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Special Report on

Embeddedness of Ethnographic Cases

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Interest in the role of social networks as a protective factor in the development of dementia over the last decade has increased with a number of longitudinal studies being published on the possible association of different lifestyles with dementia. This review examines and provides a summary of the published longitudinal studies exploring the effect of social network on dementia, with particular focus on their relevance to the Indian society. Potential cognitive and biological mechanisms mediating the effects of social networks on dementia are discussed. Results from observational studies suggest that degree of social ...
is a conceptual model used in the field of media and communications research to analyse and represent the relationships between the social interactions , discourse , and communication media and technology of individuals, collectives and networks in physical and digital environments. Broadly, the term communicative ecology refers to “the context in which communication processes occur” (Foth & Hearn, 2007, p. 9) . These processes are seen to involve people communicating with others in their social networks , both face-to-face and using a mix of media and communication technologies (Tacchi, Slater & Hearn, 2003) (Tacchi, et al. 2007) .
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Economic sociology these days seems preoccupied with “performativity.”  That attention is well-deserved because the notion that the use of a model can improve its predictive fit is a powerful idea.  (For a graphic representation of the concept, see the excerpt by Brooke Harrington.)  But perhaps it’s time for a corrective look. Graduate seminars are a useful barometer of when a concept starts to run past its purposes.  Some decades ago it was “socially constructed,” next “embeddedness” took its turn, and then for a brief while “boundary object.”  (I can’t begin to list all the things that students told me were boundary ... market research, surveys and trends
Elizabeth B. Silva: What's [Yet] to Be Seen?
This paper considers current debates about re-using qualitative research data by reflecting on its implications for the nature of social science knowledge created in this process and the ways in which the disclosure of researchers' practices are linked with the making of professional academic careers. It examines a research project using two different approaches � a 'virtual' and a 'classic' ethnography � to argue that issues concerned with re-use of data depend on the methods employed and the overall processes of investigation. The paper argues for an appreciation of the contexts involved in the ... market research, surveys and trends


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source of 16 million of the 20 million new jobs created in that decade. ..... ing the embeddedness of commercial trans- actions between firms and banks ..... sample size to about 2300 cases. Nearly 90 percent of the businesses ... the dimensions of the ethnographic findings and yet are parsimonious and amenable to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Self-Serve Internet Technology and Social Embeddedness: Balancing ...
earned a carrier override on the cases it submitted on behalf of a broker. ... As of March 31 2000, WebGA had over $1 billion in annualized premiums .... and the renewals and everything take 90 percent of the time. .... Relying on observational, interview, and survey data from a single firm ethnographic study, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Sociological notions such as social network, social capital and ...
Schweitzer, T. (1997) 'Embeddedness of ethnographic cases: A social networks perspective,' Current. Anthropology 38: 739-60. Sheptycki, J.W.F. (2000)(Ed.) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social Capital or Networks, Negotiations and Norms? A Neighborhood ...
“Social capital” has been critiqued as distracting attention from inequalities and policies that produce ill health. We support this critique insofar as social capital refers to the degree of trust and consensus in a locality, but find value in another dimension often included in the concept of social capital--social network ties and their associated communication patterns. We present a case study of Bushwick, a community of one hundred thousand people in Brooklyn, NY, to suggest that the network aspect of “social capital” is useful to understand the active, on-the-ground processes by which ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
HistCite - Record 76: Embeddedness of ethnographic cases - A ...
As the world becomes more complex, the work of anthropology, both theoretical and practical, becomes more demanding. People at the local level are increasingly being drawn into larger circuits through economic linkages, demographic processes, social interactions, and flows of information that transcend local and national boundaries. Such global linkages and the new embeddedness they produce require more sophisticated approaches to ethnography. This paper proposes social network analysis as a valuable approach to that end. The concept of embeddedness, which is central to the social networks perspective, is introduced. ...
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