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Special Report on

Perceived organizational support and performance

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Perceived organizational support is considered a resource capable of positively influencing performance by reducing stressors and encouraging commitment. However, only a modest relationship has been shown between support and performance, suggesting that moderators affect this relationship. To date, no research has examined moderators that might serve to predict non-linear support-performance relational forms. The purpose of this research is to examine how cynicism moderates the relationship between support and performance in a non-linear form. Design/methodology/approach – In study 1, 256 full-time employees from a variety of ...
which describes the psychology, attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values (personal and cultural values) of an organization. It has been defined as "the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that control the way they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the organization." 1 This definition continues to explain organizational values , also known as "beliefs and ideas about what kinds of goals members of an organization should pursue and ideas about the appropriate kinds or standards of behavior organizational members should use to ...
Employee Engagement And Performance: Finally Some Credible ...
I’m very happy to say that a recent article in the Academy of Management Journal provides the best credible evidence so far for a link between psychological engagement and employee performance. The article is entitled “ Job Engagement: Antecedents and Effects on Job Performance, ” by Bruce Rich, Jeffrey LePine, and Eean Crawford. This well designed study of 245 firefighters and their supervisors found that job engagement was a significant predictor of both task performance and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). This is especially significant because job engagement was tested for its affect on performance and OCB ... market research, surveys and trends
Developing a Wellness Program. — Health And Wellness Programs
As organizations today continue to compete in the global economy, cost containment strategies will be increasingly important. Controlling the rising cost of worker ill health is becoming a priority for corporate leaders. The emerging corporate culture in the U.S.  is one which has an employee population centered in health, safety and wellness. Developing a corporate strategy for wellness and disability management makes good company sense. the following eight-step process ensures a strategic, integrated, needs-driven and results-oriented approach. The following process works best in organizations with strong leadership and a ... market research, surveys and trends


The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and the ...
Domestic Product, provide 76.1 million jobs, and encourage US$1 155 427 ..... perceived organizational support explained nine percent of the variance in ... as improved performance. The results also lend empirical support to anecdotal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The effects of work stressors, perceived organizational support ...
Abstract. This study examined the direct and moderating effects of perceived organizational support (POS) and gender on the relationship between work stressors and work-family conflict for a sample of Hong Kong Chinese employees. As predicted, we found that POS is negatively related to both FWC (family-to-work conflict) and WFC (work-to-family conflict), and that work stressors (including role ambiguity, role conflict, and role overload) are positively related to FWC and WFC. Additionally, the positive relationship between role overload and WFC was found to be weaker when POS was high, suggesting that POS can offset the adverse ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ITT Reports Solid Second Quarter and Forecasts Strong Operational Performance ...
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Jul 30, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- --Second-quarter earnings from continuing operations up 12 percent to $1.22 per share. Adjusted earnings from continuing operations up 9 percent to $1.14 per share, topping previous guidance. --Company announces plans to divest CAS, Inc., a component of the Defense & Information Solutions segment; classifies CAS as a discontinued operation. --Strong operational performance expected to offset the $0.11 full-year dilutive impact of acquisitions and discontinued operations announced in the second quarter; adjusted full-year earnings per share guidance of $4.08 to $4.18 represents ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ICKLER: Turns In Respectable Performance At Nashville
Brian Ickler continues to capitalize on his time behind the wheel of the No. 18 Kyle Busch Motorsports (KBM) Toyota Tundra. In just his fifth NASCAR Camping World Truck Series start of 2010, the 24-year-old Ickler scored a solid eighth-place result in Saturday night�s Nashville 200 at Nashville (Tenn.) Superspeedway. While the eighth-place effort wasn�t the finish that Ickler and his KBM crew had hoped for, especially considering the team�s No. 18 Tundra visited Nashville�s victory lane at Nashville back on April 2 with driver/owner Kyle Busch, it was still a respectable performance. It was Ickler�s fourth top-10 finish of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


2008 North American Society for Sport Management Conference (NASSM ...
... with subordinates' perceived supervisor support, perceived organizational support, and performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 91(3), 689-695. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Nasa Phase One Report 3-26-04 -2.p65
safety climate and culture are key elements in safety performance improvement. .... Lower scores on Perceived Organizational Support and Upward ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Theory - Perceived Organizational Support
Research on perceived organizational support began with the observation that if managers are concerned with their employees� commitment to the organization, employees are focused on the organization�s commitment to them. For employees, the organization serves as an important source of socioemotional resources, such as respect and caring, and tangible benefits, such as wages and medical benefits. Being regarded highly by the organization helps to meet employees� needs for approval, esteem, and affiliation. Positive valuation by the organization also provides an indication that increased effort will be noted and rewarded. ...
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We have the great opportunity leading an innovation project in one of the 10 worlds biggest banks. The project has the focus to create new parameters/policies/directives of the Evaluation Process Management. During the process, we not only will focus on the individual, relationships, process and context but also identify paradoxes that will be our starting point for a co-creating process. However, there are many experiences out there, many perspectives and many ideas. Therefore I would like to ask you: How would you change if you could in a Performance Evaluation Process? Thank you! Thanks for all your opinions. @Neeraj: Thank ...
Google Answers: Published Works on Business Psychology
What is the role of sincerity, honesty, passion for your work, and genuine concern for your customers in the success and failure of businesses? I am interested in the general answer to this question, and also, more specifically, the role of these issues in customer service. When I say passion for your work, I do not mean passion for profit-making - I mean passion for your actual craft. As a secondary issue, what is the impact of pretended sincerity or false politeness on the relationship between a company and its customers? I am looking more for a comprehensive list of references, with information on how to access them, than ...