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Special Report on

Perceptions of organizational politics

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Theoretical frameworks have suggested that a combination of individual influences, job/work environment influences, and organizational influences combine to contribute to the formation of individuals' perceptions of organizational politics (Ferris et al., 2002; Ferris et al., 1989). However, empirical investigations of the individual-level antecedents of politics perceptions have focused on demographic factors such as age, sex, race, organizational tenure, and organizational level (e.g., Ferris, Frink, Bhawuk et al., 1996; Ferris, Frink, Galang et al., 1996; Ferris et al., 1994; Ferris and Kacmar, 1992). With the notable ...
Organizational Politics
Organizational Politics: “Behaviors that occur on an informal basis within an organization and involve intentional acts of influence that are designed to protect or enhance individuals’ professional careers when conflicting courses of action are possible” (Drory, 1993, p.59). The view of organizational politics, just like the politics of nations and states, is too often sullied by manipulative, power-grubbing behavior of an individuals and groups. The best of politics is, however, about working to achieve consensus, to effectively align people through integration of interests, and persuasion and influence ... market research, surveys and trends
taxonomies of job tactics and ethical values for influencing up
I've listed below the seven categories of "Job Tactics" into which Ralston and colleagues group the 38 upward influence tactics in their Strategies of Upward Influence (SUI) instrument: 1 Good Soldier — Getting ahead through hard work that benefits the organization. Rational Persuasion — Demonstrating with facts and skills-related accomplishments that one should be given consideration. Ingratiation — Using subtle, indirect tactics to make oneself appear interpersonally attractive to someone at the superior level. Image Management — Actively presenting oneself in a positive manner across the ... market research, surveys and trends


Citizens' perceptions of politics and ethics in public ...
Citizens' perceptions of politics and ethics in public administration: a five-year national study of their relationship to satisfaction with services, trust in governance, and voice orientations.(Author abstract) Article Excerpt INTRODUCTION In recent decades organizational politics (OP), and especially the way it is perceived by employees and managers, has became a field of great interest in business administration, management, and applied psychology. Studies have suggested that the ways employees perceive their workplace in terms of political climate, power struggles, influence tactics, and ethical decisions are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Managing the workforce reduction: Hospital CEO perceptions of ...
health system as a means of achieving greater cost effectiveness and consumer responsiveness. Most efforts at reforming healthcare delivery have been accompanied by the downsizing of healthcare organizations. Organizations that are undergoing decline or significant workforce contractions are widely believed to experience a number of negative or dysfunctional attributes as a consequence of reductions in, or redeployments of, their labor force. For organizations undergoing planned workforce reductions, much speculation has been made in an attempt to identify a set of "best practices" that have the potential to mitigate ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Nurses Association Partners with HealthStream to Expand and Deliver ...
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the health care industry, today announced that the American Nurses Association (ANA) has partnered with HealthStream to expand the offering and streamline the delivery of its online continuing education (CE). HealthStream will provide a commerce web site that will enable ANA members and other nursing professionals to browse, purchase, and complete ANA and other third-party CE and learn about other ANA membership offerings. ANA is the only full-service ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Entitled Workers Are More Frustrated on the Job and More Likely to Abuse Co ...
Newswise - Employees who feel entitled in the workplace are more apt to be frustrated on the job and lash out at their co-workers, according to new research from the University of New Hampshire. Conducted by Paul Harvey, assistant professor of management at UNH, the research is presented in the latest issue of the journal Human Relations in the article "Frustration-based outcomes of entitlement and the influence of supervisor communication." Harvey and co-author Kenneth Harris, assistant professor of management at Indiana University Southeast, investigated behavior of workers who feel entitled and how their behavior ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Ethical perceptions of organizational politics: A comparative ...
perceptions of organizational politics, fimctional area, job level, and years of work experience were not associated "with such perceptions. Using ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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related to perceptions of organizational politics. Individuals who believe that they are working in a highly political environment may be less likely ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Moderating Effect of Teamwork Perceptions on the ...
esis that perceptions of organizational politics are more strongly .... port of Hypothesis 1, perceptions of organizational politics were negatively relat- ...
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I would like to learn about the internal politics and dynamics of groups. Are there some websites or books that you know of. In particular: For example, let say, I know a group of Indians friends (at work or social group) - how does this group operate. (This sort of behavior is also similar in other ethnically based groups.) Why do people join such a group. Why do they give up their individuality. Why do they accept the group philosophy. Why do they do the things required even when they don't agree with it. Why are they always trying to put somebody down? What prevents them from leaving such a group. What do ...
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Organizational learning. Organizational learning is when managers try to improve the desire, as well as the ability, to understand and manage the organization and the task environments, with the... How is organizational behavior related to management ? As a business student and a student currently taking Organziational Behaviour (OB), I have learnt that OB is intertwined with not only business but anything in life that requires you to interact with... What is the organizational structure of project management ? For a list of organizational structures in Project Management, and a small comparison, please check the link below (on ...