excellent article that explains the ...
Cultural Intelligence - Or The Art Of Avoiding “FARTFULLNESS ...
We all know that intelligence is a good thing; however, it seems that new “flavors” of intelligence pop-up with annoying regularity. A few years ago it was emotional intelligence – this was cited as a “must have” for successful organizational players. Then we had social intelligence as the key skill. Now cultural intelligence is the hot topic! Cultural intelligence, it is claimed, will help you manage effectively cross-cultural differences. It will lower the cultural barriers caused by “us” and “them” thinking and allow you to predict what “they” are thinking ... market research, surveys and trends
cross-cultural intelligence 101: tips
For those of us who travel and live in different countries on a regular basis, learning about our destinations is essential.  What can I expect when I move?  What will be different?  What will I have to adjust to?  What are the people like?  How does their culture differ from mine? These questions can go on and on.  Some of us try to answer them by researching in libraries and on the internet; others go through cross-cultural training; and yet others tap into whatever expertise the online expatriate community can offer.  All these sources are wonderful and they provide a wealth of information, however, they often form no more ... market research, surveys and trends


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                                     .... to Poetry Corner � Seven Steps in Getting There From Here Specific suggestions for spiritual practices from Chapter 5 "Seven Essential Traits of a Spiritual Person," in Workplace Spirituality: A Complete Guide for Business Leaders by Nancy R. Smith, � 2006 These suggestions are intended to supplement, not replace, any individual faith disciplines you already practice, such as daily Bible reading, Buddhist ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Open the Future: Topsight Archives
of course. As tongue-in-cheek as this video report may be, it's also very indicative of the kind of impact this kind of ubiquitous documentation technology will have on how we view the world. Thanks, Mr Judkins. • Misty Nano-Structured Memories... of the Way We Were : One of the big problems with digital media, in parallel to those I mentioned yesterday in my Memorial Day re-post, is that they degrade easily. Magnetic and optical media are several orders of magnitude less robust than simple paper, degrading in years or decades instead of centuries. It's not simply a case of digital formats not lasting long, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Battle of Britain: Germany's battle
The Messerschmitt Me109 was the mainstay of the Luftwaffe's fighters, but did not really have the range for what was required of them. On the second day of September 1940, Siegfried Bethke, a young 23-three year-old German fighter pilot, sat at his fighter group’s airfield at Beaumont-le-Roger, in Normandy, jotting in his diary. It had been given to him exactly a year earlier by his fiancée who had inscribed it, “In these momentous times one must keep a diary. I wonder what words you will write here.” Rather breathless entries conveying excitement and high confidence had characterised ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How Experience in Foreign Cultures Facilitates Creativity
There may be a fundamental link between living abroad and creative production, one that perhaps transcends a particular location and era T he definition of the word ‘create’ – to cause to exist; to bring into being – implies something profound, almost spiritual, which is perhaps the origin of the phrase ‘divine inspiration’. Despite considerable progress towards understanding what causes and facilitates creativity, one of the more common assumptions about it – that experiences in foreign countries can foster creative insights – remains largely unstudied. Living abroad is often seen ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


360 approach to assessing cross-cultural intelligence: use of film
intelligence—referred to in this study as cross-cultural intelligence (CCI). ... SBI's need to develop and assess the cross-cultural intelligence (CCI) of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cultural Intelligence: Individual Interactions Across Cultures ...
Researchers, military personnel, and policymakers have used the phrase “cultural intelligence” and mentioned the urgency of developing cultural knowledge. [1] Yet, the Intelligence Community lacks a systematic framework for fully understanding what “cultural intelligence” means. London Business School’s P. Christopher Earley and Nanyang Technological University’s Soon Ang have done the legwork by meticulously examining cultural intelligence and laying out the concepts in a way that will benefit organizations and individuals engaged in global affairs. Officers who want take a break from the usual fare of books about espionage and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cultural Intelligence: Individual Interactions Across. Cultures. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. Elmer, D. (2002). Cross-Cultural Connections: ...
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WikiAnswers - What is cross cultural management
Really a good question. Let me answer this correctly. It is about culture. Basically human races came with different background. "Cultural background". The way of doing things in one culture may not be the way in other culture. what is good in one culture, may be bad in other culture. Some time the activities are all the same in two different cultures, but two different meanings, two different interpretations. When person from one cultural background, meet, interact with, understand and deal with person from other cultural background. That is cross-cultural management. Some people are in favor of the world is ...