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Special Report on

Personnel Selection and Assessment

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summarizes the state of science and practice in the field of employee selection. Chapters in this book cover issues associated with measurement such as validity and reliability as well as practical concerns around the development of appropriate selection procedures and implementation of selection programs. Several chapters discuss the measurement of various constructs commonly used as predictors, and other chapters confront criterion measures that are used in test validation. Ethical and legal concerns are dealt with in another set of chapters and highlight the concerns of the employer as well as the test taker and the ...
which occurs in the workplace. Workplace aggression can include a wide range of behaviors, ranging from verbal acts (e.g., spreading rumors) to physical attacks (e.g., assault).
MSc in Occupational Psychology (BPS Accredited)
Occupational psychology, both as a professional and as an academic field, has grown substantially over the past 10 years. Membership figures from The British Psychological Society (BPS) show an increase for the Occupational Psychology Section in excess of 400 per cent between 1984 and 1997. Such growth is a vivid reflection of the increasing importance of psychology in work and performance settings. Goldsmiths’ Department of Psychology has built a strong research reputation in the areas of work psychology, culture and cognition, social relationships, individual differences and psychopathology, neuropsychology and cognitive ... market research, surveys and trends
A Scientist Responses to my Criticism of Big Five Assessment Tests.
You know, there are two sharp opinions about big five assessment tests. Some weigh them more than required and others ignore them at all. �But the reality, like other psychological assessment tools, lies in between�. I have written a description, some criticism and details about big five assessment tests, sometimes back. I recognize that big five factors model is important because many employers are using it for pre-employment screening process. This Wednesday, a behavioral scientist has responded on my criticism about big five assessment tests. I may have some arguments to defend my point of view but the response has certain ... market research, surveys and trends


$55 million settlement in FedEx race discrimination class action ...
Attorneys in a major race discrimination class action have reached a settlement that would force . . . FedEx Corp. to pay out almost $55 million and overhaul its pay, discipline and promotions practices. The suit claimed that FedEx Express . . . harbored a culture of hostility toward people of color, allowing racial bias to infect its human resources decisions. A FedEx spokeswoman said: We voluntarily entered into the consent decree because we believe that this action demonstrates our deep commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunities. [In the consent decree, FedEx Express denies discrimination.] Included is $15 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Observations And Comments On 'Reinventing Government.' - Research ...
"The only thing more destructive than a line item budget is a personnel system built around civil service."(1) In the last few years millions of Americans have lost their jobs to overseas competitors and the ruthless cost-cutting practices of agency and corporate executives. The lay-offs at General Motors Corporation alone have nearly reached to the one hundred thousand mark.(2) Industrial plants and production facilities across the nation have closed, taxes have become more regressive, and as public resources have become more limited many politicians and business leaders have been caught up in the periodic penchant ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
on the accession of Bulgaria to the EU, is to help put in place an impartial, independent and effective judicial and administrative system properly equipped inter alia to fight corruption and organised crime. This involves making certain fundamental changes, which takes time and also requires broad political support across the political spectrum as well as in society at large. At the same time, these changes are an indispensible investment in the future of Bulgaria � an effective administrative and judicial system is necessary for sound public finances and well rooted socio-economic development. It is also necessary to enable ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Embracing Systemic Reform
Despite the emphasis on comprehensive education reform in the federal Race to the Top initiative, current headlines reveal continued pursuit of piecemeal reforms such as pay for performance, teacher tenure, school restructuring, and myriad other stand-alone solutions. The end result of such reforms is a patchwork of misaligned programs that do not consider the ultimate goal: a seamless K-12 education system for all students. In Bringing School Reform to Scale (Harvard Education Press, 2009), I use the stories of five urban school districts to make the case that raising achievement for all students requires systemic change. These ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Personnel Selection and Assessment
Personnel selection and assessment applies the measurement of individual differences to the hiring of people into jobs where they are likely to succeed. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Non-mandatory Compliance Guidelines for Hazard Assessment and ...
This Appendix is intended to provide compliance assistance for employers and employees in implementing requirements for a hazard assessment and the selection of personal protective equipment. 1. Controlling hazards. PPE devices alone should not be relied on to provide protection against hazards, but should be used in conjunction with guards, engineering controls, and sound manufacturing practices. 2. Assessment and selection. It is necessary to consider certain general guidelines for assessing the foot, head, eye and face, and hand hazard situations that exist in an occupational or educational operation or process, and to match ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How Widespread is Graphology in Personnel Selection Practice? A ...
pressures affecting the adoption of personnel selection procedures. International Journal of Selection and Assessment,. 12, 315–330. ...
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Google Answers: Survey data on corporate usage of personnel ...
I am trying to find data on the proportions of US corporations using personnel selection methods (like ability tests, assessment centers)for the recruitment of graduates, managers and other staff to compare with data I already have for England. In England such data is usually produced by academics, psychological test producers etc. Hi, Thanks for your question. In the US - but they do have the tendency to go international - there is one leading organization for these issues: the ASTD. I believe that it stands for the American Society for Training and Development but they are now only using their acronym. Their website offers ...
WikiAnswers - WHAT are the capacity planning and control issues in ...
The two are a science of individual management in a given work place. Theories are put into practice every time when dealing with management. Business language, like other languages, changes over... The emergence of personnel management ? Leo OBS Vellore Personal management is dealing with people. In organization, all the departments are handled by manpower. Even though machines are in key roll, the machines are controlled by Human... What is the function of personnel manager ? The function of a personnel manager usually begins with the staffing process. Someone has to be focused on screening and interviewing persons, with an ...