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Special Report on

Health and Work/Life Balance

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A recent survey by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) has found that although Singaporean managers are a pragmatic lot, an overwhelming 80% of them view good health, work-life balance and passion for work as more important than career advancement and higher salary. Comparatively, only 61% of respondents scored career advancement and high salary as more important despite the financial pressures of the economic downturn. Likewise, managers also placed a higher importance on maximising staff performance (83%) and demonstrating strong leadership on their part (76%) than personal career advancement and higher salaries. The ...
family and spiritual development) on the other. Related, though broader, terms include "lifestyle balance" and "life balance".
Work-life balance news for the week ending Jan. 16, 2010 ...
For employers, getting Generation-Y employees to see the value of company-sponsored benefits has traditionally been a challenge. But the recession may have changed that.  In fact, 62% of these employees said the quality of benefits packages influences their choice of employer and 64% said it impacts job loyalty…However, these employees rank work/life balance a top priority — with 75% revealing that work/life balance drives their career choices . Children ‘may lower parents’ blood pressure’ find researchers (Telegraph) Despite the worries over money, education, health and work/life balance, parenthood ... market research, surveys and trends
The Best and Worst of the UN | Human Rights |
Posting a series this week looking at what it's really like to work for various humanitarian agencies.  Asked friends to send in what they thought were the best and worst aspects of various large NGOs and UN agencies for which they'd worked. Today is the UN - you can also read previous reviews of CARE , IRC and Oxfam . If anyone would like to contribute their thoughts, send an email to Aid Agency Reviews: The Best and Worst of the UN (including UNICEF, UNDP and UNESCO) To sum up the responses below - the best aspects of working for the UN are the salary and benefits, the ... market research, surveys and trends


Mental Health Disorders and Work-life Balance
Ten percent of workers are at risk of suffering from mental health problems that ... estimated at around €20 billion annually within the EU. ..... health and work-life balance are described in the previous section, “Interventions ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economies of sustainability. - Free Online Library
Increasingly, consumers are learning that we have to live our lives in a sustainable manner. For example, living beyond our means, with high levels of debt and insufficient pension provision, is now widely recognised as being wrong. Many of us have now learned that if we buy something--we have to pay for it! Similarly, as the impacts of climate change become well understood, and sometimes better communicated the need to lessen less·en    v. less·ened , less·en·ing , less·ens v. tr. 1. To make less; reduce. 2. Archaic To make little of; belittle. v. intr. To become less; decrease.  our impact on the environment is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PA Governor's Conference for Women Announces Keynote Lineup
The Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women, co-hosted by Governor Edward G. Rendell and the Pennsylvania Commission for Women, today announced that American playwright Eve Ensler, astronaut Mae Jemison, author Kelly Corrigan and Citizens Financial Group CEO Ellen Alemany will be part of the 2010 keynote lineup. The Seventh Annual Conference is set for Oct. 14 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. "The Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women continues to be the state's premier leadership forum for women across the state," said Governor Rendell. "This ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Focus: Magic Circle work-life balance - Work, rest and fair play
With long hours the norm for most lawyers, achieving a work-life balance can be an uphill task. Should magic circle firms be doing more to help their associates? One of the idiosyncratic habits common to many senior management figures in the legal world is a tendency to talk about their ­respective firms as if they are families. You can feel it in the pained way they describe the defection of ­partners to flashier rival suitors, in the enthusiastic tones employed to laud client wins and in the paranoid protectiveness of their distinctive ways of ­working. By the same token, it is often difficult for them to accept ­criticism ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Does the Compressed Working Week affect the health and work-life ...
effects on health and work-life balance of. Compressed Work Week interventions. The full review also examined other changes to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NIH/OHR - Working at NIH - Work/Life Center
The NIH Work/Life Center is now located off campus on Executive Boulevard (Executive Plaza South). Client services are still available on the NIH campus on Tuesdays each week � and may soon be offered on a regular basis at the Rockledge and Fernwood locations. Shuttle service is available to EPS each day, and parking is readily available as well. Thank you for your interest in NIH Work/Life Center services � we look forward to seeing you soon! The NIH Work/Life Center (WLC) was established to assist the NIH workforce in managing the increased demands of balancing professional responsibilities with complex personal ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UC Davis Health System - Faculty Development - Work-Life Balance
The following summary of work-life balance resources includes links to a variety of programs, policies and practices that are designed to support the collegial community of UC faculty.  These resources are designed to inform and support medical school faculty (at all levels) as they strive to integrate and balance their professional career, self, home, family and community life. This summary of resources includes UC Davis campus and UC system-wide resources. Faculty members who we interviewed for the Faculty News story about work-life balance (June-July 2008 edition) each were asked to name their top three work-life balance ...
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What is your biggest struggle in achieving work-life balance ...
Not having enough time to actually do what needs to be done to achieve the balance. Staying dedicated to achieve that golden balance. posted 4 months ago Project Manager, Creative Thinker and Critic see all my answers Lysa, with a commute that takes up 2 hours minimum every day and a spouse who needs a lot of attention, it's definitely the time factor! Working on it on a daily basis, and boy do those breathing and yoga-in-a-minute exercises come in handy. posted 4 months ago Time Management - root cause of work- life balance. There always seems insufficient time for balancing personal life - be it relationships or personal ...