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HR Labour Law

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Susan Stelzner is a director at Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs (ENS) and leads the firm's employment law department. She has 22 years of experience in advising mainly corporate but also individual clients and unions in all aspects of industrial relations and employment law. This advice is very often of a pro-active nature but includes litigating in respect of disputes which may arise. Susan has been involved in a number of important reported cases over the years and has acted as a judge of the current Labour Court on four occasions. She has provided the HR/labour law input on a number of mergers and acquisitions and corporate ...
employers and employees. In Canada, employment laws related to unionized workplaces are differentiated from those relating to particular individuals. In most countries however, no such distinction is made. However, there are two broad categories of labour law. First, collective labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union. Second, individual labour law concerns employees' rights at work and through the contract for work. The labour movement has been instrumental in the enacting of laws protecting labour rights in the 19th and 20th centuries. Labour rights have been integral to the ...
What do you mean you're now a permanent employee?!?!? | Ideate
For a variety of reasons many employers have employees on fixed term contracts. One thing to remember though is that it’s vital to make a note of the end date of the contract (preferably a month before). You must decide whether you want to renew the contract for another fixed term or terminate your relationship with the employee. A recent court case has set a precedent that if your employee continues past the termination date of the fixed term contract without signing a further fixed term contract, they will be deemed to be a permanent employee from that point on. This means they automatically obtain all the rights and benefits ... market research, surveys and trends
The Year Ahead: 2009 in Shared Services and Outsourcing ...
As one of the most remarkable years in modern economic history comes to an end, what will the next twelve months bring? We asked Shared Services & Outsourcing Network members to give their crystal balls a polish and take a look at the major events, trends, movers and shakers that they believe will make headlines and impact upon practices in 2009. Of course, predicting the future is never easy at the best of times — let alone at a time of such global economic uncertainty. Nevertheless, SSON's finest have seized their opportunity with aplomb, giving some fascinating insights into how they believe the ... market research, surveys and trends


Global relocation trends 2008 < HR Story | Expatica The Netherlands
Companies remain optimistic about future growth of the expat population despite the economic downturn according to award-winning report by GMAC. Global Relocation Trends - 2008 Survey Report by GMAC Global Relocation Services survey ranked in second place in the Expatica HR 2007/2008 Top 5 Industry Survey Awards , scoring well overall. The survey scored highly for methodology and quality of data. The 2008 Global Relocation Trends Survey (GRTS) report is the 13th report issued by GMAC Global Relocation Services, LLC (GMAC GRS). Issued since 1993, these reports constitute one of the industry’s most reliable sources of global ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Global survey reveals fewer workforce and benefit cuts later in ...
Deep workforce and benefit cuts show signs of moderating in the last half of 2009, a Mercer survey shows, but European companies show the least signs of reducing layoffs. There are signs that deep workforce, pay and benefit cuts are moderating as businesses budget for the remainder of 2009, according to Mercer’s latest Leading Through Unprecedented Times global survey.   The survey, conducted in May, includes responses from more than 2,100 organisations with employees and operations in more than 90 countries. The findings summarise challenges related to talent, compensation, benefits and investment strategy that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The new heavyweight champions
omething interesting has happened with many of the couples I know. The wives have now become the major breadwinners. They have high-powered jobs in design, consulting, medicine, public affairs, HR, law and banking. Many of their husbands are underemployed or semi-retired, not always by choice. One works behind the counter in a retail store. Another keeps the books for a small business. One is a freelance writer whose market has nearly dried up, and another husband has gone back to school for a degree. A couple of others work for their wives’ businesses. Several of these men also organize the household chores and do the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Employers urge Cable not to alter agency law
Under the current agreement between the CBI and TUC, temporary workers are due to get the same pay and working conditions as permanent staff after 12 weeks in a job, rather than on day one, as unions originally demanded. Mr Cable pledged last week to review these regulations and 200 others that have yet to come into force and that will cost £19bn to implement. Businesses are concerned that changing the agency workers' regulations in a bid to simplify them for employers could infuriate unions, who will walk away from the 12-week deal and insist on equal rights from day one. Keith Luxon, human resources ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Microsoft PowerPoint - Jon Sparks Human Resources 02
While working. How you start your career in HR in Japan. Study HR, Labour Law, org design, coaching, training design… ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and ...
The educational backgrounds of these workers vary considerably, reflecting the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility. College graduates and those who have earned certification should have the best job and advancement opportunities. Human resources occupations require strong interpersonal skills. Much faster than average growth is expected during the projection period. Every organization wants to attract, motivate, and retain the most qualified employees and match them to jobs for which they are best suited. Human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists provide this connection. In the past, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Employment & Labor Law– WashLaw Web
Government resources on employment, labor relations, and labor law links to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and many other governmental employment resource sites. Find employment news, employment reference sources, employment legal treatises, child employment programs, employment law, and labor relations sites. Agricultural Labor Affairs A resource for agricultural workers and employers that includes information on finding farm employment and employees, farm employment regulations, and a basic summary of the process of applying for certification for the importation of temporary alien agriculture workers. Bureau of ...
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Human Resources: scope in hr and about T&D course, labour law, istd
I can answer questions pertaining to Human Resorce Management ,particularly in the Indian Context.The specific areas I could tackle include Training,HRD, Human Behaviour At Work ,OD and such Experience About Prof R S S Mani : Prof. R S S Mani has been active as a HRD specialist & Mentor in the areas of Education Management, Organizational Behavior and Career Guidance for over 18 years. He is currently involved in advising several blue-chip companies and business schools in Mumbai & other metros. He continues to contribute actively in Human Resource Development of the present & the future generation professionals. He has done ...
How to begin a career in HR? - Yahoo! Answers
Hello, I am interested in moving to HR sector, i have no previous experience, just Front Desk. I already started to study towards a CPP certificate but still is very difficult to break into HR. is there anything i can do? Do you know any big companies where i can send speculative letters? I would appreciate any answers... i am living in London. I am a retired fianancial services professional who spent several years in HR. You should consider being a specialist (i.e. compensation analyst or recruiter) it is harder to break in as a generalist. The nice thing about HR is that EVERY company needs that function. I would send ...