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Special Report on

Emotional Labor and Psychological Distress

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Among adults aged 18 to 64 who were employed full time, 10.6 percent were classified as having a past year substance use disorder, 10.2 percent experienced serious psychological distress (SPD) during the past year, and 2.4 percent had co-occurring SPD and a substance use disorder Males in this age group who were employed full time were nearly twice as likely to have a past year substance use disorder than their female counterparts (13.2 vs. 6.9 percent), while females were nearly twice as likely to have experienced SPD during the past year as were males (14.2 vs. 7.3 percent) Of the 2.9 million adults aged 18 to 64 employed full ...
News Caster » Blog Archive » Loving support during childbirth
Childbirth is one of the most noteworthy events in a woman’s life. It is an unforgettable experience that the majority women cherish for the rest of their lives. Such experiences truly become a life time treasures if the husband is present during childbirth. The partner’s support during labor plays an imperative role. In ancient times, childbirth took place at house, with support from the female family members. When the procedure of birth moved to hospitals, this support system was replaced by the nursing staff However, due to the nature of their work, the attention of nurses remains divided amongst a number of patients, with ... market research, surveys and trends
All about the term “Nervous Breakdown”
Nervous breakdown can be described as an acute emotional or psychological collapse. The term nervous breakdown is not a medical term, but rather a colloquial term used by the general public to refer to and characterize a wide range of mental illnesses. It generally occurs when a person is unable to function in social roles anymore, experiencing severe depression or feelings of being out of touch with reality. This often occurs after a long period of stress which has not been adequately dealt with. This inability to function can occur in both work and personal arenas, resulting in difficulty in fulfilling obligations. It also ... market research, surveys and trends


The Report
medication for treatment of a mental or emotional condition. For the purpose of this report, ... year SPD, and 3.0 percent (5 million persons) had co-occurring ... were unemployed, and 18.2 percent were not in the labor force (including 5.9 .... 10.2 percent experienced serious psychological distress (SPD) ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Children in Poverty: Trends, Consequences and Policy Options ...
Apr 7, 2009 ... This 18 percent translates into 13.3 million children living in pov- .... households where there is less parental supervision and more parental distress. ..... Economic stress in the family and children's emotional and behavior .... ior, and psychological development; Moore, K.A., Lippman, L., ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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There are some very important things they don't tell you on career day. Chief among them is that there is a good chance that at some point during your working adult life you will have an abusive boss — the kind who uses his or her authority to torment subordinates. Bullying bosses scream, often with the goal of humiliating. They write up false evaluations to put good workers' jobs at risk. Some are serial bullies, targeting one worker and, when he or she is gone, moving on to their next victim. Bosses may abuse because they have impossibly high standards, are insecure or have not been properly socialized. But some ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
'Red Desert': A Factory in Bankruptcy and a Woman in Distress
which Holden refers to as their “coda”, there exists a search for place and meaning that manifests an active visual world, full of Antonioni’s groundbreaking aesthetic risks. These films might be about boredom, but they are not boring films. Red Desert was Antonioni’s first color film, and its perspective on modernity is filtered through Giuliana, the neurotic lead character played by Monica Vitti. The stochastic plot is a series of events rooted in her fears and fantasies of the physical world. Under Antonioni’s direction, Ravenna is transformed into a city overwhelmed by industry. Oil rigs and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Emotional Labor and Psychological Distress: Testing the Mediatory ...
Emotional Labor and Psychological Distress: Testing the. Mediatory Role of Work- Family Conflict. Jahanvash Karim. CERGAM. Institute d'Administration des ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Episodic Processes in Emotional Labor: Perceptions of Affective ...
Emotional labor is a term used in the organizational literature to ..... to job satisfaction and positively related to psychological distress. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Hello again, qpet! I've put together some material on "pain and suffering" as viewed through several lenses: the legal, the medical/psychological, and the spiritual. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legally speaking, "pain and suffering" isn't two separate entities, but is one compound concept. You'll notice that jury awards for "pain and suffering" are not apportioned into separate amounts, one for pain and one for suffering. This is one of those legal terms that is, functionally, a near tautology. I asked a friend who is an attorney for his view of the term ...