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Employment Testing Solutions

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Consulting company specializing in tools and consulting services related to employee selection, development and performance. Brainbench Provider of Internet-based applicant testing services, including technical, language and programmer/analyst aptitude testing. Virtual HR Center Provider of selection assessments, learning needs assessments, online courses, background checks, performance reviews and policy handbooks. e-validator Company providing online skills assessment services for the recruitment, training and retention of people. We are based in the U.K. and our product ...
first appeared in the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference, and was meant to provoke thought regarding the perceived " software crisis " at the time. Since the field is still relatively young compared to its sister fields of engineering, there is still much debate around what software engineering actually is, and if it conforms to the classical definition of engineering. Some people argue that development of computer software is more art than science , and that attempting to impose engineering disciplines over a type of art is an exercise in futility because what represents good practice in the creation of ...
Hire Happy Employees - Euphoric
Hiring happy, optimistic job applicants can increase your company's productivity and lower turnover. Plus, optimistic, confident employees are vastly more delightful to have on-board. Methods to help companies have optimistic, positive employees include pre-employment tests, job interviews of applicants, managing being role-models, and reinforcing smiles. What are happy, optimistic employees? In a book I co-authored - "Spontaneous Optimism®" -- we explained optimistic people focus on solutions and not on problems, have a "can-do" mindset, and do what is needed to achieve goals despite all odds. In ... market research, surveys and trends
Previsor Acquires Brainbench--Acquisition Expands Job-Specific ...
PreVisor, a leader in workforce selection and performance, today announced that it has acquired Brainbench, Inc., an innovator in employment testing and skills certification. The acquisition strengthens PreVisor’s position as the leading online provider of job-specific, pre-employment assessments by adding Brainbench's world-renowned IT skills testing content to its library, expanding its market penetration, and increasing its strong foothold in the government sector with accounts such as the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State. The acquisition also gives PreVisor entry into the consumer skills ... market research, surveys and trends


ExpertRating - Employment Testing Solutions
It has been widely proven that structured assessment methods have a solid empirical basis, a long and consistent record of validity, cost-effectiveness, and have proven fair and practical. ExpertRating skills assessments have helped hundreds of companies efficiently and intelligently pick out the right employees from the mass of potential candidates. Our scientifically developed testing procedures have helped corporations make well informed hiring decisions, hence reducing the chances if bad hiring and its associated risks and costs. Hiring mistakes are costly and time consuming. The cost of a new hire at the $20,000 level is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems: Media Center: Pre ...
Most employers that screen potential employees for illicit drugs may believe pre-employment drug tests ensure a drug-free workplace. But, alcohol is the most widely abused (and costly) drug used in work environments. 1 Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that there are over three times as many employed binge and heavy drinkers than there are illicit drug users. 2 Problem drinkers cause approximately $134 billion in productivity losses. 3 Employers need to do more than require pre-employment drug tests in order to control for employee drug abuse. Alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI) offers a proven ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Inaugural Social Innovation Fund Grants Awarded to Experienced Innovators
/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In response to the increasing health needs, economic challenges and gaps in youth achievement facing low-income rural and urban communities, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced its inaugural Social Innovation Fund (SIF) grants today. The grants will target millions in public and private funds to grow effective solutions to persistent social challenges across more than 20 states. The SIF portfolio consists of 11 organizations selected through a rigorous review process involving 60 external experts. The grantees, who represent a diverse set of nonprofit organizations and private ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
First Round of Social Innovation Fund Grantees Named
CNCS's CEO, Patrick Corvington, repeatedly said today in the public announcement and in the press conference that the Social Innovation Fund is a new way of doing business for the government.   Two questions about that new way of doing business appeared difficult for the CNCS to explain succinctly.  NPR's Pam Fessler asked exactly what was so innovative about these grants, since to her mind, the descriptions look like groups she has seen around the nation.  CNCS’s response struggled with defining or specifically culling out what was so innovative in these proposals, with a reluctance to single out any one as an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Hiring and Promoting the Best: Employment Testing and Assessment ...
highly accurate employment testing, assessment, and inter- viewing solutions to help you capture the information you need to make the best hiring ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GAO-09-712 Equal Employment Opportunity: Pilot Projects Could Help ...
Aug 12, 2009 ... EMPLOYMENT. OPPORTUNITY. Pilot Projects Could. Help Test Solutions to. Long- standing. Concerns with the. EEO Complaint. Process. August 2009 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
10/28/05 Annotated Bibliography Pre-employment testing has become ...
Employee Drug Testing Solutions. 26 Oct. 2005-10-26. . ...
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how can i pass a hair drug test
I don't believe in lying or decieving to pass a drug test. If you are responsible enough to do it you're responsible enough to face the consequences.  But since i have experience in drug testing. I have ppl take them.  Hair test can show the presence of common illegal drugs for 3 months.  A small section is cut and sent to the lab for testing.  Hair tests can detect the presence of drugs but give no indication when during the 3 month period they were taken.  So pretty much if you've been smoking pot for a while its gonna show.  Sometimes ppl bleach their hair to try to pass but it ...
Google Answers: GC/MS urine test
A gc/ms urine test was given to me on 10/04/06 by my employer! I am on ridalin for ADD but that showed up as a negative for amphetamines on this supposedly fool proof test. I take a lot of advil on a daily basis as I suffered a broken back several years ago. I am 58 yrs old and a positive came back for THC. My employer is cheap I cannot see her paying $150 to $200 for any test and the test came back by fax in less than 24hrs. How long does it take to turn a gc/ms test around like this. Could she be lying to me just to intimidate me! When she found out I am a recovering alcoholic and have had no alcohol or illegeal drugs ...