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Politics in the workplace can get vicious – and we’re not talking about the governmental kind. Rather, office politics, or how power and influence are managed in your company, will be a part of your career whether you choose to participate in them or not. Some workers say they don’t want to get caught up in politics at work, but most experts argue that playing the game is crucial to your career success. By not getting involved, you may find your talents ignored and your success limited, and you may feel left out of the loop, says Louellen Essex, co-author of “Manager’s Desktop Consultant: Just-in-Time Solutions to the Top People ...
I don't understand this obsession to know what everyone is doing ...
OFFICEPOLITICS.COM - Learn how to play office politics. Submit your office politics dilemma. Read experts' advice. Offer your own advice for the chance to win free books. June 8, 2010 – 3:56 pm Jane Perdue , MBA, CEO and founder of The Braithewaite Group , is a leadership consultant, coach, speaker and author who challenges your thinking at the intersection of the art of leadership and the science of business. The Braithewaite Group , is a small female-owned professional development and leadership consulting firm. Jane’s career includes 20 years of executive level leadership, with 15 of those years spent as a Vice ... market research, surveys and trends
GOP Judge Has Deep Pockets » Politics Plus
a U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana, sided with a drilling company which had argued that the Obama administration’s blanket, 6-month moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico was illegal. The drilling company, Hornbeck Offshore Services of Covington, LA, claimed financial distress from the imposition of the moratorium. In the ruling handed down this afternoon, Judge Feldman agreed, writing that the administration made an “ arbitrary and capricious ” decision that would have an “immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region, and the critical present-day aspect ... market research, surveys and trends


Senate leader unveils $849 billion health care bill -
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unveiled a sweeping health care bill Wednesday that would expand health insurance coverage to 30 million more Americans at an estimated cost of $849 billion over 10 years. Reid and other Senate Democrats cited an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office for the coverage and cost figures. In addition, they said at a news conference, the budget office estimated that the proposal would reduce the federal deficit by $127 billion over the next 10 years and by more than $600 billion in the following decade. The CBO figures were preliminary, the Senate Democratic leadership said in a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Stimulus Spending Hits $272 Billion—34 Percent of Total - ProPublica
Combined with an estimated $93 billion in stimulus tax cuts, that means the government has now moved at least $272 billion into the economy, or 34 percent of the total amount approved by Congress last February. You can find those numbers and more on our Stimulus Progress Bar . Particularly attentive readers will note that we’ve been using the $93 billion figure for tax cuts since December, when posted the number in this report from the Office of Tax Analysis, a unit of the Treasury Department. That report only covered the period through the end of October; some may wonder why we haven’t given more recent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Legislative Yearbook 2010
From class clowns to most likely to succeed, this year’s regular session produced moments Lafayette should remember — as well as a few worth forgetting. About two weeks ago, I overheard a conversation just off the House floor between a sergeant-at-arms (a member of the Legislature’s maroon-coated security force) and a page (the youngest species of Capitol worker, a glorified gopher). The kid, whose hair kept falling in his eyesight only to be knocked back by a jerk of his neck, wanted to know, like, what was in store for the session’s final day. The sergeant-at-arms, without taking his eye off of the House floor, answered ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
2004 radio interview surfaces in wake of controversial claim by Arizona senator
President Obama has wanted to trade secure borders for a form of amnesty for illegal aliens for at least six years, an apparent recording of an interview on Chicago Public Radio reveals. The issue erupted last week when Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., said to a town hall meeting in Arizona that Obama personally told him he would not secure the border because Republicans then would have no reason to support comprehensive immigration reform. Today, the blog Naked Emperor News posted on an audio recording apparently of Obama making a similar statement in 2004: Obama comments that the "system" is "unfair" for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Working Resources
wants to admit that destructive politics and. Office Politics: Survival of the Savvy. Volume IV, No. 3. Newsletter. Working Resources ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
From the New York Public Library’s Digital Schomburg Collection, this site offers a searchable full-text database of 52 published works by 19th-century black women writers and provides access to the thought, perspectives and creative abilities of black women as captured in books and pamphlets published prior to 1920. African-American Women Duke University’s online archival collection containing primary Internet sources, manuscripts, and women’s studies resources. Full text versions of diaries, letters, and newspapers offer insight into life for African American women in the South. American Women’s History: A ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Winning at Office Politics...Without Selling Your Soul Marty Nemko ...
In office politics, as in most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ... Are you not getting the resources you need to get your job done? ...
  1. profile image amish4u1983 Office Politics: Can a person base a career on office politics alone or does each dog have his day. Tell a st...
Human Resources: Hostile Work Enviornment/retribution, hostile ...
I can answer questions pertaining to Compensation, Health Benefits, Retirement Plans, Payroll,Payroll taxes, Employee selection, Employee Termination, Training, and Employee Incentives. I have offices in U.S., Canada, UK, South Africa,Australia and NZ. I am most confident in the U.S. and Canadian but have knowledge of the internationals. I do not have extensive knowledge of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. I do have some Human Resource Knowledge in those areas. Please do not ask me homework questions, I do not have time to answer them. Experience I currently hold both the U.S. and Canadian Payroll Certifications. I ...
What is your opinion on Office Politics? How much is to much. how ...
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