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Employee Retention Without Job Satisfaction!

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by Toby Ward — The intranet is a key driver of employee retention. Studies show that employees who were highly satisfied with their intranet or corporate portal also had a high level of job satisfaction. When employees are satisfied, they stay on longer, their productivity rises and training costs fall. It’s a buyer’s market. There is a shortage of skilled workers and we all know it. In fact, while the shortage is estimated at a couple of million workers in the U.S. alone, the shortage is increasing rapidly and expected to grow to 14 million by 2020. Is it any wonder why so many HR professionals are completely and totally ...
and several other developed nations such as the UK, Austria, Norway, Japan, and Australia. As of 2009, U.S. medical facilities were in need of an additional 100,000 nurses. By 2012, there could be up to 1.1 million unfilled nursing positions in the United States. The nursing shortage is rooted in the steep population growth, which demands increasing health care services, and can also be attributed to the newly opened career opportunities for women today to seek out fields other than nursing. Additionally, admissions into nursing schools have dropped due to a lack of nursing educators causing nursing colleges and universities to ...
Improving Employee Retention | The Cutting Edge Flag Company
A focus on mutual respect between employees and supervisors, appropriate pay, benefits and rewards, as well as recognition of performance excellence, are key ingredients of an effective employee retention program. The importance of putting such actions into practice generally is well understood by most managers, but actually doing them takes time, so they are often left for another day. However, the payoff of focusing on employee retention—in terms of increased performance, productivity, employee morale and quality of work, plus a reduction in both turnover and employee-related problems—is well worth the investment of time ... market research, surveys and trends
10 Strategic Tips for Employee Retention | Jobs,Employment ... World Rank: #41,764 Estimate Value: $52,037 USD Estimate Income Per Day: $71 USD Estimate Visits Per Day 23,761 If you are interested in Advertising or purchasing this site email with your offer. Stats from 10 Strategic Tips for Employee Retention By:Jaime H. Menor Jr. Lots of Model Survey are being used nowadays for the purpose of HR-benchmarking such as the classic Cross-Sectional Surveys, Longitudinal Surveys and other copyrighted Management Model Survey such as Engagement Model Survey, David Ulrich Models etc… but because of the complexity of human behavior a ... market research, surveys and trends


The Importance of On-the-Job Education : IMT Industry Market Trends
Workforce education and training can improve performance, productivity and retention. But during difficult economic times, how does on-the-job development fit into a tightened budget? An employee's education and training level are important characteristics not only during the hiring stages, but throughout his or her career. The skills and learning necessary for performing a job can almost always be enhanced by on-the-job instruction or a mid-career return to the classroom. Companies are increasingly aware of the beneficial role of education among their workers, in terms of the immediate impact on performance and for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Reproduction in whole or part without written permission from DDI is prohibited. ... despite a population of 1.3 billion, China has a large talent shortage. .... employee job satisfaction (67 percent), and about two-fifths (41 percent) ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
MetLife Study Highlights Cost-Effective Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to ...
NEW YORK, Jul 19, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MetLife, a leading provider of employee benefits, today announced the availability of a new resource designed to equip small business employers and brokers with practical benefits strategies to help motivate and retain their workforce while closely managing costs. Building A Better Benefits Program Without Breaking The Budget: Five Practical Steps Every Small Business Should Consider highlights the connection found between employees' benefits satisfaction and job satisfaction and addresses the implications given that only ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
TIA's Las Vegas expo to abound with educational opportunities
This fall’s Tire Industry Association (TIA) Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas will be featuring an extensive lineup of educational programs. The Nov. 1-5 event is held in conjunction with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Four TIA seminar tracks are on tap: TPMS at 10, Truck Tires at 10, Tires at 2 and Management at 4. Plans for Truck Tires at 10 are still being finalized. Here are descriptions of the other programs: TPMS at 10 Tuesday, Nov. 2. TPMS Service and Maintenance: Now that every new vehicle under 10,000 pounds GVWR must have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), tire retailers must adapt to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


White paper - Technology As An Enabler of Employee Retention, Job ...
Technology As An Enabler of Employee Retention, Job Skills Training and ..... mistakenly, raise salaries without providing accompanying opportunities for development, learning and job-satisfaction. Employees need to be heard and an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fire Paramedic Job Satisfaction and Retention in the Newport Beach ...
Fire Paramedic Job Satisfaction and Retention 14 satisfaction is not related to employee retention (Jones, 2006; Meisinger, 2007; Caykoylu et al., ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employee Retention: Components of Job Satisfaction of Green ...
Employee Retention: Components of Job Satisfaction of Green Industry Employees. Vera Bitsch* and Michael Hogberg. Department of Agricultural Economics, ...
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Are employee job satisfaction and employee retention independent ...
Organizational Development (8), Change Management (2), Ethics (2), Compensation and Benefits (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Business Development (1) This was selected as Best Answer Hi Brent, Yes, I beleive that this is possible. However, I don't think that most employees working without a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment are likely to contribute anything more than what's absolutely necessary. I would also expect that the company would lose top performing employees as they leave for jobs that can provide the satisfaction they need. The end result is that the company is left with employees that are there for ...
Question: Retention studies
Almost all retention studies come up with the same answer: the immediate boss is the single biggest reason why people leave an organization. (You've heard, people join an organization but quit a boss.) I need a list of retention studies over the last 3 years that show bad managers are the primary cause (ex. Towers Perin, McKinsey, etc.) Bonus question, if retention studies almost allways came up with the same answer, why do we keep doing retention studies? In other words, what is it about human nature that we busy ourselves with activity (doing retention studies) but we don't take action on the root cause of ...