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Special Report on

Human Resources and Trade Unions

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Manchester City Council has calculated that absences attributed to stress cost the council approximately £5 million a year. In addition there are also implications for the effective management of service delivery, which on occasions are related to individual management and staff relationships. These problems require resolution. Manchester's approach to stress is evolving and includes both individual and group stress risk assessment and essentially the approach strengthens the manager's ability to manage. Managers and staff map the job with the help of a facilitator. The outcome of the process is clarity of role ...
The North Island population overtook the South in the early 20th century, with 56% of the population living in the North in 1911, and the drift north of people and businesses continued throughout the century.
Auto Strikes Open Up Space for Union Reform in china « Talking Union
The workers who struck numerous auto parts plants in China have gained substantial wage increases. More significantly their successful struggles mark the emergence of China’s new industrial working class as a major active force in the Chinese economy and society. Some trade union officials are beginning to reposition their organizations as advocates for workers rather than “neutral” intermediaries between workers and management, allocating that mediating role to local governments. The first strike at the Nanhai Honda Auto Parts transmission plant in Foshan City succeeded in winning wage increases for both “student interns” and ... market research, surveys and trends
Dominique Strauss-Kahn: The Priority of Growth and Jobs -- the ...
I had the pleasure of addressing the 2nd World Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and participating in a panel debate. I also met privately with some key union leaders. For me, three main points emerged. First, I was confirmed in my belief that, for the IMF, our interaction with the labor movement is extremely valuable. We make it a point to meet with unions, including in the context of our lending programs. Over the past few years, I have personally met international trade union leaders four times -- on the eve of important G-20 meetings -- as well as with ... market research, surveys and trends


Turkey-Balance of Payments Foreign Trade
Throughout the twentieth century, Turkey has suffered from a shortage of foreign exchange, a problem that has continued despite the improved export performance of the 1980s and the early 1990s. During the 1950-80 period, three balance of payments crises followed periods of rapid economic growth. After the crisis of the late 1950s, brought on by inflationary financial policies and excessive use of short-term commercial credits, Turkey received substantial aid from an OECD consortium, and the country's external debt had to be rescheduled. The foreign-exchange shortage of the 1960s was less the result of inflation than of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Turkey-Economic Development Growth and Structure of the Economy
At the birth of the republic, Turkey's industrial base was weak because Ottoman industries had been undermined by the capitulations. World War I and the War of Independence (1919-22) also had extensively disrupted the Turkish economy. The loss of Ottoman territories, for example, cut off Anatolia from traditional markets. Agricultural output--the source of income for most of the population--had dropped sharply as peasants went to war. Even the production of wheat, Turkey's main crop, was insufficient to meet domestic demand. In addition, massacres and the emigration of Greeks, Armenians, and Jews, who had dominated ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
South Africa: Companies Introduce Technology to Fight Illegal Mining
Johannesburg — HARMONY Gold's claim last week that booby trap devices, apparently laid by illegal miners, had been found at one of its Free State mines returned the spotlight to a problem that the company has spent the past 12 months trying to eliminate. A year has passed since a disaster at Harmony's disused Eland shaft, near Welkom, killed at least 84 men who had been illicitly looking for gold. That prompted an illegal-mining crackdown co-ordinated by Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu, who set up a stakeholder forum including representatives of the Department of Mineral Resources, mining companies and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
FAQ: A Guide to Property Tax Reform Proposals
The historic deal reached this weekend between Gov. Chris Christie and lawmakers over a new 2 percent property tax cap includes several exemptions. And lawmakers will be in session over much of the summer to consider a package of other legislation that could profoundly affect how local governments manage and pay their employees. We've prepared this guide to help you understand the cap and the proposed legislation. Below, we summarize each of the 33 bills in Christie's proposed "toolkit" for municipal and county governments. The package includes legislation that would change arbitration and pension laws ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Human resources development, employment and globalization in the ...
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. ICT. Information and ... and human resources development in the hotel, catering and tourism sector are ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Human Resources -
Is the transfer from the EU to the United States of personal information collected in the context of the employment relationship covered by the safe harbor? Yes, where a company in the EU transfers personal information about its employees (past or present) collected in the context of the employment relationship, to a parent, affiliate, or unaffiliated service provider in the United States participating in the safe harbor, the transfer enjoys the benefits of the safe harbor. In such cases, the collection of the information and its processing prior to transfer will have been subject to the national laws of the EU country where it ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Labor Standards and Human Resource Development in the Dominican ...
propensity to upgrade human resources across the DR's 30 provinces net of .... And North American trade unions and human rights organizations already had ...
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Advantages and disadvantages of trade unions
this is ruby, I am doing course of employee relations and just wondering the advantages and disadvantages of trade unions. I couldn't find any resource about it . so could anyone help me? thanks a lot ruby talaniman Senior Family & People Expert User Score: N/A Hi Ruby, I am a union man, from a union family, and when it comes to workers rights, then a union is the best protection there is, as it set specific guidlines governing work rules and safety issues, and gives the common worker not only a voice, but an option to company policy and jobs protections. They are invaluable in the areas of safety, and worker protections as ...
Management Consulting: MS 2 MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES ...
Trade unions perform a number of functions in order to achieve the objectives. These functions can be broadly classified into three categories: (i) Militant functions, (ii) Fraternal functions Militant Functions One set of activities performed by trade unions leads to the betterment of the position of their members in relation to their employment. The aim of such activities is to ensure adequate wages, secure better conditions of work and employment, get better treatment from employers, etc. When the unions fail to accomplish these aims by the method of  collective bargaining and negotiations, they adopt an approach and put ...