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Special Report on

Employee Engagement Surveys

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The idea of creating a more engaged workforce is not a new idea. For more than 20 years, managers have been looking at the organizational factors, which engage (or disengage) employees. Research studies have been conducted to determine the link, if any, between an engaged workforce and organizational performance. While some research remains inconclusive, there is a growing body of work that suggests a link between employee engagement and organizational performance does exist. One study, for example, found that employees who ...
Sales Force Opinion Surveys Boost Sales Performance & Reduce Sales ...
Using Sales Force Surveys & Sales Force Opinion Surveys to Gather Actionable Information and Insight for Increasing Sales and Reducing Sales Force Attrition Sales are the lifeblood of your company. Your sales people know what your customers and prospects want and expect from your company and from your sales force. Sales force surveys gather your sales force’s collective knowledge and experiences about customers and about the support, information, tools, training and other resources your sales people need to boost sales significantly. Sales force opinion surveys are employee opinion surveys that gather information and insight ... market research, surveys and trends
Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey or Employee Engagement ...
Employee compensation is likely the number one or number two invisalign cost category at your organization. In a highly competitive world with continuous pressure on profit margins and the need to increase employee productivity and contain invisalign costs, anything your organization can do to get more done with the employees you have produces an immediate payback. If you can get more done with fewer employees, that is even better, especially if you can drive up sales and increase customer service and quality while containing employee invisalign costs.  Fortunately, your employees have the answers. They know what it’s like to ... market research, surveys and trends


Do You Have an Employee Engagement Survey?
The article by Deanna Hartley provides a look at the evolution of the job satisfaction survey and how doing these surveys benefits organizations. As she points out: As the aftermath of economic woes continues to reverberate across industries worldwide, a key component of enhancing productivity and ensuring optimal performance in the marketplace is to create and sustain an engaged workforce. Some 93 percent of high-performing companies utilize employee engagement surveys compared with 78 percent of lower performers, according to a February “HR Metrics Pulse Survey” conducted by i4cp, a network of corporations focused ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wachovia Banks on Kenexa for Employee Engagement Surveys - Kenexa ...
Uniting cultures following any merger or acquisition is a sizeable task, but one that is crucial to an organization's success. Following the merger of Wachovia Corporation and First Union Corporation, the new Wachovia Corporation realized that gaining a firm understanding of employee perception, and employee engagement levels and drivers was vital to developing a new, integrated financial institution. As a result, Wachovia turned to a global leader in comprehensive human resource solutions capable of administering a Web-based employee engagement survey and detailing this business-critical information. Wachovia Corporation ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Landor windows inspire staff, passersby
It's hard to walk along Race Street north of Sixth these days and not become mesmerized by the windows full of mannequins in gowns of gold, seaglass or copper pennies. Beside them are carefully hand-drawn portraits of women in lavish dresses, hats and furs circa 1930s-1970s. And embedded within the displays are images of Procter & Gamble products like Tide, Old Spice and Pantene. The windows line the offices of Landor Associates, a branding and design firm that helps companies like P&G market their iconic brands. It's also the ground floor of the old Shillito's department store building, once housing several ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Heartland Advisors, Inc. Commended on Superior Customer and Employee ...
a mutual fund firm dedicated to value investing, was a proud recipient of an “Employee Engagement Index Award” and a “Customer Engagement Honorable Mention” from Allegiance, Inc. Awards were given to firms that demonstrated high customer or employee engagement based on 2009 surveys. “We appreciate and value our clients’ and employees’ opinions as they help achieve our mission of providing outstanding service,” Founder and President Bill Nasgovitz said. “These awards demonstrate Heartland’s continuous focus on maintaining a distinguished customer experience.” Each ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Employee Engagement Surveys FAQs
accomplishment, and achievement. Employee Engagement Surveys FAQs. [ an engaged workforce ] ... Are all employee engagement surveys the same? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Engagement Survey: Results Analysis - OSP - Motivation Initiatives
You have completed the surveys, conducted the interviews, done the focus groups, and observed your employees. You've tallied the results. So . . . what do you do now??? It all depends on your results. Gathering employee feedback is essential for any organization, but what matters most is that management takes action on that feedback. If handled correctly, your employees will be far more engaged within their work environment -- and your organization will be much more productive. Through the use of analytical techniques, you can go beyond simply compiling a list of questions employees rated low. You should further analyze ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee Engagement: engagement08
Thank you to all the University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) employees who showed their commitment to positive change by participating in engagement08, the Health Center’s first employee engagement survey. Human Resources, through Know Better Place, sought to measure and evaluate the level of employee engagement at the Health Center to determine employee perceptions, identify best practices, plan for necessary improvements, and create a benchmark for future surveys. According to industry experts such as Gallup, health care organizations with engaged employees ...
  1. profile image surveyemployees Did you know: employee engagement surveys are a valuable part of your #engagement strategy
What tools does your company use for employee engagement surveys ...
In my opinion periodic surveys are great to begin with and various tools would facilitate the same. But, whereas in case a process is being considered from a long term perspective, possibilities of a real-time observational data collection methodology as compared to a periodic recall based survey one would be far greater. Having had said that, any survey or observational data collection methodology should aim at measuring various factors that drive engagement and not just those that are easy to measure but don't offer holistic insights as standalone factors. Attached is a presentation which attempts to cover various such ...
Human Resources: KRA Help, employee satisfaction survey, role ...
Sir, I need to know what would a KRA and KPA for Lead-Corporate Communications look like in a KPO. I am trying to develop the same for myself as suffering with Role ambiguity,but working on defining it first and then implement it. But really don't know where to start. Its an entirely new position that they have and I am the first one working on this position. They expect me to handle organizing event, internal and external communications,content management for Intranet, Newsletter,Employee Engagement,Surveys to start with. Please help me as no one I know, knows anything that can help me. Answer SONIA, HERE  IS ...