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Special Report on

Peer Mentoring/Career Laddering

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Michigan policymakers may also want to consider “career ladders,” which provide financial incentives for high-performing teachers to continue to work with students in the classroom and help other teachers with instruction. Because teaching has few possibilities for career advancement, highly motivated teachers seeking more responsibility and a better salary may move into administration or leave the profession altogether. Schools do need high-quality personnel in administration, but having good teachers routinely leaving the classroom in search of a greater challenge creates classroom vacancies that may be filled ...
and governmental law. The firm's interdisciplinary practice groups and industry-based teams permit clients access to attorneys throughout the firm, regardless of location.
Generation X and The Millennials: What You Need to Know About ...
Your answer, of course, depends on your age—or more specifically, on the generation you belong to. While pop music milestones may not seem all that important, the sum total of experiences, ideas and values shared by people of different generations makes for a melting pot of work approaches and priorities. Once you understand where the newer generations are "coming from," as a Boomer (born 1946-1964) might say, it’s easy ... market research, surveys and trends
Who Will Win the Change the World Contest? « Mentor Planet
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is gaining momentum, as evidenced by the first virtual CSR conference. (You can access reviews at Fabian Pattberg’s blog .) Taking a closer look at just one issue, sustainability, there is reason to be cautiously optimistic.  According to a U.N. Global Compact/Accenture study , “93% of CEOs believe that sustainability is critical to their success.” They believe “a tipping point, meshing sustainability with core business, might be possible within a decade.” Can we afford to wait 10 years? Two business giants think philanthropy is a way to change the world: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They ... market research, surveys and trends


Earmark Requests | Congressman Peter Roskam - Serving the 6th ...
"Illinois taxpayers receive less federal funding per dollar of federal taxes paid compared to almost every state in the union. In 2005, Illinois citizens received approximately 75 cents back from the federal coffers for every dollar paid in federal taxes. This ranks the state 45th nationally and represents a slight increase over the past 15 years, when Illinois received just 72 cents on the dollar. "As a donor state, it is even more important for me to advocate for vital projects that will improve our communities and the daily lives of our friends and neighbors. "Equally important is fiscal accountability. As ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ByLion -- March 19
President Randy Moffett called Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco's proposed 2007-08 budget appropriation for public postsecondary education announced in Baton Rouge Thursday "a bold, clear message that education is a priority in Louisiana."      "For Southeastern, this proposal would mean an infusion of more than $22.4 million, which would allow us to add additional faculty and staff, upgrade technology, and develop new programs aimed at helping our students succeed," Moffett said. We're ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Teacher Unions Propose List of School Reforms
AFT-WV and education officials have been meeting with lawmakers to come up with bills in preparation for the session starting July 17. By Walt Williams Email | Other Stories by Walt Williams CHARLESTON -- Two unions representing the state's school employees have put forward their own ideas for education reform, among them smaller class sizes and better pay for teachers. The American Federation of Teachers - West Virginia and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association have proposed nine reforms both unions said should help improve student performance in public schools. While some of the recommendations ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Who are this year's Rainmakers?
announces this year's Rainmakers honorees, 16 professionals who have made a lasting contribution to the supply chain management profession. By DC Velocity Staff If the events of the past two years have taught any lessons, it's that preparation, patience, and poise trump all else in times of turmoil. Our 2010 Rainmakers are a living embodiment of that creed. As the profiles on the following pages show, they've persevered through tough times with hard work and determination. Yet for all the challenges they've faced, they never stopped giving back to the profession. This year's selections represent many ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Research Brief
Jul 7, 2009 ... Companion Program, which provides mentoring to students age 10 to 14 to promote school ... career laddering. The program provides support services and case management to ..... Welfare Peer Technical Assistance Network ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Using Registered Apprenticeship to Build and Fill Healthcare ...
employees to be able to climb a career ladder into higher-level occupations The ... pice and palliative care and peer mentor They can start as a nursing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
AUACC - Auburn University Advisors and Counselors Caucus
TO: Academic Dean of Schools/Colleges, Associate Deans of Academic Affairs, Selected Engineering Department Heads, and Academic Advisors FROM: Dr. Linda S. Glaze Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies DATE: September 1, 2005 RE: Promotions for FY 2006-2007 It is now time for Level I and II Academic Advisors, ...
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Comp & Rewards: What are your three biggest challenges in regards ...
Developing Markets Compensation Expert ♦ Salary Survey Provider in 147 Countries ♦ Co-Founder, Int'l HR Forum see all my answers Just three? 1) Market competitiveness. It's a real challenge to have rich and useful market data in every country where a company operates. Since most organizations have a stated compensation strategy that references a market position (for example, median), it is really critical to have reliable data on which to base the comparisons. For the markets I concentrate on, which are all developing countries, this is a very difficult challenge, since the markets are smaller, less ...
Logic vs. Emotion in branding | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Basically, I would say that if you don't have rational arguments to say you value proposition is the best in terms of customer decision criteria, this can be the case in commodity markets), you play with emotion. We always prefer a supplier which is professional and not nice than the reverse. Both are not mutually exclusive. As well, how shorter the customer decision process is (more the case in consumer goods) and how less specialised the buyer is, how more you play with emotions. I saw an interesting interview of a researcher in Neuromarketing. The guy discovered that when we are confronted with a new product or unknown ...