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Special Report on

Investment promotion and facilitation

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2.1 Does the government have a strategy for developing a sound, broad-based business environment and within this strategy, what role is given to investment promotion and facilitation measures? Rationale for the question A sound, broad-based business environment is a process as much as an outcome. Countries that have sound climates maintain them through following formalised processes to evaluate business conditions and adapt continuously to competition and to changing economic conditions. Such evaluations require institutions for setting and monitoring a business environment strategy. As part of this process, investment promotion ...
The Board of Investment assists companies planning to invest in Pakistan or to expand their Pakistani operations. The Board of Investment is a member of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA).
Uganda Investment Authority presents 'Home is the Best III ...
Uganda Government through Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has been executing several programs that have been essential and critical in National development. These programs have been designed in line with the national strategies like the Competitiveness Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) which has mapped out the main activities and listed the expected outcomes. Under these programs, UIA focused on pro-active investment promotion and facilitation as a core activity. Under the promotion and facilitation part, the Diaspora investment stands out as a main component which needed more attention. UIA has effectively undertaken its ... market research, surveys and trends
Investing for development: The Policy Framework for Investment ...
A new policy instrument is being developed to support governments� efforts to attract and to reap the benefits of investment. How will it work? Director, Export and Investment Policy, Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, and Chair of the OECD Investment Committee Private investment is a dominant force driving globalisation. Cross-border investment flows have tripled over the last decade alone and foreign capital stocks are now twice the size of global GDP. Private investment is acting as a powerful catalyst for growth and, as emerging economies from Asia to South America have shown, is one of the surest ways to ... market research, surveys and trends


Nov 10, 2005 ... within which investment promotion and facilitation measures will be effective? .... With administrative savings of 25 percent in staff time and 10 ..... the two countries spend over $40 million each annually, for a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
First, how to make the investment promotion and facilitation policies ... During this period, the country received high FDI inflows that exceeded US$ 2.4 billion ... Agriculture received less than 10 percent of the investments – in part ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Scientists Say More Investment Crucial to Innovation
Lack of funding is severely stunting the development of scientific research in Indonesia and leading to the stagnation of industrial innovation, a leading scientist said on Friday. Budhy Basuki, a researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences’ (LIPI) Calibration, Instrumentation and Metrology Research Center in Serpong, Tangerang, told the Jakarta Globe that the funding allocated to the field was “less than viable.” “We can’t afford to stop mid-way through a research project,” said Budhy, who is part of a research team that developed a device to keep birds off airport runways, improving safety. “We have to keep developing ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CARICOM food security workshop to ponder how to boost agri investment
Risk mitigation measures aimed at creating greater incentives for private investment in the agricultural sector, and the harmonization of health-related food standards in the region are among the key issues in the CARICOM Draft Regional Policy for Food and Nutrition Security (RPFNS) which will be mulled at a Validation Workshop in Georgetown from July 26th – 27th. The Workshop, which has been organized by the Caribbean Community Secretariat with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) project Promoting CARICOM/CARIFORUM Food Security, funded by the Government of Italy will review the raft of measures contained ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Indicative Outline Training Workshop on Investment Promotion and ...
Training Workshop on Investment Promotion and Facilitation for Northern Provinces of Viet Nam. Hanoi, 7-10 October 2003. PROGRAMME ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Assessment of the Swaziland Investment Promotion Agency
investment promotion effort, and is the primary function of the aftercare specialist. The investor facilitation department should focus on aftercare ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Module 1
e. Investment promotion - project managers ..................................... ..................................... 49 f. Investment facilitation . ...
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1) "For Management Movement to develop it is essential that there should be emphasis on participative management." Analyze this statement in the context of present management scenario, citing examples. 2) "The sectoral contributions of the three sectors namely primary, secondary and tertiary to the national income and employment have changed over a period." Briefly explain the above statement in the context of structural changes in the economy. 3) a) Explain the reasons for the growth of private sector.   b) Discuss the problems faced by the private sector. 4) "Foreign investment policies of ...
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