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Special Report on

Defining Employee Engagement

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INTRODUCTION We’ve seen it happen many times. An organization that provides top wages and benefits loses a great employee to a competitor for no apparent reason. Of course, some employee turnover is to be expected, but the company is truly engaging its employees, there is no good reason for the unexpected loss of quality staff members. Many companies already know that wages and benefits are important to employees, but compensation alone is not enough to keep the highly skilled, motivated and experienced workforce your business needs to excel. Engagement at work was conceptualized by William A. Kahn (1990) as the ‘harnessing of ...
Defining Employee Engagement | The Practice of Leadership
The Conference Board published “Employee Engagement, A Review of Current Research and Its Implications” in 2006 which review research conducted by 12 major research companies on employee engagement. Looking across these studies resulted in employee engagement being defined as: “a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization, that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work” At least four of the studies that they reviewed agreed on the following eight key drivers : Trust and integrity – how well managers communicate and ‘walk ... market research, surveys and trends
Defining Employee Engagement * It Is What You Need It to Be
I’ve followed and been involved in discussions too numerous to count on the proper definition of employee engagement, is engagement real or just the latest HR buzz word, and similar. The reality is well expressed by APQC in a recent Workforce Management article about a study of various leading organizations and their engagement efforts: “Each organization in the study is clear about what it means to be an engaged employee. That definition is reinforced through standard processes and practices for collecting employee engagement information.” Each organization defined engagement differently, depending on their ... market research, surveys and trends


Five Critical Conditions for Employee Engagement
     Is “engagement” one of the new buzz words in your organization? Do you think managers and employees really understand what engagement is all about? Why it’s so critically important? How would you answer these questions? What most inspired you at work? What was your most productive work? When did you learn the most at work? What made you the most proud about your work? When did you know that your work made a difference for others?      If you were able to identify any of these events, you probably remember a heightened sense of purpose and passion . You were absorbed ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Defining Employee Engagement
If you answered (a) or (b), you're probably losing millions every year, ... Gives 100 percent. •. Feels passionately about its goals and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Reorganizations That Last
Four out of five organizations have gone through some type of redesign initiative over the past 12 months. This may not be big news since during the recession, many companies were quick to undertake reorganizations in order to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and increase the quality of service. However, you may be surprised to learn that more than half of these organizations expect to go through another major redesign over the next 12 months. Why? While companies have had relative success in hitting their cost cutting targets, the results might be masking a significant problem that's growing in the organization, and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New institute to help K-6 teachers convey responsible energy use
SUNY Oswego’s living laboratory will play host in August to a teacher-training effort to deliver lessons of energy stewardship to young schoolchildren. The Energy and Sustainability Institute for Elementary Teachers will take place Aug. 9 to 13 at Rice Creek Field Station, the biologically diverse 400-acre site south of campus. The new program filled to its 20-teacher capacity in about 48 hours, said Dr. Alok Kumar, chair of the college’s physics department and co-organizer of the institute. He saw that as a demonstration of intense interest among Oswego County educators in starting lessons of environmental ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Employee Engagement: Doing It vs. Measuring
Sep 10, 2003 ... Defining Employee Engagement. I like to define engagement in terms of what people do at work. I use something called role theory to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Net Generation - Management and Employee Engagement
Management studies have shown that corporate culture has a significant impact on organizational productivity. Thus, corporate culture influences not only the Net Generation, but all individuals in an organization. The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), in “The Power of Federal Employee Engagement,” echoed many of the same themes discussed in Chapter 5 on creating a positive work experience, applying those themes across the entire federal workforce. The MSPB report focused on six factors which contribute to federal employee engagement (as shown in Table 7.1 ), and highlighted the significant role of the first-line ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee Engagement: What Do We Really Know? What Do We Need to ...
Europe, Asia or the U.S. Many companies are presently defining what employee engagement is and are conducting surveys to measure the commitment of their ...
How is your company using employee engagement to drive innovation ...
Looking for potential interviewees for article I am writing about employee engagement and innovation as a value-added initiative during these tough economic times. In other words, how is your company using the creating and innovative thinking of its employees to make the regular, steady flow of creative input part of the way your company does business (i.e. making the contributing of creative ideas part of your organization's culture). Many companies do not seek creative input from their employees for an ongoing basis. The general practice is to have an employee suggestion box (or something similar). I'm looking for ...
Human Resources: KRA Help, employee satisfaction survey, role ...
Sir, I need to know what would a KRA and KPA for Lead-Corporate Communications look like in a KPO. I am trying to develop the same for myself as suffering with Role ambiguity,but working on defining it first and then implement it. But really don't know where to start. Its an entirely new position that they have and I am the first one working on this position. They expect me to handle organizing event, internal and external communications,content management for Intranet, Newsletter,Employee Engagement,Surveys to start with. Please help me as no one I know, knows anything that can help me. Answer SONIA, HERE  IS ...