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Special Report on

Intercultural Personhood and Identity Negotiation

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Berkeley Anthropology research is global in scope and includes everything from studies of biotechnology laboratories in California to the earliest European cities. Archaeologists explore the impact of digital technologies on how people learn about the past, changes in plant use and agriculture in the Pacific and elsewhere, and the forces that shaped identity in the Americas in the centuries of European expansion, the African diaspora, and their consequences. Biological anthropologists examine the evolution of human cognition and the long-term histories of health over the life course. Sociocultural anthropologists ...
institute of general semantics conference line-up
A blog for passing time, and passing messages about media, about media ecology which is the study of media environments, about language and symbols, about technology, about communication, about consciousness, about culture, about life and the universe, about everything and nothing, about time... Okay, so at this point I think we've pretty much finalized the program for the conference I've organized which is going to start just a little over a week from now--yikes! So, let me share with you the schedule, followed by the bios of the participants. The registration fee is $25, free with membership in the Institute of ... market research, surveys and trends
Philosophy in Africa Ubuntu: An African Assessment of the ...
The decolonization of Africa, of which the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa is the most recent example, has led to a greater recognition of the wide variety of religions practising on its soil. When confronted with this plurality, and the corresponding plurality of claims to truth or credibility, believers often resort to absolutism. The absolutist evaluates the religious other in view of criteria which violate the self-understanding of the latter. The religious other is thus being colonized by a hegemony (i.e., an enforced homogeneity) of norms and values. This paper deals with an assessment of the faith of others which ... market research, surveys and trends


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Thirty-nine percent of U.S. Latinos are foreign born. The 20.6 million people .... what conflict is, how to define personhood, and what it means to be a ..... Self-construal and identity formation do not occur in a vacuum. ...... negotiation theory. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 22, 2, 187 -225. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
27.3 million US citizens and in 2002, identity theft amounting to $48 billion caused a .... Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication, New York: Sage ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


IN and ICE as a Means to Promote a 'New Personhood' in Europe
IN and ICE as a Means to Promote a. 'New Personhood' in Europe. RIK PINXTEN. ABSTRACT Intercultural negotiation (IN) and intercultural education (ICE) are ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
After the fall from grace: Negotiation of new identities among HIV ...
Correspondence: Dellanira Valencia-Garcia, Department of Psychology, University of Washington, Box 351525, Seattle, WA, 98195 USA. E-mail: dvgarcia/at/ Despite increasing rates of HIV infection among heterosexual women in Peru, married women remain virtually invisible as a group at risk of HIV or requiring treatment. This study analyzed the intersections of HIV with machismo and marianismo , the dominant discourses in Latin America that prescribe gender roles for men and women. Data sources include recent literature on machismo and marianismo and interviews conducted with 14 HIV-positive women in Lima, Peru. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Palestinian Identity
Working Draft:  "The Ontological Function of Interpersonal Communication:  A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Palestinians and Americans," final published in Howard Journal of Communication 3 (1991), pp. 87-98.     Cross-Cultural Differences in American & Palestinian Expressions of Identity R. S. Zaharna American University       THE ONTOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: A CROSS-CULTURAL ANALYSIS OF AMERICANS & PALESTINIANS   R.S. Zaharna Abstract                 This paper explores, via a ...
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WikiAnswers - What are the key issues in intercultural communication
Be nice and polite. 1 : You have to look and smell good. 2 : You have to feel confident when you're speaking. 3 : Know what you are saying. Make sure it makes sense and relates to the topic. 4 :... What should you do during the Intercultural Communication ? just do nothin but do it good luck if you have sex What is the definition of intercultural communication ? This is in many ways similar to group communication, but the role of groups is taken by ethnic cultures. 'Culture', of course, is not just the domain of nations; it also describes the norms and... Related articles: Intercultural personhood and identity ...
Need advice on negotiating with Chinese manufacturers. | LinkedIn ...
I have located a factory in Hong Kong that makes a specific radio receiver that I would like to purchase directly from them. I have obtained a price quote from them. The price that they quoted is much higher than what I want to pay. My question is this: Is it typical of Chinese manufacturers to give a high price at first, expecting you to negotiate much lower? And, if so, how much lower can I expect them to go? Should I aim for 60% lower? 50%? Is there are rule of thumb that I can use to guide me? Any general advice in this endeavor? Thanks in advance. posted February 26, 2008 in Exporting/Importing , Manufacturing | Closed