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Special Report on

Foreign Competition in Japan

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Arable land (land good for agriculture): 11 percent (compared to 1 percent in Saudi Arabia, 20 percent in the United States, and 32 percent in France). Japan has a severe shortage of agriculture land. The United States has twice the population of Japan but also has 82 times as much arable land. There are two main types of agricultural fields in Japan: irrigated rice fields called tambo or suiden ; and non-irrigated fields called hatake that are used mostly to grow vegetables. Although you can find some terraced rice fields in Japan, most rice is grown on low-lying alluvial plains and valley bottoms that are easy to irrigate. ...
White Woman : Japan Sex « Gaijinass
There are many things that motivate me to lose weight. Three things in particular right now; One being the fact that I feel like a fat-ass compared to all the skinny/small Japanese people, ESPECIALLY the women. Two is a major one, kickboxing. I HAVE to lose weight for my competition coming up in September, about 7 kg / 15 pounds. And the third one…. I want to have hot sex.  I told you, its an amazing motivator. I want to lose weight, feel sexy, and feel comfortable being naked in front of someone. After my last fight (January 2010)I was at 65 kg / 143 pounds and feeling great about my win, SO great that I decided it was ... market research, surveys and trends
BRICs: Aid and Investment and Impressions from the West | Latin ...
Emerging economies such as Brazil, China and India have always been recipients of foreign aid from Europe and North America since the end of the Second World War and were the subjects of global development projects that often failed to bring BRICs and similar economies out of poverty and create sustained and viable growth. In the late 1960s, some Asian economies like North Korea and Japan developed a model for growth that have made them into large industrial developed economies over the years since the 1970s. In the late 1960s, Latin America took to closing off their borders to trade and producing consumer goods from within in ... market research, surveys and trends


The Slow Consolidation of the Petrochemical Industry
Foreign Competition in Japan's Market. (1) Convergence to International Price .... production of 2.5 million tons (33 percent of domestic production). ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Recent Trends in Foreign Direct Investment in Asia: The Aftermath ...
investment in these three economies rose from 0.1 billion in 1990 to US$18 billion in .... 6For example, foreign controlled companies accounted for 50 percent of ...... Rivals Beyond Trade: America versus Japan in Global Competition. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Week Ahead: North Korean Spy, Fashion Fair, Okada's Trip
A pilot crash lands into the Yarra River during the annual Birdman competition in Melbourne on March 7. Contestants attempt to take flight for the Kyoto leg of the competition this weekend. Tuesday: Economics Minister Satoshi Arai speaks at a forum on the mishap that’s overshadowing Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s administration – not about the DPJ’s dismal election Upper House result , but the Greek debt crisis, of course. A former North Korean spy visits Japan for the first time Tuesday. During her four-day visit, Kim Hyun Hee is expected to discuss the cases of Japanese people who were abducted by North Korea over 30 years ago. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
New head of Maryland entrepreneur program lends global perspective
So says Jay Andrew Smith, an international businessman who has sought success through both entrepreneurship and education in a career that has taken him from New York to Japan — and now to College Park. Smith, 47, will be imparting his credo to aspiring entrepreneurs in September in his new role as director of the University of Maryland's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. The program, which runs through both the Honors College and the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute, or Mtech, offers a living-learning environment for freshmen and sophomores, with 150 students expected in the fall. This program is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


International human resource management: a bibliographical review
Ballon, R.J: (1991) Foreign Competition in Japan: Human Resource Strategies. London: Routledge. .Bangert, D. and Poor, J. (1993) 'Foreign Involvement, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Role of Antitrust in International Trade
I am very pleased to be here tonight. I have enjoyed and learned from my two trips to Japan with the Japan Society, and I consider myself to be among old friends. The fact that I was invited to speak before your society -- and I believe I may be the first head of the Antitrust Division to speak here -- reflects the growing understanding of the role that antitrust law and policy can and must play in ensuring that the gains of open trade achieved through the GATT are not undercut through private restraints of trade. It was not so long ago, when the United States could afford to be more parochial, that the whole concept of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Complete (modified October 2002) PDF: Pohl.pdf (202.9 - Foreign ...
strategies of market entry and competition foreign firms have chosen. Section 4 proposes a set of scenarios about the relative domination of Japanese ...
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Pro Wrestling: Foreign wrestlers turned face in Japan, Gaijin, Japan
I can answer many things about professional wrestling and what I don't know I can usually track down or else account for. Promotions, wrestlers if they arem't too obscure, wrestling schools, finishers, wrestling history, title histories, etc... I can track down where you can find wrestling videos too, but I will not help anyone infringe copyright. I specialise in professional wrestling schools as well as promotion, both the creative side and most elements of the busineess side. I can track down information about most promotions. I am always expanding my knowledge of pro wrestling and will consider every question ...
Google Answers: Possible Japanese threat to US primacy in the 70's ...
'No country has a stronger franchise on the future than Japan. No developed nation is growing faster. Its economy quadrupled in the past decade, and will triple again in the next... With a G.N.P. that is expected to reach $200 billion this year, Japan now ranks third in the world, be hind only the U.S. ($932 billion) and the Soviet Union ($600 billion). U.S. Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans says that Japan "could very well" move to the head of the class in the next 20 years. Says Economist Peter Drucker: "It is the most extraordinary success story in all economic history." "It would not be surprising," says the Hudson ...