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Special Report on

Dynamism and embeddedness

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Our cultural choices and traditions (language, religion, customs and practices, history and collective memory, the value we ascribe to our heritage, public spaces and specific landscapes) define who “we” are. This plural “we” can refer to a number of entities that intertwine or even conflict: people, nation, region, society… As time goes by, internal and external influences introduce contradictory forces into this complex identity, helping to preserve, change, or even eradicate a human group’s collective values. This group will evolve down the generations in accordance with the way in which cultural elements are ...
that automate the services and processes defined in the business logic. Business modeling and integration (which itself is defined as part of the business model) are defined in a business logic layer, allowing underlying application servers to be business logic agnostic and therefore need no business driven customization. DBM applied correctly should reduce both the cost and risk in the initial implementation and its future evolution of systems. Previous generations of IT systems (from 1990 to approximately 2001) were designed to address specific business models and regulatory practices and no value was given to logic – ...
Sergi Lozano and Alexandre Arenas: A Model to Test How Diversity ...
Research about resilience on complex systems has been commonly addressed from a structural point of view, relating this concept to the preservation of the connectivity against the suppression of individual nodes or individual links. This perspective coherently encompasses the analysis of resistance of networked infrastructures to structural damage (e.g. power grids, roads and communication networks) but not necessarily other scenarios (e.g. socio-ecological systems). Here we associate the resilience concept to the capability of a social organization to keep acceptable levels of functionality against external socio-economic ... market research, surveys and trends
EXHAUSTED DILIGENCE: Science and Chinese Secularism
 of the Joseph Needham biography by Eric Hobsbawm in the London Review of Books. [Caution - I've not read Winchester's book or Needham's Science and Civilisation .] Much of the review focused on the intellectual richness layered around the natural sciences during Needham's time and place - Cambridge, the 1930s. Not merely "A Man Who Loved China," Hobsbawn seems to say, Needham's project revolved around a dialectical materialism that had melded into materialism proper ("organic Marxism"), and a fascination with the seemingly casual monism of Chinese cosmologies. From the article: ... market research, surveys and trends


Industrial Clusters, Focal Firms, and Economic Dynamism: A ...
large firms (respectively from 37.9 percent to 38.6 percent and from 13 percent to 13.6 percent); ...... feature of a focal firm is its embeddedness in a large set of ... firms (with fewer than 19 employees and 1 billion lire of sales). ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Industrial Agglomeration and Development: A Survey of Spatial ...
term dynamism of industrial clusters and stressed that the diffusion of innovation .... and embeddedness, as illustrated by the case of Kumi. ..... measured in units of 100 million yuan. All ..... establishments is less than 0.04 percent of all consumer electronics and garments establishments in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Dynamism and embeddedness: towards a lower road? British ...
Dynamism and embeddedness: towards a lower road? British subsidiaries of American multinationals. Ian Clark and Phil Almond. ABSTRACT ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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reform and the state's autonomy – not middle-class embeddedness – as key to ..... of markets and overall economic dynamism in early modern Europe. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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