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Special Report on

Job Sharing Policy

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Law enforcement agencies around the country are contending with a shortage of officers and trying to lure new applicants with various incentives, such as hiring bonuses, eased standards, and extra vacation time. 1 Several factors have contributed to the problem, including demographic changes; higher-paying positions in the homeland security industry; more baby-boomer officers retiring; and the younger generation’s advanced level of education that now often makes a career in policing, with its well-known salary shortfall, not as attractive. These types of staffing changes and shortages could affect public safety and the ...
is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as computer programs, multi-media (audio, video), documents, or electronic books. It may be implemented through a variety of storage, transmission, and distribution models and common methods of file sharing incorporate manual sharing using removable media , centralized computer file server installations on computer networks , World Wide Web -based hyperlinked documents, and the use of distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) networking. File sharing is not in and of itself illegal. However, the increasing popularity of the mp3 music format in the ...
I GOT JOB: job share
Job-sharing is an arrangement in which two or more people share one full-time job, each working part-time on a regular ongoing basis. It may be viable when ordinary part-time work is not, such as when a job needs to be filled on a full-time basis, though not necessarily by one person. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), around 185 000 or 9 per cent of employees who usually work part-time, were in a job sharing arrangement as of November 2003. While job-sharing is not widespread in Australia, interest in it is growing. Already it can be found in a range of employment categories, including hospital staff, ... market research, surveys and trends
5 Ways To Get Experience In A Newly-Acquired Skill
Legitimate employers require experience. But, if you’ve just learned your new skills, how can you get experience unless someone hires you to use them? Here are five flexible options you can use get the experience you need. Career development requires a commitment to learning new skills. But, for the stay-at-home parent desiring to begin or change jobs in a home-based career, how to gain experience in those newly-acquired skills presents an even greater challenge. It’s the old catch-22: the vast majority of employers are looking for people with experience in a given skill, but you can’t get experience unless ... market research, surveys and trends


October 2009 - TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect
committee has its sights and (b) the prospects for passing legislation restricting file-sharing software have probably just gotten somewhat rosier. Efforts to get file-sharing software companies like LimeWire and Kazaa to put warning labels on their software have bounced around the Hill for what must be six years now, during which time you may well have moved onto iTunes and forgotten that file-sharing networks exist. A version sponsored by Mary Bono (R-CA) just passed out of committee last week that would dictate that P2P software companies put extensive warnings in their products on the risks they pose. The Recording Industry ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Personnel Administrators Newsletter 2004
The percent of classes taught by Highly Qualified teachers was 83%. The ..... state education leaders to announce a $1 million program aimed at improving ..... JOB SHARING POLICY CHANGE: The policy for employee job sharing was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
99ers letter gets delivered to the White House Part 2: The Letter
[Keep informed - subscribe to the San Diego Unemployment Examiner today. It is free - just press the + on the above subscribe link] In my last article,  99ers letter gets delivered to the White House Part 1: The Cover Outline , I revealed the text of the cover outline summary which accompanied the following letter. The letter was written by several of the 99ers and was edited into this final form by one coauthor, Cindy Paoletti. And the letter reads: Request for Executive Action to provide Financial Assistance to the Long Term Unemployed Exhaustees President Obama: The American citizens realize that you inherited a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
2010 Legislative Roundup: Minnesota
, marked by gubernatorial vetoes and tough negotiations over the budget and healthcare.  In the end, Gov. Pawlenty vetoed twenty bills, bringing his eight-year total to 96. This year's vetoes included a wide range of measures, from a bill enabling same-sex partners to make end-of-life decisions, to a medical marijuana bill, to a bill that would have supported local government and non-profit innovation efforts.  Painful budget cuts and cost deferrals left the state's financial picture for 2012 and beyond uncertain, but legislators did manage to move important measures on broadband, energy conservation, and consumer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Job Sharing Resource Guide
supplies, at no charge, a “Sample Job Sharing Policy and Request Form,” which includes a sample policy prepared by the division of human resources in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
OPM-Part-time/Job Sharing Page 2
Governmentwide policy on part-time employment gives agencies the flexibility to decide where part-time positions best fit into the organization. In some cases, job sharing enables management to staff a full-time position and also provides part-time schedules which would otherwise not be available. Agencies are strongly encouraged to develop job sharing programs in partnership with their unions and other stakeholders. Furthermore, when job sharing programs are planned for organizations where employees are represented by a labor organization with exclusive recognition, by law, agencies must ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Job Sharing Policy
The University of Wisconsin-Platteville endorses the concept and implementation of Job Sharing on this campus, to provide employment opportunities for individuals who do not wish, or cannot accept, a full-time position. In implementing Job Sharing on this campus, both Management and employees recognize that the accomplishment of the mission, goals, and tasks of the University cannot be compromised, nor can the level of service to faculty, staff, and students be reduced as a result of Job Sharing. It is also recognized that the success of Job Sharing depends entirely upon the cooperation and good faith efforts of all parties ...
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What does job-sharing a position means? - Yahoo! Answers
So for instance, a full-time receptionist might work 40 hours a week. Two job-sharers might do 20 hours a week each, or one might do 30 hours and the other 10. Whatever the split, they get paid in proportion accordingly. In a true job-share arrangement, the two job-sharers cooperate with each other so the job always gets done. So for instance, if one needs time off to take her child to the doctor, the other will come in to do the job, and vice versa. The two job-sharers are responsible for working out their own time so that it all evens out, and they both work their fair share of hours. So it's very good for working ...