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Helping Working-Poor Families

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This week there's been discussion about rising trends in poverty, the fragility of the safety net, the possibilities and limits of social enterprise, and obstacles to reducing poverty. Despite the challenges ahead, I think it's important to recognize there is a lot we can do to reduce poverty and create solutions that will help families weather tough economic times in the coming decade. More after the jump . . . 1) Give $25 to a Local Charity. It sounds modest at first, but if every person in your neighborhood gave just $25 to a local charity or nonprofit service provider they hadn't supported before - we'd ...
Working Poor, Two Words That Should Never Be Linked | Poverty in ...
shares the harsh realities of employment in the low-wage labor market. While the book focuses on the impact of welfare reform (or, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, which made cash assistance both temporary and contingent on work outside the home) it nonetheless underscores a  basic truth: when workers do not earn enough to make ends meet, taxpayers pick up the tab. Collins , a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told me recently that the only group that benefits from low-wage jobs is corporations. Certainly the women she followed in her book for more than a year in 2004 ... market research, surveys and trends
Unitus Update | Tactical Philanthropy
I may have more to say about the topic later, but today I want to give Unitus the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Dear Unitus Donors:   On July 2, having accomplished our initial core mission, Unitus announced a major change in strategic direction. A decade ago, Unitus established two interrelated primary goals: (1) to bring commercial funding into the worldwide microfinance marketplace, thus greatly increasing the amount of money available for loans; and (2) help demonstrate on three continents that microfinance organizations can be scaled to serve hundreds of thousands of clients at the bottom of the economic ... market research, surveys and trends


Helping Working-Poor Families
Helping Working-Poor Families. Advantages of Wage-Based Tax Credits .... would cost approximately $31 billion. Only 17 percent of the implied after-tax ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Proposed House-Senate Compromise on Income Targeting Would Cut ...
In late June, legislators released the details of a proposed compromise among House and Senate Republicans on controversial housing legislation. The proposed House-Senate compromise would authorize the diversion of up to 245,000 housing subsidies per year from poor families to families at somewhat higher income levels, reducing by as much as 63 percent the number of poor families newly receiving a federal housing subsidy each year. In light of the severe shortage of affordable housing for poor families, including the working poor, and the availability of options to achieve desired policy objectives ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Daily Fight To Find Food: One Family's Story
Connie Williamson of Carlisle, Pa., struggles to get enough food to feed her family each month. Williamson's budget has to feed her family of five, including a pregnant daughter, along with two needy relatives. Pam Fessler / NPR Connie Williamson of Carlisle, Pa., struggles to get enough food to feed her family each month. Williamson's budget has to feed her family of five, including a pregnant daughter, along with two needy relatives. President Obama has pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015. That's less than five years away. But, if anything, the number of hungry children in America has been going up. In 2008, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Washington reacts to 'Top Secret America' revelations
"We accept that we operate in an environment that limits the amount of information we can share," he said. "However, the fact is, the men and women of the Intelligence Community have improved our operations, thwarted attacks, and are achieving untold successes every day. "In recent years, we have reformed the IC in ways that have improved the quality, quantity, regularity, and speed of our support to policymakers, warfighters, and homeland defenders, and we will continue our reform efforts. We provide oversight, while also encouraging initiative. We work constantly to reduce inefficiencies and redundancies, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Helping Working Poor Families With Low-Interest Loans. (1997) · Helping Families Toward the Goal of Self-Support · (2003) · Social Work Practice in Employee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
RIDGE Project Summary - Public Assistance and Working Poor ...
The following is a Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics (RIDGE) project summary. More... All projects summarized were conducted under research grants from ERS and the views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of ERS or USDA. Contact the designated Project Contact for information on any publications resulting from the project summarized here. • Search All RIDGE Projects and Summaries Project: Public Assistance and Working Poor Families: Has the Nation Become More Like the Rural South? Year: 2003 Research Center: Southern Rural Development Center, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Working Poor Families
less likely to receive supports that might help them to address ... working poor families encounter, there are protective forces and ...
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Because Haiti is a third-world country. Without help from wealthy countries (believe me other countries are helping out too) then the people and their resources cannot be saved. I realize the United States has it's own problems but they are nothing compared to what poverty-stricken people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. You see in Western society we have grown to confuse needs with wants. Having access to clean drinking water truly is a luxury, as is having a toilet and shelter from the elements. Even disposable tampons are a luxury (in third-world countries women have to wash and re-use old rags. Therefore ...
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All but forgotten last year after bird flu became a distant memory, Roche's little golden Tamiflu pills are suddenly back in the spotlight. With them: GlaxoSmithKline's Relenza. Both treatments are deemed by the World Health Organization to be the most appropriate for tackling the new swine flu virus that has killed more than 100 people in Mexico and emerged in several other cases around the world. Shares of both companies soared on Monday following reports of the outbreak. (See "Flu Fog.") Though more than 80 governments have already stockpiled Tamiflu as well as Relenza in preparation for a possible bird ...