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Special Report on

Organizational Storytelling and Technology Innovation

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It’s taken only 7 months for UKIIF to launch the first of two funds, the Hermes Environmental Innovation Fund, which has already raised £125m and will continue to seek further funding from investors. The Environmental Innovation Fund, managed by Hermes Private Equity, will now start investing in low carbon and clean technology funds and co-investing in companies, providing much needed venture capital to help these innovative businesses grow. The Hermes Fund will focus on investment opportunities aimed at increasing the efficient use of resources (both renewable and non renewable) at all stages of production and consumption. Over ...
organization, i.e., an organization that is able to sense changes in signals from its environment (both internal and external) and adapt accordingly. (see adaptive system ). OD specialists endeavor to assist their clients to learn from experience and incorporate the learning as feedback into the planning process.
From Accreditation to Standards and Excellence: New Media Leading ...
More from the 2010 NMC annual meeting last month in Anaheim. These are fairly rough notes, but rather than trying to make them into a more finished narrative, I’ve decided that there’s a play of voices here that can stand on its own. A few of my own interjections emerge here and there, in parentheses, representing thoughts at the time and thoughts somewhat later. What I remember most vividly about this session in retrospect is not necessarily anything we decided or any consensus reached, but rather how extraordinarily moving the conversation became as we went along. We are indeed united by our passion. We care about ... market research, surveys and trends
Knowledge Management & Learning Organisation: Six of one and a ...
There are a number of disciplines that have affected the area Knowledge Management (KM) thought and practice - the most prominent is the philosophy that defines the knowledge of cognitive science (the understanding of knowledge workers) Social science (in understanding motivation, people, interaction, culture and environment) Management Science ( in optimizing and integrating them into the business), information science (in building knowledge-related capabilities), knowledge engineering (in the cause and systematize knowledge), artificial intelligence (in automating routine and knowledge-intensive work) and economics (by ... market research, surveys and trends


The topic of brand value was the second thing that came to mind when reading about the disaster. Picture, if you will, a bevy of executives at leading branding firms furiously sending emails regarding a) who they knew at BP and b) when might be a good time to pitch them on a rebranding proposal. You see, rebranding is a panacea – an august sounding strategy that can meld opposing corporate cultures in a merger, signal a new day for a corporation, or erase associations best left to the dustbin of history. Innovative managers who are considering these type of proposals should have eyes wide open about what rebranding can ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Building and sustaining a culture that supports innovation ...
In today's fast-paced business environment, innovation is a prerequisite for success--perhaps even for survival. That is why innovation has found its way to the top of the agenda at organizations around the world. In the Innovation Survey conducted by HRI in November and December 2005, more than no-thirds of the 1,356 global respondents considered innovation either "extremely important" or "highly important" to their organizations today. Those impressive numbers seem modest when compared to respondents' predictions about the future. About half of respondents think innovation will be ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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has been collecting links related to Serious Games, Health & Fitness Games, Educational Games, Game Accessibility and Virtual Worlds. This article will serve as a link repository that will be updated and edited on a monthly basis. We have separated our links into three categories; Education and Research, Groups and Organizations and Hardware and Software Developers. If you feel that a link to your website should be included by Game Forward , please leave a comment below or send a detailed e-mail to links[at]gamefwd[dot]org . More… Education and Research Brain and Vision Lab at the University of Rochester - Laboratory that uses ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Molinare Selects DVS and Quantum to Address Storage Workflow Demands of HD and ...
Hanover (Germany) and San Jose (USA). Leading London-based post house achieves modern, data-centric workflow and maximum data protection for security and archive purposes Molinare, the largest, privately owned post production company in the United Kingdom, has selected high-performance hardware and software from DVS and Quantum (NYSE: QTM). With tremendous rich media data growth resulting from HD and 3D projects, the facility recently opted for a combination of a DVS-SAN, DVS's CLIPSTER, SpycerBox and Quantum's StorNext data management software to move massive image files between its sites in London, Mumbai and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


An analysis of the universality, flexibility, and agility of total ...
Nov 1, 2006 ... open culture and trust strategy, and technology innovation strategies. ..... A discourse on organizational storytelling: Creating enduring ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NASA - Masters Forum 15: Risk, Change, and Innovation
Masters Forum 15 was held October 15–18, 2007, in Phoenix, Arizona. With a focus on innovation and change, the Forum program included a narrated panel discussion on driving change to achieve mission readiness. There were presentations on lessons from history about NASA's culture and how the Agency handles change; how small teams delivered big innovations; and a case study regarding a governance model in action. Attendees also learned about "JPL Stories" — a storytelling program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that seeks to provide an informal and experiential environment for both storyteller and listeners. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Reward: How to Foster a Technology-Innovation Culture within a ...
Oct 22, 2009 ... that defines an organization is its technology innovation, ..... storytelling value. Partly, it was a macho compu- ...
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What is the most innovation communication tool or practice (in the ...
Absolutely face-to-face communication as part of a diverse mix of tools, as have been pointed out by some comments. The downside to innovative technology such as virtual and social media is the risk of information overload as well as incomplete and distorted information. Not to mention that without face-to-face and storytelling (especially at the frontlines) employees are left to figure out the meaning of company information and technical jargon and all the organizational changes (if any) for themselves. And that translates into instantly deleting emails, ignoring Intranet communique, and flippantly tossing print publications ...
Storytelling - The Great Motivator of People
In a data-driven world, facts and figures are the order of the day in sales calls, employee meetings, board rooms, and political assemblies. Traditionally, when a person is trying to convince someone else to do something they use the logic of benefits and features - long the sacred domain of anyone in sales. And they are missing the boat. What truly moves us as human beings, what prompts us into action, is emotion. Imagination is the conduit of emotion and well-crafted storytelling carries the imagination. Consider this story: You place your hand on top of your head, only to feel ...