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Special Report on

Human Resources Records Management

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Over the last several decades, the human resource function has evolved into an extremely complex profession requiring an understanding of how each facet of human resources management impacts another and the organization as a whole. The plethora of federal and state laws regulating all aspects of the employee/employer relationship, compounded by conflicting judicial interpretations, require professionals skilled in understanding and applying these laws to day-to-day management decisions. Wrong decisions, by any representative of the organization, in hiring, discipline, ...
RMAA COMMUNICATION: BSB07 Recordkeeping Units - Intensive Delivery ...
RMAA is delivering core units from all BSB07 Recordkeeping qualifications in a Face to Face intensive. This means that you receive all the theoretical information, undertake practical sessions for all core units in a short timeframe. You will still be required to undertake assignments outside face-to-face hours, but the benefits include: � You are able to participate in face to face learning. � You can ask your tutor questions and have them answered on the spot. � You get to meet other students and hear what they have to say. � Your learning is enhanced due to the added practicals, activities and handouts. Accredited Training ... market research, surveys and trends
Governor Rendell Announces Resignation of Secretary of ...
Governor Edward G. Rendell today announced that Secretary of Administration Naomi Wyatt will resign effective July 30 to become vice president for business development at Electronic Ink, a Philadelphia-based international business system design firm. Wyatt was appointed as secretary of administration in August 2007. She previously served as the Office of Administration’s deputy secretary for human resources and management, and also as the executive director of the Governor’s Office of Management and Productivity. “Secretary Wyatt has been an incredibly effective leader. Her intelligence and tenacity have made ... market research, surveys and trends


"How To Create 4.0 Million Jobs In 90 Days" by Ronald R. Cooke ...
At least 23 million Americans are either unemployed (they do not have any job) or under-employed (they are being paid for less than 35 hours per week).  If unemployment increases to 10% of the workforce by the end of 2010, then 15,434,900 people will be unemployed. In this 2 year period, America will have lost more than 4.4 million additional jobs. America’s Work Shortage Index (WSI) will increase from a total of 23,487,000 unemployed or under-employed persons at the end of 2008, to a Work Shortage Index of more than 21.9% by the end of 2010. Over 33.5 million Americans would be forced to sharply ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Human Resources Document Control and Management
Is your Human Resources department drowning in paper? Human Resource departments are notorious for tremendous amounts of paper due to the primary processes they maintain such as Recruiting documents, Hiring and Job Applications, Employee Reviews / Writeups, I9 Forms, and Benefit Documentation to name a few. But most importantly with the onset of a multitude of regulatory acts to comply with, such as HIPAA, FERPA, FACTA, FMLA the Human Resources department needs to know all of that documentation is secure from theft or intrusion. And having these as paper documents can open a company up to loss in other ways as well, like for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DHS agencies reluctant to consolidate human resources networks
The Homeland Security Department officials can't convince departmental agencies to consolidate human resources systems, and they lack the necessary authority to compel them to participate, according to a report the inspector general released on Thursday. DHS has made progress in consolidating more than 144 human resources networks scattered throughout the department into five enterprisewide systems as required by the 2002 E-Government Act, according to the audit . The consolidated systems, which are hosted by and shared with other federal agencies, will be used to manage employee files, time and attendance records, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Memphis Cracks Crime Trends With Forecasting Technology
With the local crime rate soaring, software that could forecast where criminal activity would take place seemed like a promising idea, packed with potential. But crime analysts never predicted such explosive results. Since 2006, with IBM predictive analytics technology, the MPD has reduced crime by 31 percent, including a reduction of 15.4 percent in violent crime, according to MPD officials. In the days before the technology, the MPD -- like most police departments -- relied on human abilities to put offenses in spreadsheets and analyze trends the old-fashioned way, said John F. Williams, crime analysis unit manager with the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Human Resources in Records Management - The National Archives ...
The National Archives Records Management Guides. 3. Human Resources in Records Management version Final page 1 of 1. The National Archives Records ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Human Resource Records Retention Schedule of the Records ...
RECORDS MANAGEMENT GUIDE. A-9-222. APPENDIX 9 - Records Retention Schedule for State Government Agencies. Revised: 4/08. HUMAN RESOURCE RECORDS ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
standardization of procedures relating to the security and management of records . POLICY. The Department of Human Resources Management is responsible for ...
Looking for business case for Records Management tools and ...
As the keeping of records is most often not an item of discussion because it's required to be able to keep doing business I'm a bit puzzled. To quote a list found on the site linked: 1) To Control the Creation and Growth of Records 2) To Reduce Operating Costs 3) To Improve Efficiency and Productivity 4) To Assimilate New Records Management Technologies 5) To Ensure Regulatory Compliance 6) To Minimize Litigation Risks 7) To Safeguard Vital Information 8) To Support Better Management Decision Making 9) To Preserve the Corporate Memory 10) To Foster Professionalism in Running the Business For more info see link. Regards,
WikiAnswers - What is police personnel and records management
Go to your local law enforcement agency and reqeust it. It may cost you a small administrative fee for the the clerical time and the paperwork and forms involved, but you should be able to get it... What is the function of personnel manager ? The function of a personnel manager usually begins with the staffing process. Someone has to be focused on screening and interviewing persons, with an eye to placing individuals with the right skill... The emergence of personnel management ? Leo OBS Vellore Personal management is dealing with people. In organization, all the departments are handled by manpower. Even though machines are in ...