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Special Report on

National Embeddedness of Economic Activities

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The idea that network structure and embeddedness affect firms’ competitive behavior and performance is not new both in network literature and in strategic management literature. This study recognizes that the possibility to fully exploit network opportunities is depending on firm specialization choices. By analyzing network embeddedness within the European investment banking industry, I find that banks enhance performance by having a central position in their network and that specialization reduces bank’s benefits of having a central position in the network. To download: If you experience problems downloading a file, check if ...
as main factors. These factors give context, content, and set the conditions and parameters in which an economy functions. Today the range of fields of study examining the economy include social sciences such as economics , sociology ( economic sociology ), history ( economic history ) and geography ( economic geography ). Practical fields directly related to the human activities involving production , distribution , exchange , and consumption of goods and services as a whole, range from engineering to management and business administration to applied science to finance . All kind of professions , occupations , economic agents ...
Pambazuka - Challenges for integration
A formal interest in the unfolding events in the realm of international politics brings to the immediate fore two overlapping if not mutually inclusive tendencies: On the one hand, there is an increasing drive towards a robust revitalisation and a steady proliferation of regional integration efforts[1]; on the other – particularly within the historical framework of post-Cold War era – there is the erratic and sometimes violent fracturing of national entities into irredentist sub-national claims, variably shaped by the potential for internecine conflicts. Whichever of these historical trends captures the real spirit of the time ... market research, surveys and trends
Parenteau: Marching to Austeria* and Other Neolib Fibs « naked ...
By Rob Parenteau, CFA, sole proprietor of MacroStrategy Edge, editor of The Richebacher Letter, and a research associate of The Levy Economics Institute Richard Alford has correctly identified the need to address global imbalances – rather than simply slouch our way back to some milder version of status quo before the pre- Lehman meltdown arrangement, as we presently appear to be doing – if we are to have any hope of finding a sustainable global growth path. On this much we can surely agree. As to the method of addressing global imbalances, however, and perhaps even the true nature of these imbalances, we find ... market research, surveys and trends


National Embeddedness of Economic Activities: Industrial and ...
National Embeddedness of Economic Activities: Industrial and ..... and public housing projects and more recently by approval of a US$18 million technology upgrade .... can lead to benefits in the range from 30 to 50 percent of existing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
No place like home? The embeddedness of innovation in a regional ...
of the specific context within which economic activities are carried out ..... Ontario is home to 11 million of Canada's nearly 30 million inhabi- ... amounting to 45 percent of the national total. Gross expenditure on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Embedded flexible collaboration and development of local ...
”national embeddedness' of economic activities, e.g., again, parts of Richard Whitley's. ”business system' framework, the ”Economic System Approach' [13], ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Psychosocial Resources in the Aftermath of Natural and Human ...
Fran H. Norris with the assistance of Christopher M. Byrne and Eolia Diaz, Georgia State University, and Krzysztof Kaniasty, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Findings regarding psychosocial resources are organized by distinguishing between resources that are threatened by stress (vulnerable resources) and resources that emerge in response to stress (emergent resources). Emergent resources must be mobilized to replace or replenish the vulnerable ones. We first reviewed the evidence regarding the protection afforded by psychological and social resources, then the evidence regarding the potential for resource deterioration, then ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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