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Key factor decline

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Birth rates in the United States began to decline in 2008 after rising to their highest level in two decades, and the decrease appears to be linked to the recession, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of state fertility and economic data. This analysis is based on data from the 25 states for which final 2008 birth numbers are available. State-level indicators were used because the magnitude and timing of the recent economic decline varies from state to state, thus allowing a more nuanced analysis of links with fertility than is possible at the national level. In 22 of these 25 states, the birth rate -- the share of ...
Protestants not a spent force | Australian analysis ...
A number of secular media commentators have claimed that Julia Gillard’s admission that she is an atheist will have little impact on the upcoming election. Given some of the bogus statistical evidence used to make the point, I doubt their confidence. The worst offender was Rob Chalmers, the longest serving member of the Canberra press gallery and editor of Inside Canberra . Chalmers claimed : It’s clear most Australians couldn’t care less about God… Bureau of Statistics figures show that in 2001 barely 10% named a Christian religion to which they adhered… Only the Holy roller, hot gospeller, ... market research, surveys and trends
The Week in Environmental Health News, July 5 to July 9, 2010
An international team of scientists reports discovery of a new mechanism of avian influenza virus circulation and transmission in nature. ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS Delaware, USA: J osh Fox: Living In The Middle Of A ‘Gasland’ (10 Jun 2010) NPR . By: Fox, J. Read at: . Cited 2010 Jul 05. Josh Fox traveled around the country to see how the process of natural gas drilling affects communities and homeowners. Global: Researchers ask Canada to ban asbestos (01 Jul 2010) The Globe and Mail . By: Steenhuysen, J. Read at: ... market research, surveys and trends


Understanding the Decline in Carbon Dioxide Emissions in 2009 1
A key factor in the expected 5.9-percent decline in CO2 emissions from ... forecast to decline by 8 percent, resulting in a 31-million-metric-ton decline in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
National Retail Federation - Economy to Impact Two-Thirds of ...
Washington, October 20, 2009 – Retailers are about to embark on the holiday season of the serious bargain hunter. According to NRF’s 2009 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, U.S. consumers plan to spend an average of $682.74 on holiday-related shopping, a 3.3 percent drop from last year’s $705.01.* It comes as no surprise that the economy was an overriding theme throughout this year’s survey. Two-thirds of Americans (65.3%) say the economy will affect their holiday plans this year, with the majority of these consumers saying they’re adjusting by simply spending ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Whoa, It's Still The Economy
Jon has blogged at length about pundits trying to come up with other reasons besides the economy for Obama's decline, but, unfortunately, the trope shows no signs of dying. Look at First Read's reasons why the GOP could take back the House : The facts are the facts: The Cook Political Report identifies 64 Democratic-held seats as either “Lean” or “Toss-up” races, and Republicans would need to win a majority of them (39) to win control of the House. Indeed, there are four reasons why the House is up for grabs: 1) according to history, the GOP stands to pick up seats; 2) Republicans enjoy a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Highlands' population declines in 2009
SEBRING - If you've found it just a wee bit easier to find a parking space lately, it may be because municipalities in Highlands County experienced a decline in population. Of course, that's just silly. Finding parking spaces has more to do with winter visitors going north than anything else. According to a report recently released by the University of Florida Bureau of Economic and Business Research, between 2008 and 2009, while unincorporated Highlands County gained 99 people or .15 percent, overall the county, including its three municipalities lost a net of 96 people or .11 percent. The city of Sebring with a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Giant oil field decline rates and their influence on world oil ...
especially in OPEC, will be a key factor in future oil supply. Based on the decline behaviour of giants, decline rate estimates for world oil production ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Preventing Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Decline: Evidence ...
Key Question 5: What are the relationships between the factors that affect. Alzheimer's disease and the factors that affect cognitive decline? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Stage-dependent life-tables
Mortality processes can be recorded individually and thus, this kind of life table has more biological information than age-dependent life tables. K-value is just another measure of mortality. The major advantage of k-values as compared to percentages of died organisms is that k-values are additive: the k-value of a combination of independent mortality processes is equal to the sum of k-values for individual processes. Mortality percentages are not additive. For example, if predators alone can kill 50% of the population, and diseases alone can kill 50% of the population, then the combined effect of these process will not result ...
When do you decline an invitation to connect on LInkedIn ...
2 schools of thought here. 1) Accept everyone because you don't know who they know. (My view) 2) Only accept close contacts who you know in the real world. (I feel this is very limiting because you already know this person so there is very little growth potential.) True story (My 5th IDK) I met a person at a local networking event. She was part owner in a business and couple of months later I sent her an invite here with the intention of getting a quote after we are connected. She IDK'd me which put me at 5 and sent me to LinkedIn jail. LOL. After the fact I sent her a note reminding her again about where we met ...
Microsoft In Decline
For the quarter ending Sept.30, MSN showed 1 percent year-over-year growth to $564 million. After being questioned by one financial analyst, however, executives confirmed that MSN revenues declined sequentially even as Google reported 15 percent growth, and Yahoo followed with 6 percent growth. "Search advertising revenue has not been as strong as we'd like," said Scott Di Valerio, corporate vice president and chief accounting officer at Microsoft. Aside from the new "Advertising Center, Microsoft is working to develop its algorithmic search capabilities and will integrate search into its desktop and server software, he ...