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Special Report on

Fisher Human Resources

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A charging decision is expected this week in the case of a former Fisher Communications employee who police said rigged a KVI-AM promotion so her friends would win $1,000 prizes and she could collect part of their winnings. From Feb. 6 to March 30, 2007, KVI 570-AM ran a Secret Listener Salute, in which names were announced three times daily. The listeners were told they had 30 minutes from the time of the announcement to call and win $1,000. Contest winners were selected from one of two databases. "One database was the KVI online Insider Club Members," Seattle Police Detective Philip Wall wrote in a search warrant ...
as new companion Lucie Miller. Lucie, described as a "brash northern lass", will initially be an unwilling passenger in the TARDIS ; she has been placed with the Doctor as part of a " Time Lord witness protection programme ". It is the first in a series of six stories commissioned by BBC 7 from Big Finish. The story is set on a human colony named Red Rocket Rising, and features the Daleks .
Fisher & Phillips Launches D.C. Office - The BLT: The Blog of ...
Fisher & Phillips, an Atlanta-based labor and employment firm, has opened an office in Washington. And to head that office, the firm has tapped Dennis Cuneo, who until recently was counsel to Arent Fox. Cuneo, who joined Fisher & Phillips as a partner on July 1, said the decision to open an office in Washington was “driven by what [Fisher’s] clients were telling us.” He said, “Washington is where the policy is made, so it makes sense to have a presence in Washington as well as where our clients are based.” Cuneo, 60, said he is looking for permanent office space and staff members for his new firm, but he is already handling ... market research, surveys and trends
Fisher & Phillips LLP Opens Washington DC Office
PORTLAND -  Fisher & Phillips LLP, a leading national labor and employment law firm, announced that it opened an office in Washington, D.C. effective July 1, 2010. The office is led by Dennis C. Cuneo, former senior vice president of Toyota Motor North America (Toyota) and most recently Counsel with Arent Fox LLP. Cuneo joined Fisher & Phillips as a partner. During his tenure at Toyota his responsibilities included oversight of legal, government affairs, public affairs, industry relations, administration, human resources and strategic planning & research. Cuneo was a member of the management team that started New United Motor ... market research, surveys and trends

An increasing number of companies are taking to heart the fact that programs aimed at making their employees more physically fit are an excellent investment in disease prevention and workforce productivity. These wellness and fitness programs "just make good sense today for everyone involved," said Rick Fisher, human resources vice president for Cambridge drug developer Biogen Idec Inc. Like a number of companies in Greater Boston, Biogen Idec has its own fitness facility, open 24 hours, seven days a week. Others offer employees discounted memberships in fitness and sports clubs. Corporate fitness ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fisher College of Business dean delivers jolt in 1st year ...
Chris Poon told Fisher College of Business MBA students during a recent forum that she wants them to graduate with consulting projects under their belts and job offers on the table. View Larger Correction at bottom of article Shortly into her first year as dean of Ohio State University ’s Fisher College of Business, Chris Poon talked to a recruiter for a large East Coast company that had stopped making campus recruiting visits. Its complaint was that Midwesterners stay about 10 years and then move back home. Poon, who knows something about returning to your roots after time away, kept calling. Out of some 5,000 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Northport may have overpaid workers' compensation insurance
Demolition and renovation of the Northport City Hall building are scheduled to begin Monday, May 17, 2010, according to Scott Collins, Northport City Administrator. The project includes exterior renovations as well as a new sign. By Lydia Seabol Avant Staff Writer Published: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 3:51 p.m. Last Modified: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 3:51 p.m. NORTHPORT | The city of Northport pays about $600,000 a year in premiums for workers' compensation insurance — but will try to get some of that back. The City Council voted Monday to contract with New York-based Corporate Cost Solutions, which will do an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Alabama newslinks: Son jailed in Coker father's death; abuse of corpse suspect ...
COKER, Ala. -- A 32-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday morning after he told Tuscaloosa police he was responsible for the shooting death of his father in Coker, the Tuscaloosa News reports . Shortly after midnight, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office received a call about a shooting and arrived at a Dundee Drive home, where they found 55-year-old Kelvin Lee Thrasher dead in the kitchen. Kelvin Lee Thrasher was shot multiple times with a handgun and 32-year-old son Keenan Lee Thrasher of Wenwood Lane in Berry, surrendered to deputies, saying he was responsible for his father's death. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Mar 8, 2010 ... 800 North Capitol Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20573, Attn: Wanda Fisher, Human Resources. Specialist. Also, the following methods of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fishers and Fishing Vessel Operators
This occupation is characterized by strenuous work, long hours, seasonal employment, and some of the most hazardous conditions in the workforce. About 56 percent of all workers are self-employed, among the highest proportions in the workforce. Fishers usually begin as deckhands and acquire their occupational skills on the job. Employment is projected to decline moderately. Fishers and fishing vessel operators catch and trap various types of marine life for human consumption, animal feed, bait, and other uses. (Aquaculture—the raising and harvesting, under controlled conditions, of fish and other aquatic life in ponds or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Telephone Directory
Deidre Fisher. Human Resources Specialist. 301-504-1359 deidre.fisher@ars.usda. gov. Sherell Gibson-Brooks. Human Resources. Development Specialist ...
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Ask Entrepreneur - Margie Fisher - Business Advice Expert
a free PR matchmaker service that helps small businesses locate the right PR resources. She and her team have helped clients land local and national publicity placements in USA Today , The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times , as well as on Good Morning America , CNN, CNBC and many other outlets. Zable Fisher also is the editor and publisher of the weekly "PRactical PR" newsletter, which is filled with free publicity opportunities, tips and ideas that show you how to use PR to grow your business. Margie has answered 2 questions Am I using enough sales and marketing strategies? Answered by Margie Fisher   | ...
Fisher Price 401K | Ask MetaFilter
No-nonsense 401k - I just wanted to get one up and running to take advantage of employer matching. So what does the following mean...? "The employer will make matching contributions equal to 50% of your 401(k) before-tax deferrals and your employee after-tax contributions, for the first 8% of your compensation that you contribute to the Plan." I don't know what the difference between before-tax deferrals and after-tax contributions is. If I wish to take the road most travelled, should I just elect 8% of my after-tax contributions? I would definitely advise contacting your employer's human resources or retirement ...