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Special Report on

HSU Human Resources

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                                                                    BENEFITS FOR EMPLOYEES--Human Resources Office (HSU Benefits Link) Changes were made to this site on Wednesday, July 07, 2010 . Assistance Where to go for help Personnel Handbook (MS Word) AT&T Wireless Discounts for HSU Employees
Swine influenza virus is common throughout pig populations worldwide. Transmission of the virus from pigs to humans is not common and does not always lead to human influenza , often resulting only in the production of antibodies in the blood. If transmission does cause human influenza, it is called zoonotic swine flu. People with regular exposure to pigs are at increased risk of swine flu infection. The meat of an infected animal poses no risk of infection when properly cooked. During the mid-20th century, identification of influenza subtypes became possible, allowing accurate diagnosis of transmission to humans. Since then, ...
(Job #10-33) Learning Center Tutorial Coordinator -
(Job #10-33) Student Services Professional II, Learning Center Tutorial Coordinator (.75 Grant position, .25 State position). Level II (grant)/Student Services Professional II (state) $3519 -$5002 per month, depending on education and experience (appointment generally at step one of salary range). One full-time, 10-month temporary position with health, dental and vision benefits through HSU Sponsored Programs Foundation (non-state). Anticipated starting date is August 16, 2010. The current grant cycle ends on August 31, 2010 and continued appointment beyond that date is contingent upon grant renewal for the next award ... market research, surveys and trends
Senior Vice Chancellor Issues Update on Budget, “Operational ...
John Plotts, senior vice chancellor of Finance and Administration, today issued an update on the budget for fiscal year 2010-2011 and initiatives to achieve “Operational Excellence.” Here is his entire email message to the campus community: Update on FY 2010-2011 Budget and Operational Excellence Initiatives UCSF has met its budget goals for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010 trimming $18 million in state and UC general funds without significantly impacting our mission-critical programs.  We are also preparing to launch the first initiatives in the Operational Excellence program, which is projected to ... market research, surveys and trends


Tommy Hsu
    China�s growing demand for energy to fuel its rapidly growing economy has called for the development of the Three Gorges Project. Construction of the "megadam" will provide the country with electric power and flood control. However the project will also displace over 1.2 million people, cause irreversible environmental degradation, violate human rights, and change the economy of the areas affected. This paper will discuss the benefits, costs, and necessity of the TGP as well as alternative choices and recommendations. Introduction     For many generations Chinese officials have ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Utah Health Status Update:
Percent. Planned Home Births. All Births. (n=7605). (n=624897). Age. Under 25 Years ... Shaheen Hossain, PhD, Manager, Data Resources Program, ... to society are estimated to be nearly $3.4 million per individual over a lifetime (Gatz, 2006). ... Human West Nile Virus Cases and West Nile Virus Positive ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Earliest Northern European Settlement Discovered in Britain
Ancient humans braved the cold in Britain over 800,000 years ago to create the first known settlement in northern Europe, according to researchers. Their finding predates past evidence of prehistoric humans in Britain by at least 100,000 years. It also suggests that the early humans managed to survive in the cold northern climate , contrary to past thinking. "We have found stone tools in several horizons, so they were there for at least several generations, if not longer," said Nick Ashton, an archaeologist and curator at the British Museum in London. More than 70 flint tools and flakes turned up during an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Collegiality at Corporate Challenge
Joe Meyer, a career counselor, came flying into UB’s Corporate Challenge tent at Delaware Park–“like a hurricane,” someone joked–around 7 p.m. on Thursday. Wearing white sneakers and blue shorts, he had sweat streaming down his shaved head and a giant grin on his face. Among university employees who ran, jogged and walked the 3.5-mile race for local charities, Meyer, a five-time Ironman triathlete, was first to finish. He completed the course in 19 minutes, 56 seconds, a personal best. Then, he pulled on a blue UB sweatshirt and went straight to the beer. “I am from Buffalo,” he ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


HRMS 8.0 to 8.9 Upgrade
Jul 9, 2006 ... HSU Human Resources 8.9 Upgrade Scope. Last Revised: 7/9/2006. Page 2 of 13. REVISION CONTROL. Document Title: CMS HR 8.9 Upgrade Scope ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Testimony of Kevin Hsu - The Opportunity Agenda
Oct 30, 2007 ... Kevin Shawn Hsu. Associate Counsel. 568 Broadway, Suite 302. New York, NY 10012. 212.334.4267 ..... health and human resources. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hardin-Simmons University Human Resources Personnel Benefits
Office visit co-pays: $35; prescription card co-pays of $5/$40/$55 for generic/brand/non-preferred.  (There is a 90-day mail order service available which provides prescriptions at reduced rates $10/$50/$65.)  Deductibles: $750 per person/$1500 family.   The insurance pays 80% of allowable charges (usual/customary charges for a service) with the individual paying 20% co-insurance.  If an individual’s co-insurance reaches $3,000 ($6,000 family), BCBS pays 100% for the rest of the calendar year.  The program also has preventive care benefits. Out of Network Providers: Employees may elect ...
Google Answers: Address of Finance, Investment and Brokerage ...
Hello kojak-ga: It was a pleasure to answer your question. I am providing you a list of New York based companies that fulfill your criteria. Please note that I have divided the list into Small, Medium and Large size companies according to the following criteria: Operating Revenue 1M-10M = Small company Operating Revenue 200M-500M = Medium size company 50 largest financial, investment or brokerage companies in New York = Large company The list contains 50 companies for each category making it 150 companies, altogether. I checked each company individually to make sure that there main line of business is what you ...
What are the best UC and Cal State schools for majoring in film ...
Most UCs focus on the study of film, not the production of it. That's not to say that they don't have production classes. Still, I wouldn't recommend them if you plan on becoming a movie director instead of a film historian. (HINT: If the word "studies" is in the title of the major, then the title says it all.) UCLA has the strongest emphasis in film production out of all the them. UCSC's film program has a production concentration, but I'm yet to hear good things about it! One of my film professors majored in film production at UCSD, but now its under the Visual Arts/Media major. If ...