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Special Report on

Learning and Professional Development

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The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the first two years of beginning teachers' professional development and learning. The study sought to document and understand the conditions and discursive practices of seven purposely selected schools that were implementing robust beginning teacher induction programmes. The focus was on induction, located in a comprehensive national system, to reveal the practices and tensions experienced by beginning teachers as they advanced their learning and development. It is anticipated that the seven case studies, along with the working theory of sound induction will add to the body of ...
CGA Ontario is the largest affiliate organization of CGAs in the world, responsible for the accreditation, regulation and professional development of more than 19,000 CGAs in fields such as business and industry, government, the public sector, and professional practice. Additionally, CGA Ontario administers and delivers the CGA program of professional studies to more than 8,000 students, granting exclusive rights to the CGA designation in Ontario. CGA Ontario is headquartered in Toronto , Ontario. It comprises 18 chapters across the province of Ontario, and is in turn a provincial affiliate of the Certified General Accountants ...
Learning skills impact Ofsted inspection
earlier on the way in which schools in England are assessed, which is still dominated by high stakes SATs exam testing, even at Primary School Key Stage 2 level (11 year olds) — the sector in which I’m most involved. The new controversial Ofsted inspection regime has recently got tougher, with a continued emphasis on SATs attainment levels, and even more precisely defined criteria , with many schools finding themselves demoted in the categorisation scheme. You really have to tick every single box to get a given grade: it’s not a ‘best fit’ match. Having just experienced the new inspection regime at ... market research, surveys and trends
How Role-Playing-Games can enhance effective knowledge transfer in ...
Within the latest two decades, computer games and virtual worlds have occupied a significant part of everyday life. Primarily for fun, people play, from strategy games, to action, racing, to shooting games. Virtual worlds have generally become spaces where people meet for virtual communication and other interactions. Specifically role-playing games (RPGs) are nowadays of the most powerful virtual spaces that afford fortuitous interactions between the player/avatar and the environment. At the same time, there is significance rise in the expansion of games in formal educational settings, training contexts, and other learning and ... market research, surveys and trends


Federal Fiscal Relief Is Working As Intended — Center on Budget ...
As dire as the states’ fiscal condition is — with dramatic revenue downturns leading in some cases to unprecedented service cuts — evidence shows this bad situation would be substantially worse if not for federal recovery assistance. The $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act package enacted in February included about $140 billion for states to use in various ways to help lessen the need for spending cuts, service reductions, and such other budget-balancing actions as tax increases. These funds were expected to provide states on average with about 40 percent of what they need to keep budgets ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
McGraw-Hill Survey Provides Insight Into U.S. College and Career ...
PRNewswire/ -- Although guidance counselors generally characterize high school students as well prepared for the next phase of their lives following graduation, a majority of students indicate that they could benefit from increased proficiency in technology applications, financial literacy, time management, communication and study skills, according to a recent survey from McGraw-Hill Education. The survey, which sought to gain insight into college and career readiness issues, polled 160 high school guidance counselors, 120 college freshmen and sophomores and 100 recent high school and college graduates who are in the workplace ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Insurers Choose CSC as the Top IT Services Provider for Third Year
today announced it was named the top provider in information technology (IT) services in the Vanguards in Insurance Practices Awards and also received a RAVE Award Honorable Mention for its Agency Link agent portal software. The awards were presented at the ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum, hosted by ACORD, a nonprofit insurance standards organization, and LOMA, a worldwide leader in learning and professional development within the insurance and financial services industry, and were determined by insurance carriers who either named the top technology providers in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Budget cuts have schools looking for innovative training options
Cash-strapped metro Atlanta school districts are finding they can do more with less through greater use of technology and on-the-job training for teachers and administrators. Although the school board cut 25 percent of Cobb County's professional learning budget last year -- just over $500,000 -- the district is using cost-effective ways to help expand training,  said Barbara Leutz, director of professional learning. “We are looking harder at online training," Leutz said, "and found more creative ways to utilize this platform for adult learning.” Live classroom training and online seminars, for example, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Center for Staff Learning and Professional Development Resource ...
Mar 26, 2010 ... Center for Staff Learning and Professional Development Resource Library. Author. Title. Lencioni, Patrick. Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Archived: e-Learning: Teacher Professional Development
"We want to provide teachers with strategies that are proven to work. And teachers want to hear from other teachers who are getting real results in the classroom. That's why professional development through e-Learning is such an important part of the No Child Left Behind Act ." — U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings As part of its popular Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative, the U.S. Department of Education launched the groundbreaking e-Learning professional development Web site. Teachers receive free training focused on content knowledge and instructional skills. Thirty-two digital workshops are ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Managing a Business: business studies assignment, regarding HR ...
I have received a business studies assignment recently of which I hoped you could help me with. We must write a response to the quote �The human resources cycle has to react to issues that are currently affecting the Australian work environment�. We must investigate issues that are impacting upon the Australian workforce currently and show how businesses are responding through their human resources cycle. I found posts you had made on a number of occasions when trying to research this topic, and was wondering if you could share your wisdom with me. Look forward to hearing from you, Lauren P.S, you wrote on the bottom of your ...
How much do employers care about transcripts? | LinkedIn Answers ...
I graduated with my BS degree last December 2009. But during the winter 2010 semester, which recently finished, I took 2 additional undergrad classes through my school's extension service (it lets those with BS degrees take additional undergrad classes). I had a phone interview for an engineering position a couple weeks ago. During the interview, the interviewer asked if I was finished with school. Though I was finished with school, in a sense, since I had already graduated and obtained my BS degree, I guess I wasn't technically finished with school as I was taking those 2 extra courses. On my resume under the ...