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Special Report on

Employee Engagement Satisfaction Survey

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4) Would you be able to provide us the report along with comparisons with other companies in the same industry? Are there any extra charges for that option? (Benchmarking) 5) Is there any particular time during the year that the survey needs to be administered? 6) Do you provide trending information comparing the results of the first survey with the results of the 2nd survey done during another time of the year? 7) Can you provide us with a demo of the survey along with results for the same? 8) What are the different options/services levels available to us and at what costs? 9) How many questions the survey would be? And what ...
U.S. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level in Two Decades
Americans of all ages and income brackets continue to grow increasingly unhappy at work-a long-term trend that should be a red flag to employers, according to a report released today by The Conference Board. The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. households conducted for The Conference Board by TNS, finds only 45 percent of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their jobs, down from 61.1 percent in 1987, the first year in which the survey was conducted. "While one in 10 Americans is now unemployed, their working compatriots of all ages and incomes continue to grow increasingly unhappy," says Lynn Franco, ... market research, surveys and trends
Moving from Employee Engagement to Employee Passion
And I wonder for how long each one of them has struggled (literally) with this question and for how many this still remains a mystery. It is evident from the recurring shift in the focus of organizations and business leaders. The initial efforts to identify & measure Employee Satisfaction gave way to a lot of endeavors towards Employee Engagement. With time, the philosophy of engaging employees through various methods and channels also became obsolete and it was time to break the patterns again and go beyond engagement. Being in the same boat, our organization also went through the inquiry like others in the industry. But ... market research, surveys and trends


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Are you a manager or business owner concerned about the possibility of an aggressive employee targeting you for an act of workplace violence? Well, you're certainly not alone! In fact, according to OSHA and NIOSH, workplace violence and attacks from an aggressive employee are the leading causes of job-related injury and death for managers today! According to the latest statistics, 17 to 20 employees will be murdered on the job - and another 1,500 will be assaulted, robbed, raped, ... Tags: aggressive employee , workplace violence , violence in the workplace , manager , attack , self defense By: Timmy Vic | - ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2008 Guide to Bold Ideas for Making Work - Untitled
employers in this Guide have 87.6 million residents – around 30% of the nation's population.1 ...... its annual employee engagement satisfaction survey scores have improved ...... Fully 87% percent of employees responded positively to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Communication between public sector staff and managers is a must in the face ...
is upon us and major cuts to services and staff numbers are inevitable. But there is hope that the public sector can rise to the challenge – especially if its leaders can reap the benefit of lessons learned in the private sector during the recession. We have recently carried out a survey of senior leaders in industry to ask them about the successes, mistakes, ideas and results of the actions they took to deal with the downturn. The survey, Back from the Brink, suggests it is possible for leaders to navigate their organisation through these times and maintain their "contract" with the communities they serve and the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Shaun Smith: Customer experience and the numbers game
Shaun Smith is speaking at 'Getting it right: Attracting and retaining customers in a socially connected world' on 6 July in London. This complimentary breakfast briefing shows how to maintain growth by delivering a superior customer experience. For more details on the breakfast briefing click here. If retention and referral behaviour is more important than customer satisfaction measures, how should you reconsider your company's approach to customer experience management?   Peter Simpson, in his article ‘ Analytics and customer experience: Are you measuring the right thing ?’ argued that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Human Capital Metrics Trends 2008 Survey Report
Employee engagement/satisfaction survey. 75.6%. Onboarding survey. 16.6%. HR service satisfaction. 15.2%. In the past several years, there has been wide ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
IRS Oversight Board - Press Release
The IRS 2007 Employee Satisfaction Survey highlighted the IRS Oversight Board’s September 25-26th meeting. The 2007 survey, which has been revised to use the same questions as the Federal Human Capital Survey, showed a 21 percentage point improvement in the employee participation rate over last year’s survey. Senior IRS officials also updated the Board on the agency’s progress in meeting key performance measures, its corporate audit programs and current and future National Research Program initiatives, including the Subchapter S-Corporation and Individual Income Reporting Compliance studies. Board ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee Satisfaction Survey Monthly Bulletin
Soliciting input from employees when making decisions is critical to building high employee engagement. What do we mean by �employee engagement�? Engaged employees are motivated, committed to the organization, supportive of their coworkers, oriented to providing good customer service and have a strong sense of loyalty. That's what we think Physical Facilities employees can be. According to the Employee Satisfaction Survey, 12 percent of Physical Facilities employees are actively engaged, while 64 percent are ambivalent (neither engaged nor disengaged), and 24 percent are disengaged. As you can see, we have room for ...
What tools does your company use for employee engagement surveys ...
In my opinion periodic surveys are great to begin with and various tools would facilitate the same. But, whereas in case a process is being considered from a long term perspective, possibilities of a real-time observational data collection methodology as compared to a periodic recall based survey one would be far greater. Having had said that, any survey or observational data collection methodology should aim at measuring various factors that drive engagement and not just those that are easy to measure but don't offer holistic insights as standalone factors. Attached is a presentation which attempts to cover various such ...
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How might a company evaluate its internal level of management-labor/employee relations? (In addition to answering the question, if you also have reference material that would be helpful, please provide.) Thank you. Answer CATHY, HERE IS SOME USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM ================================== -------------------------------------------------------------------xxxxx THE  EVALUATION  IS  CONDUCTED  BY  MANY METHODS,  WHICH  INCLUDES 1.SENIOR  MANAGEMENT  GROUP - evaluate existing policies and plans for administrative action as effective solutions to organization ...