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Jurisdictional strike definition

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Two opinions issued by Massachusetts federal Judge Joseph L. Tauro last Thursday represent only the most recent example of egregious judicial activism. In them, he declared unconstitutional the federal definition of "marriage"-the union of one man and one woman.  This traditional definition prompted the judge to opine that "there exists no fairly conceivable set of facts that could ground a rational relationship between [the federal definition of marriage] and a legitimate government objective." Thus did one of the bright lights of our federal judiciary hold that marriage as it has been defined for at ...
The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat . The difficulty, of course, is that plaintiffs do not present themselves to the Court admitting that their intent is to censor, intimidate or silence their critics. Hence, the difficulty in drafting SLAPP legislation, and in applying it, is to craft an approach which affords an early ...
crowd control on the interwebs: U.S. Authorities Shut Down ...
There are two methods of crowd control. One is selective arrests. You target the principals, be they leaders, figures well-known among the rioters, or law-breakers, and you arrest them, publicly, visibly, dramatically. This dispels the sense of anonymity that a crowd confers . The other method is the use of space. You direct the crowd into an open space where it will disperse. You can accomplish this using combinations of fixed barricades and mobile formations. Here would be an instance of selective arrest as social policy in support of a copyright regime, as reported by enigmax of TorrentFreak in a blog burst titled U.S. ... market research, surveys and trends
The intellectual thinking of man, since time immemorial, has resulted in the development of science and technology. The principles of science and technology have developed in response to differing objects of interest. Science and technology have had a great impact on the way we live. Law has tried to regulate the use and abuse of science and the extent of its application. The major question however is whether we are well equipped with the laws to regulate the use of such technologies.   The subject Law, Science and Technology is of great relevance today when Courts have become ”activists” and there has been a ... market research, surveys and trends


Environment Magazine - The U.S. Hurricane Coasts: Increasingly ...
he devastating images of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina linger in the American consciousness, fueled by mass media images of the death and destruction. Two years post-event, recovery in many places along the affected Gulf Coast is progressing at a snail’s pace. Displaced residents, especially the poor and disenfranchised, are living in temporary housing inside and outside the region; many with little hope of returning. While Hurricane Katrina was catastrophic, a similarly devastating hurricane could strike anywhere along the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic seaboard. As another ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Taft-Hartley Act: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full ...
Federal law (in full, Labor Management Relations Act) enacted in 1947, which restored to management in unionized industries some of the bargaining power it had lost in prounion legislation prior to World War II. Taft-Hartley prohibited a union from • refusing to bargain in good faith • coercing employees to join a union • imposing excessive or discriminatory dues and initiation fees • forcing employers to hire union workers to perform unneeded or non-existent tasks (a practice known as featherbedding) • striking to influence a bargaining unit's choice between two contesting unions (called a jurisdictional strike) • engaging ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pacific Justice Institute, Kevin T. Snider and Omid Shabani for and S.A.V.E. Kaylee as Amicus Curiae on behalf of Defendant and Appellant D.C. MILLER, J. D.C.C. (Stepfather) and D.C. (Mother) [ 1 ] appeal the orders made by the juvenile court following a contested jurisdiction and disposition hearing. (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 300.) [ 2 ] The juvenile court ordered that B.S., a 12-year-old female, be removed from Mother's physical custody, and placed in her father's custody. The juvenile court ordered that B.S.'s three half-brothers, B.C., T.C., and J.C., be returned to Mother's and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ROY M. BELFAST, JR., a.k.a. Chuckie Taylor, a.k.a. Charles McArthur Emmanuel, a.k.a. Charles Taylor, Jr. a.k.a. Charles Taylor, II, Defendant-Appellant. No. 09-10461. United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit. July 15, 2010. Before BIRCH, MARCUS and BALDOCK, [ 1 ] Circuit Judges. MARCUS, Circuit Judge: Roy M. Belfast, Jr., a/k/a Charles McArthur Emmanuel, a/k/a Charles Taylor, Jr., a/k/a Chuckie Taylor, II ("Emmanuel"), appeals his convictions and 97-year sentence for committing numerous acts of torture and other atrocities in Liberia between 1999 and 2003, during the presidency of his father, Charles Taylor. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What is judicial review
I. Definition of judicial review. Judicial review is a court's power to review, ... rights and impartial resolution of jurisdictional and other ... difficulties with courts that can strike down statutes as incompatible with shari'a. In ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PDF - Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act
Economic strikers defined . .... Jurisdiction to conduct an election. ..... Proscribed action: Inducing or encouraging a strike work stoppage, or boycott . ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The "Define & Punish" Clause and the Limits - THE “DEFINE AND ...
glected to ask whether the Define and Punish power had jurisdictional lim- ..... An effort to strike these words failed, and after toying with “desig- ...
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What was the problem addressed by the Wagner Act of 1935 and what ...
The National Labor Relations Act (or Wagner Act) is a 1935 United States federal law that protects the rights of most workers in the private sector to organize labor unions, to engage in collective bargaining, and to take part in strikes and other forms of concerted activity in support of their demands. The Act does not, on the other hand, cover those workers who are covered by the Railway Labor Act, agricultural employees, domestic employees, supervisors, independent contractors and some close relatives of individual employers. The original act The Wagner-Connery Act — signed into law on July 5, 1935 — established a federal ...
WikiAnswers - What are the labour decree of 1974 and the ...
Not later than three months after the beginning of a worker's period of employment, the employer shall give to the worker a written statement/contract specifying: (a) The name of the employer or group of employer or group of employers and, where appropriate, of the undertaking by which the worker is employed. (b) The name and address of the worker and the place and date of his engagement. (c) The nature of the employment. (d) If the contract is for a fixed term, the date when the contract expires. (e) The appropriate period of notice to be given by the party wishing to terminate the contract. (f) The rates of wages and ...