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Special Report on

HR and IT Collaboration

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An interactive case based workshop on collaborative negotiation, influencing and persuasion strategies for HR professionals, specially created by PON @ Harvard Law School, facilitated by G K Lim, FInstSMM , CMS , CEI Why this program is special 1. Each module is based on a case study or role play developed by Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School 2. Curriculum developed specifically for HR professionals to help them move from total responsibility for solving personnel problems on a transaction-oriented basis to deliberate collaboration in a mutual relationship with others in the organization 3. The program is ...
Social Recruitment or Social Discrimination ? - n3wmedia
Increasingly Social Media (SoMe) is being seen as a corporate resource and not just the domain of the marketing and communications team. After Marketing, HR have been one of the first departments to adopt SoMe, and for good reason. Not only do HR need to be concerned about employees SoMe usage, they also potentially have an important new resource to enhance to the recruitment process. But could using SoMe as part of the selection process, specifically candidate screening, turn out to be a problem? It is evident from recent reports, and anecdotal evidence, that increasing numbers of employers are using SoMe as part of the ... market research, surveys and trends
I Enjoy Being a Girl. I Think. « Women of HR
If you still call yourself a girl and you’re over the age of 14, I’ve got news for you. Based on the average age of first menstruation in the US, you are technically no longer a girl. Many of us say it. We have “girl’s night out” or “boy’s poker night.” We tell folks that “the boys are coming over to watch the game” or “the girls are going shopping.” When my grandmother and her friends were well into their 80’s and 90’s, they still referred to themselves as ‘the girls.’ My husband will call me ‘his girl’ as a term of endearment. And you may tell me I’m ‘girly’ when you learn that I like pink, sparkly things and shoe ... market research, surveys and trends


Dream Teams - Human Resource Executive Online - Story
Human resource and information technology departments at many companies have put aside old antagonisms and are working together as one. By Tom Starner On the face of it, the human resource and information technology departments seem to have about as much in common as John Deere and Microsoft. Until about a decade ago, in fact, the differences were nearly as stark. HR people took care of hiring, payroll, benefits and so forth, but had little positive impact on the bottom line (or so the conventional wisdom had it). IT-ers were the geeks, the people who installed and ran the company's major computer systems, and were ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009 - IT Management
In 2009, these technologies can provide companies with a competitive advantage in what is expected to be a very tough year on the bottom lines of IT budgets, IT management and IT vendors. However, even in an economic downturn those companies that invest, develop and capitalize on technologies that save money while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business have an opportunity to grab significant market and mind share with new and existing customers. Running a business and overseeing IT is a tough task in the best of times. But in today�s environment�with consumer and business spending shrinking, budgets declining, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
HCL: Extreme Management Makeover
How’d you like to put a question to one of the world’s most inspired management innovators—a CEO who’s challenged a host of management orthodoxies? At the end of this post, I’ll explain how you can do just that. As regular readers of this blog will know, I believe that many of the tools and methods we use to manage people at work are ill-suited to the challenges of succeeding in today’s “creative economy.” All too often, legacy management practices reflexively perpetuate the past—by over-weighting the views of long-tenured executives, by valuing conformance more highly than creativity and by turning tired industry nostrums into ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Surveying the collaboration battleground
Matthew Moore and Keith De La Rue set out on a mission to determine what's really happening in the market for collaborative software in Australia.  In June 2009, we set out to assess the state of play in the collaborative software market in Australia. We wanted to get behind the hype of the “collaboration” buzz-word to discover how organisations are selecting and implementing these tools, and whether they are benefiting from them. We used an online survey to collect our data, and received 42 responses. In the following article, we will present some of our high-level findings. We began by asking our respondents to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Software and Collaboration in Higher Education: A Study of Open ...
OOSS is that it has little leverage to effect collaboration as well as no .... HR and student administration must deal with the complexity that many ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Facilitating Cross-Agency Collaboration
Collaborate with Agency management, Civil Rights, and HR staff to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies, plans, policies, and programs designed to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Resources Management
Cisco's Hollie Castro said that while she thinks HR/IT collaboration has been strong, she'd like to see it extended to other parts of the organization. ...
What part do collaboration and problem solving play in customer ...
As far as collaboration goes a good definition would be that of the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy as we know, is "feeling for someone" whereas empathy is "feeling with someone." When we are collaborating with a client we function as part of our clients’ organization. This makes us truly partners, their loss is our loss and their win is our win. When we do this, we become a bona fide benefit to our clients. On the topic of problem solving, I’m not sure you can separate the concepts of problem solving and customer service. As I see it, the whole premise of customer service is to solve our ...
Team Building: Why Workplace Teams Fail (and 7 Ideas to Fix Them)
Many teams originally were set up to fail. In sports, you build teams from individuals with best achievements. In business, we hear many times, the sports analogy applied but in most cases it couldn�t be farther from reality. In business, teams are seldom picked and mixed together based on the best individuals and their skills. Typically, people wind up on a team based on a range of factors. They were on this team before and it was part of their job description. They were told they had to be on this team. They were added to the team as a reward or worse as punishment! Usually, the leaders of these teams are only ...