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Special Report on

Decentralization and Health System Reform

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Decentralization of health systems is a common pillar of health sector reform initiatives and is often viewed as a means to improve efficiency and quality of services as well as promoting accountability and local governance of the health system.  Despite many years of health decentralization initiatives in many countries worldwide, our knowledge of the relationships between particular forms of decentralization and performance of health systems remains limited.  For instance, does decentralization help, hinder or have no impact on equity in resource allocation?  Or are there relationships between ...
needs of target populations. There are a wide variety of health care systems around the world. In some countries, health care system planning is distributed among market participants, whereas in others planning is made more centrally among governments, trade unions, charities, religious, or other co-ordinated bodies to deliver planned health care services targeted to the populations they serve. However, health care planning has often been evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
Decentralization! The key to National Development in Liberia ...
The focus point of decision making under a Monrovia based centralized government has served as major impediment to the National development of Liberia for too long. The concept of deconcentration and devolution of power from a centralized authority to separate political subdivisions and local authorities must be practiced in support of the Reform agenda of our war devastated country. The prospects of decentralization are many, making it the key to National Development. The goals of a decentralized government are relatively equal to the democratic values of improving equality, health care, security and justice, usually in a ... market research, surveys and trends
» Health reform - What about us? lowcosthealthinsurancedata
In recent times there were exceptional circumstances which put a stop to routine, and threw our country into an animated conversation, but usually have bad news - 11.09, the invasion of Iraq and the latest rescue plan Wall Street was. The choice was either bad news or a distraction like a celebrity meltdown, has actually arrived. And as a result of this unbelievable election season, American children have a chance to grow, not aware That there is something about an unusualAfrican-American president or a woman running for the White House. Successful 2008 legislative Well, it's over - the emotion, the rise and in some ... market research, surveys and trends


Colombia - WHO | World Health Organization
This is a multidimensional query tool that offers a collection of 108 indicators from 1995 to 2005. The system presents data and indicators on: - demography - socioeconomic - mortality by cause indicators - morbidity and risk factors - access, resources and health services coverage. Selected indicators are disaggregated into age groups, sex and/or urban/rural region. Generated tables can be exported and printed. The data presented is updated annually with the latest country information. ------------------------------ GENERAL SITUATION AND TRENDS Demography: Colombia has a land area of 1,141,748 km 2 , with a topography ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Monitoring and Evaluation of Decentralization Reforms in ...
Implementation of appropriate health system reform. ...... populations greater than 5 million had embarked upon some process of decentralization. ... provincial level and 16 percent at the municipal level (Gonzalez-Prieto and Alvarez ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EDITORIAL: Sweden as Japan's model
Prime Minister Naoto Kan likes to talk about Sweden as a country that has accomplished an enviable combination of "a strong economy, robust strong finances and a strong social security system," his overarching policy goal. Can this Scandinavian country serve as a model for Japan? Sweden certainly has a remarkable economic and fiscal track record. The country has swiftly emerged from the global recession triggered by the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers in 2008 and is on track to achieve economic growth of 3 percent or more this year. While major European countries are all struggling to reduce their ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Citizen Mobilization For Housing in Haiti
“We’re mobilizing people in the camps and the shantytowns to let them know that getting housing is a right. Our vision is to make the problem of housing a focal point of people’s struggle,” said Reyneld Sanon of the Force for Reflection and Action on Housing (FRAKKA by its Creole acronym). Grassroots groups in Haiti are developing strategies to respond to one of the greatest lingering crises of many after the January 12 earthquake: homelessness for 1.9 million people whose houses crumbled or were too damaged to occupy. FRAKKA represents one initiative, though still fledgling, to unite grassroots groups and residents of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Decentralization is pursued for a variety of reasons: technical ...
Decentralization and Health System Reform. 3 This list draws on Bossert, Beauvais, and Bowser (2000). agencies to lower- level, autonomous units ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Understanding Health Inequity in a Decentralized Health System of ...
There is no doubt that a successful decentralization in health sector needs an overall policy of decentralization. And also the health system reform which ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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