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Special Report on

Expressing Organizational Dissent

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Introduction The history of humankind has been the history of constant movements of people across natural as well as man-made boundaries. The adventure of discovery, the search for a better life i . . . Migration and life satisfaction: evidence from Latin America. Abstract Using data from the Gallup World Poll and Latinobarometro, we examine the relationship between life satisfaction, vulnerabilities, and migration in Latin America. We look at three kinds o . . . Immigrants in the U.S. economy: a host-country perspective. Introduction The contributions of immigrants are many, particularly when it comes to the pace of ...
for employee dissatisfaction or organizational decline. Redding (1985) found that receptiveness to dissent allows for corrective feedback to monitor unethical and immoral behavior , impractical and ineffectual organizational practices and polices, poor and unfavorable decision making , and insensitivity to employees’ workplace needs and desires. Furthermore, Eilerman (Jan. 2006) argues that the hidden costs of silencing dissent include: wasted and lost time , reduced decision quality , emotional and relationship costs, and decreased job motivation . Perlow (2003) found that employee resentment can lead to a decrease in productivity
A Political Biography by Richard B. Henderson - A Maverick ...
Although Maury Maverick has been in his grave for sixteen years as of this writing, he refuses to stay dead and buried. Mention of him occurs frequently in the journals of the nation, and increasing numbers of busy graduate students comb the Maverick papers at the University of Texas Archives to learn more of this unusual man. For Maury Maverick was unique. I know the clichés ("there'll never be another like him"; "he's one of a kind") said by nearly everyone about anybody the minute after he dies. But a case can be made for Maury Maverick that will lift such statements above the bromidic level. ... market research, surveys and trends
Thoughts on Thailand's turmoil, by James Stent
Thailand’s political crisis is particularly resistant to easy interpretation. The very nature of the crisis is the subject of fierce controversy; the opposing sides cannot even agree on what they are fighting about. Genuinely informed and insightful analysis is very hard to find. The following essay is by some margin the best analysis that has been written about Thailand’s crisis so far. The author, James Stent, is an American with many years of experience working in the finance industry in Thailand and China, including two decades at a Thai bank, Bank of Asia, as deputy president until his retirement in 2002 and ... market research, surveys and trends


Why your company should have a whistleblowing policy. | Trends ...
Whistleblowers, those individuals who call attention to possible wrongdoing within their organizations, are the subjects of much controversy. Some say that whistleblowers are noble characters, willing to sacrifice personally and professionally to expose organizational practices that are wasteful, fraudulent, or harmful to the public safety. Others suggest that whistleblowers are, by and large, disgruntled employees who maliciously and recklessly accuse individuals they feel have wronged them in order to attain their own selfish goals. The truth, as is often the case, probably lies somewhere between these two extremes. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sadhus no longer: Recent trends in Indian student activism
government for this and began expressing their discontent through rallies .... dissent alive. With the onset of the Emergency, university authorities acted ... thi Parishad), which had captured about seventy percent of the students' ..... tors, organizational climate and political interest in the campus, belief in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New station sparks dissent between firefighters, county
For the past 57 years, hundreds of engines have roared out of Glenmont Fire Station 18's driveway to serve people in the greater Wheaton area in their time of need. But soon the heavily trafficked driveway at Randolph Road and Georgia Avenue will give way to a new kind of vehicle: the commuter car. The county has less than four years to find a plot of land, design a new fire station and then build it to make way for a long-awaited road improvement at the crowded intersection. State highway officials plan to elevate Georgia Avenue above ground by 2014. The raised roadway would dump cars directly onto where the fire ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hundreds turn out for Tea Party in Franklin
A couple hundred people turned out for a Taxed Enough Already [TEA] Party in downtown Franklin on Saturday, July 2, to rebuke the current presidential administration and moral climate of America. Holding signs with such phrases as “Barack Obama — Communism we can believe in,” “Taxed Enough Already,” “God save the United States” and “Keep your Kool-Aid, I drink Tea,” participants enjoyed an energetic atmosphere highlighted by chants of patriotic ideals and the intermittent ringing of what event organizers called a “freedom bell.” The Western North Carolina ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


1 Board Ethics and Auditor Choice – International Evidence ...
Apr 25, 2010 ... Expressing organizational dissent: the role of ethical ideology and corporate ethical Values. Journal of Business Strategies 18:71-89. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
District of Arizona -   District of Arizona,
Oct 21, 2009 ... a “pervasively sectarian organization.” Dissent 14735. In. Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Encouraging Dissent in Decision-Making — HBS Working Knowledge
lessons could the humid shores of the Caribbean, the freezing heights of the Himalayas, or the farthest reaches of Earth's atmosphere hold for your company or organization? Although those places couldn't be more different, all were the scenes of disastrous outcomes brought on by a weakness to which all organized human groups are susceptible—the suppression, especially during planning and decision-making, of views that might be perceived as contentious or disruptive to an organization's foundational beliefs. Consider the costs to organizations, large and small, when dissent does not or cannot surface: ...
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Why, do you think, there is no viable political opposition in ...
My take is that in order for being/becoming an opposition member in Russia to make any pragmatic (or even positive emotional) sense for a person and for the movement to consider the person an asset and not a liability, in most cases, the person needs to possess a certain set of skills, have a certain level of education and experience. Ironically, the same set of skills, level of education and experience that makes a person a valuable member of any opposition movement, most likely positions the person at such a great advantage with respect to the rest of the Russian society that this person, would be (there are always exceptions, ...
There have been many laws created to prevent unethical behavior in ...
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