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Special Report on

Organizational Politics, Justice, and Support

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The Human Relations school of managerial thought (e.g., Roethlisberger and Dickson, 1967), which basically argues that employee performance will improve as the employment relationship improves, has resulted in a wide variety of theories attempting to explain why this change occurs. One of the most prominent of those theories is social exchange theory (e.g., Blau, 1964), which is supplemented by the norm of reciprocity (e.g., Gouldner, 1960). The explanation provided by social exchange argues that the employee may perform at a higher level because s/he perceives an obligation to reciprocate for social "gifts" granted by the ...
A Diagnosis On Hiccup Of Merger And Acquisition « MYFXDEALS.COM
The phrase mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create another business entity. Acquisition/Takeover Achieving acquisition success has proven to be very difficult; while various studies have showed that 50% of acquisitions were unsuccessful the acquisition process is very complex, with many dimensions influencing its outcome. • The buyer buys the shares, of the target company ... market research, surveys and trends
Writing Organizational Reports
In this first part of a three part series on the Presbyterian-Israel policy to be discussed at the Presbyterian General Assembly in July, 2010, a list of players interviewed is introduced. Mainly, through quotes based on telephone, email, and written documentary material they speak their tone and position in this heated and sometimes angry debate. The two subsequent parts will be about the theology of their committee report, and then about the recommendation of the Kairos Document into the policy. We know that Presbyterians like many other Christian denominations have decided in the past to censure or negotiate with ... market research, surveys and trends


Running Head: Negative Reciprocity and Organizational Misbehavior ...
theft, with an estimated loss of 25$ billion a year (Weber et al., 2003). ..... Sixty percent of the respondents were females, most ..... Cropanzano, & M. Kacmar (Eds.), Organizational politics, justice and support: Managing the social ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Emerald FullText Article : The impact of downsizing on employees ...
To examine the mechanisms through which downsizing affects employees' affective commitment to the organization in two Korean banks. Design/methodology/approach – A total of 910 questionnaires were completed by bank employees. Data was analysed using hierarchical regression and LISREL path analysis techniques. Twenty semi-structured interviews were also conducted. Findings – The results show that the more severe the extent of downsizing, the lower employees' affective commitment to the organization. Moreover, downsizing has an impact on employees' affective commitment to the organization through several of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Unions Representing Workers in Canada, Mexico, and US Explore Merger
The United Steelworkers (USW), which represents 850,000 workers in Canada, the Caribbean, and the United States, and the National Union of Miners and Metal Workers ( SNTMMSRM ), known as the Mineros, which represents 180,000 workers in Mexico, have announced plans to explore uniting into one international union.  The agreement to begin exploration of a merger was signed on June 21. This first step in the creation of a global union -- as opposed to a global federation of unions -- represents a significant new development for labor in the Americas with implications for workers around the world.  Building on the 2008 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Should We Expect a Miracle Either From Kulmiye or UCID If The Election Goes ...
Trust me, I have not been smoking funny cigars and if you spare a minute or two I should be able to explain myself. I hope! A miracle, by its very nature, is within the domain of the far-fetched affairs but the miracle, in this case, will be making changes that are not incremental and cosmetic but changes that are systemic and real. What we need first and foremost is a government that inspires, even a token, a society that has been robbed, corrupted and demoralized for decades by unjust, ineffectual, deceptive regimes. What we need is a government that respects the rule of law, a government that is accountable to the electorate, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A Model of Organizational Politics Impact on Information Systems ...
(Eds.), Organizational politics, justice, and support: Managing social climate at work”, Quorum Press: Westport, CT: pp. 37-53. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Two Women Professors Create a Social Justice Research Agenda
strategies that promote and support social justice practices in schools. ... Mentoring of women faculty: The role of organizational politics and culture. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Theory - Perceived Organizational Support
Research on perceived organizational support began with the observation that if managers are concerned with their employees� commitment to the organization, employees are focused on the organization�s commitment to them. For employees, the organization serves as an important source of socioemotional resources, such as respect and caring, and tangible benefits, such as wages and medical benefits. Being regarded highly by the organization helps to meet employees� needs for approval, esteem, and affiliation. Positive valuation by the organization also provides an indication that increased effort will be noted and rewarded. ...
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I personally believe that any organization irrespective of size and number is basically based on relationships. Culturally rich organizations have smooth healthy relations and associates nurture relations intelligently and not to forget, with maturity. Higher the maturity levels, I believe higher would be positivity in the culture enabling growth as well. In spite of the presence of sacred cows in the organizations, younger professionals with high aspirations will need to essentially be self motivated. Else they cannot survive the corporate world first and secondly withstand oppressive nature of a negative culture which each ...
A.N.S.W.E.R. at AllExperts
ANSWER has helped to organize many of the largest antiwar demonstrations in the United States since the September 11, 2001 attacks, and has also organized activities around a variety of issues, ranging from Palestine , to immigrant rights, to Social Security , and the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles . Though its national headquarters are in Washington, D.C. , where it organizes its national antiwar demonstrations, the coalition's influence is seen as being strongest in San Francisco , and increasingly, in Los Angeles . ANSWER's organizing strategy centers on acquiring police permits for public demonstrations, and ...