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Special Report on

Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet

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The Peer Mentor Program Coordinator holds the key to the successful implementation of the Peer Mentor Program. Ideally, with a teaching background, the Program Coordinator will be allocated sufficient time to plan and prepare for the smooth-running of the Peer Mentor Program. Where the Peer Mentor Program is successfully implemented, the potential spin-off to the local and wider community, in terms of the positive attitudes of teachers, administrators and students, will be huge. The Peer Mentor Program will be most effective where schools commit themselves to participate for five years. During this time the spirit of mentoring ...
with 16 per cent of the university's research regarded as 'world-leading' and a further 41 per cent as 'internationally excellent', and particular strengths in the fields of music, physics, biosciences, computer science, mechanical engineering, European studies, political science, international relations and law. 9 10 Birmingham's sport activities have been consistently ranked within the top three in British Universities competitions for the past 15 years. 10 In 2010 Birmingham was ranked as the 10th most targeted British university by graduate employers. Alumni include former British Prime Minister
leadership team meeting minutes 1/29/09
–Vicki said that the district is getting phone calls about our pathways.  A reporter from the SF Chronicle came yesterday to look at our Hospitality and Tourism pathway yesterday.  More reporters will come to look at our other pathways. II.    Math & Science Conference –Nancy had some brochures and asked Heather and Marti if they knew about the conference.  Nancy felt it looked interesting and Nancy gave Heather and Marti the brochures. III.    Tutoring for Credits –Nancy mentioned that we are trying to expand our after school program.  She said we have lots of tutoring programs, but not that many students.  ... market research, surveys and trends
women in science and engineering
Did you know that the technologies behind electric water heaters, dishwashers, the fibre in bullet-proof vests, the medical syringe and the AIDS-fighting drug AZT were all developed by women? Or that it was women who first discovered that the Sun was mostly made of hydrogen, or that the structure of DNA was the double helix or that there were such things as Y chromosomes that determine maleness? Yet even today, many years after some of these major breakthroughs, young women wanting to work in science, engineering or technology (SET) may still find themselves isolated as lone figures in male-dominated areas. As part of a wider ... market research, surveys and trends


Peer Resources: Coaching News, Research and Literature
The Current Literature, including coaching research and resources you will not learn about from the International Coach Federation: McNamara, C. (September 2009). Developing internal networks of self-directed learners using peer coaching groups. Chief Learning Officer Executive Briefings. (Retrieved September 10, 2009 and available to members of the Peer Resources Network .) An expert in Peer Learning Circles describes the format and function of peer coaching groups, their structure, benefits and the proven outcomes. He differentiates peer coaching from action learning, and provides guidance on the factors that make such groups ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Public Health Institute: Resource Library
Programs of the Public Health Institute publish many reports and publications each year. In this section you will find a selection of some of this important work. Health Reform and Local Health Departments: Opportunities for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention June 3, 2010 Funded by the CDC and prepared by PHI, this report presents an in-depth look at the opportunities within health reform for health departments across the country. In it, 40 public health leaders weigh in, offering recommendations, action steps and outcomes related to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that will impact public ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet
Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet. • You're Serving as a Peer Mentor When . . . • Myths about Peer Mentoring. • Developing a Mentoring Perspective ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
the time, attention and resources required to make a formal mentoring process work. ..... The purpose of peer mentoring is to support colleagues in .... This book provides organizations with the basics on setting up mentoring programs. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Special Education: IEP, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Kidney disease, Gerd ...
My son is six years old and in the first grade. He has been diagnosed with Axiety, ADHD, ODD, OCD( which I do not agree with)Sensory processing disorder( he goes to OT for this, a fine motor skills delay,he was also born with several birth defects one which led to kidney disease and hypertension. He is undergoing genetic testing and although his life can be very difficult, he is a bright, sweet, wonderful boy. He hates his new school and constantly asks if I can take him to a different school. He exhibits anxiety upon leaving school. He grabs my hand and drags me to the car saying things like" let's get out of this ...
The Importance of Having a Good Mentor
A mentor, basically, is someone who serves as a counselor or guide. Being asked to serve as a mentor is an honor. It indicates that the company has faith in the person's abilities and trusts him or her to have a positive impact on the situation. Many companies have discovered that the use of a mentor for new employees not only helps employees settle into their job and company environment, but also contributes to a lower turnover rate. The use of a mentor may be an informal, short-term situation or a more formal, long-term assignment. In an informal mentoring program, the mentor usually helps the new employee for a ...