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Special Report on

Human Elephant Conflict Working Group

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As part of the mandate of the HECWG, tools for the study, management and mitigation of HEC are constantly being developed and refined with feedback from users, which include site managers, wildlife authorities and other parties involved in the management of human-elephant conflict. The tools currently available can be downloaded through the links in the table below. Making extensive use of real-life examples and case studies, combined with a strong practical element, this training course aims to provide African wildlife managers and local residents with the basic tools needed for effective community-based HEC management. The ...
may have survived as late as 2,000 BC. Elephants and other Elephantidae were once classified with other thick-skinned animals in a now invalid order , Pachydermata . Elephants are the largest land animals now living. 1 The elephant's gestation period is 22 months, the longest of any land animal. At birth it is common for an elephant calf to weigh . They typically live for 50 to 70 years, but the oldest recorded elephant lived for 82 years. The largest elephant ever recorded was shot in Angola in 1956. This male weighed about , with a shoulder height of , a metre (yard) taller than the average male ...
Raleigh - India Expedition: Just Desserts
As Marie said, the crème brulée offered more than a huge sugar rush for our PMs, it also revealed their destinations for Phase 1 of 10E.  Shady, Geoff and Clare found Koolal in their pudding and will be heading up our community project based in the Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu.  This terrific trio will work alongside the local tribal community to build a preschool for children from Koolal and surrounding villages.  Tribal people in India face many challenges and one of the most pressing is the lack of access to education.  The preschool will help develop not only learning but also the social skills these ... market research, surveys and trends
Rosemary added People and elephants learn to live together in Cambodia
Tuy Sereivathana, who introduced innovative low-cost solutions to mitigate human-elephant conflict in Cambodia and empowered local communities to cooperatively participate in endangered Asian elephant conservation, is one of the 2010 winners of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize . "I want wild elephants and local communities to live together in harmony,” he says. “Protecting and conserving elephants means we also provide home for other species to live." This story about Tuy, along with two pictures of his work taken by Tuy, comes from the Goldman Environmental Prize website:   Elephants and Development   market research, surveys and trends


Elephant news from Sri lanka - Elephant News
A government hospital doctor is labouring hard to save the life of an elephant, which had been abandoned by Wildlife Officials as there was no improvement in the animals health despite medical treatment by them. At the request of the Ven. Thanthirimale Chandrarathana Nayake Thera and the Wilachchiya Divisional Secretary Sugath Kithsiri, Dr. Dhammika Kumara Dias volunteered to treat the animal lying in a mud hole for over a week in Medadangaswewa, Thanthirimale More from category: misc More from country: Sri Lanka More from location: ANURADHAPURA Source & © Kanchana Ariyadasa 2010-07-06 - Huruluwewa, Sri Lanka Wildlife ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wireless Technology for Social Change: Trends in Mobile Use by ...
Published by The Vodafone Group Foundation and the United Nations (UN) Foundation Partnership, this report on mobile technology examines emerging trends in “mobile activism” by looking at 11 case studies of groups active in the areas of public health, humanitarian assistance, and environmental conservation. It includes research results of a survey of mobile technology use by non-governmental organisations (NGO) with statistics on both how they use mobile applications and their perceived benefits. As stated by the author, Katrin Verclas: "The report... highlights the results of a global web-based survey of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
"Voyager": Who needs astronauts?
On Tuesday, the world will mark the 41st anniversary of the first lunar landing, when American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin hopped, skipped and jumped their way across the surface of the moon. The 1969 touchdown was a historic accomplishment, but as science writer and academic Stephen Pyne points out in his new book, "Voyager: Seeking Newer Worlds in the Third Great Age of Discovery," it wasn't a terribly practical one. We've garnered more useful information over the last few decades, he argues, from our less glamorous unmanned space program than we have from manned flights. Case in point: ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ant Now! Pillai, Arbour and their Ilk dorcw Mr. Moon to be their 'comfort man'
When the Spanish goalkeeper fumbled and allowed a goal in World Cup 2010, Sara Carbonero (the sexiest TV Journalist in the world, girl friend of Spanish soccer team captain and goalkeeper Iker Cassillas) asked on live TV ‘How did you muck that up?’ leaving Casilllas squirming in embarrassment. “I don't know what to say, '’I don't know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up.' he said, unable to look her in the eye. When Wiihuluwansa (WW) messed up and organized a ‘devil dance’ and a ‘farce unto death’ in front of the Colombo UN office ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Evolution of the Human Elephant Conflict Working Group and ...
2002, the HECTF was transformed into the Human Elephant Conflict Working Group to reflect the serious nature of the problem and the reality that it was not ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Asian Elephant Conservation Fund
elephant needs. • Establishing an elephant conservation working group that ... Decreasing human-elephant conflict by using chili powder as a deterrent ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
It was renamed the Human-Elephant Conflict Working Group (HECWG) in. 2002 to suit the nature of its activities: • Helping to reduce HEC by developing ...
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