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Special Report on

Human Capital Index

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The OECD Statistics Directorate organised a technical workshop on the measurement of human capital. The concept of “human capital” figures prominently in policy discussions in a variety of fields: as a source of economic growth and innovation, as one of the assets that need to be preserved to achieve sustainable development, and as an investment into future jobs and earnings for those people who face the greatest risks of poverty and exclusion. Yet, despite this central role in policy discussions, statistical measures fall short to what is needed to provide a comprehensive account of the level and distribution of ...
or become significantly transformed by the production process (as with fuel used to power machinery). To 19th century economists, the factors of production were land (natural resources, gifts from nature), labor (the ability to work), capital goods (human-made tools and equipment) and enterprise . Recent textbooks have added entrepreneurship and "human capital" (labor's education and skills)VLP. "Land" can include ecosystems while sometimes the overall state of technology is seen as a factor of production. In any event, it is the scarcity of the factors of production which poses humanity's economic ...
Nine said, believe that the human logic of social
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Turning Around HR - Human Resource Executive Online - Story
Turnaround situations offer a great opportunity for HR leaders to significantly impact the organization. They also offer HR executives a great opportunity to restructure their own function to create thoughtful and aligned human-capital strategy, and efficient and effective programming and service delivery. This article accompanies Ford's Turn . By Michael A. Warech Many well-intentioned CEOs subscribe to the notion that human-capital-management activities in turnaround situations are adequately handled by finance staff or business leaders, or believe that these issues, focused primarily on compliance, should be managed by ... market research, surveys and trends


Watson Wyatt – Human capital index - -7184.WWW HCI Survey v9
26 percent increase in market value. In early 2001, the HCI research was con- ... $100 million in revenues or market value. ABOUT THE SURVEY ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Watson Wyatt - Research Report
Two years ago our Human Capital Index (HCI) study confirmed that the two are clearly linked. We developed a simple set of measures quantifying exactly which HR practices and policies have the greatest correlation to shareholder value. Using those to assign a single HCI �score� to each surveyed company allowed us to deliver conclusive, groundbreaking results: Where there are superior HR practices, there is higher shareholder value. Yet a crucial question remained: Do better people management strategies actually create higher market value? Or do financially successful companies simply have more resources to allocate ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Small Businesses Hiring at Lowest Level in Nine Months
supporting the growing debate about whether our economy is entering a double-dip recession. Despite HCI data that showed small business owners reduced involuntary layoffs last month, the hiring picture remains bleak, aligning with figures released last week by the Labor Department that showed initial jobless claims increased by 13,000. "Small businesses are not seeing enough growth to justify adding new, full-time positions, so they are keeping their current employees and waiting for signs of an economic upturn," said John J. Midgley , TriNet's vice president of products. "June marks the lowest hiring reading ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Govt to spend K5 billion on Chipata dry port study
The Zambian government is to spend slightly above K5 billion on a feasibility study for a dry port in Chipata, Eastern Province. A tender promoted by the Zambia ministry of Finance currently circulating and whose eligibility is limited to the European Union (EU) states that the value of the study is 800,000 EUR. “The overall objective of the project is the formulation and the detailed design study for the development of an intermodal dry port in Chipata, Zambia’ says the advert. When asked to give more details on the topic, ministry of Finance spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta said: “Where did you see that advert? Give me that ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


European Human Capital Index (PDF, 67KB) - Layout 1
Lisbon Council Policy Brief: European Human Capital Index, Central and Eastern .... Table 1: The European Human Capital Index for Central and Eastern Europe ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Within and Between Firm Changes in Human Capital, Technology, and ...
This decomposition splits sources of change in the human capital index at an aggregate (e.g., industry) level into four components: that due to within ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
HUMAN AND INTELECTUAL CAPITAL INDEX. Country. Human. Capital. Index. 1. United States. 100.00. 2. Sweden. 80.06. 3. Switzerland ...
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I can answer questions pertaining to Human Resorce Management ,particularly in the Indian Context.The specific areas I could tackle include Training,HRD, Human Behaviour At Work ,OD and such Experience About Prof R S S Mani : Prof. R S S Mani has been active as a HRD specialist & Mentor in the areas of Education Management, Organizational Behavior and Career Guidance for over 18 years. He is currently involved in advising several blue-chip companies and business schools in Mumbai & other metros. He continues to contribute actively in Human Resource Development of the present & the future generation professionals. He has done ...
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