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Special Report on

Professional Development and Training

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By special arrangement, CUNY employees may attend individual professional development programs offered by the New York City Department of Administrative Services (DCAS). DCAS Citywide Training Center (CTC) courses and programs are designed to improve participants' skills, job performance, and career opportunities. Instructors are drawn from government, universities, and the private sector and are practitioners of the skills they teach. The CTC offers courses and programs in professional and administrative workplace effectiveness, managerial and supervisory skills, computer technology, certifications for IT professionals, ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS » Wellington trainer wins fitness industry ...
A Wellington fitness trainer has won one of twenty annual Fitness Life Awards presented by the industry organisation Fitness New Zealand. Mish McCormack of the Wellington-based Mishfitness won the PMP Print NZ North Island Contribution to the Community Excellence Award. The judges’ citation: Mish just lives it! Her ‘Put the Well back in Wellington’ free waterfront fitness classes for summer were an extremely innovative, voluntary initiative that really got Wellington moving and increased the awareness of community fitness in a great number of people. It also gained endorsement from the mayor, tied in local radio stations and ... market research, surveys and trends
What to do After the Interview
So, congratulations, you got through an interview (or a series of them with different members of the organization) but it’s not time to put your feet up and wait for them to get back to you! Job-hunting champs seize this moment to review and get ready for the next round in their search. Here are a few moves to make right after an interview to bolster your candidacy at that organization and to make a better case next time as well: *Determine how you did. First, do an honest self-evaluation. Often, we’re pretty good critics of our own skills. When you get home, sit down at the computer and write a review. (If ... market research, surveys and trends


Appendix: Selected Major State Funding Programs for Teacher ...
This state program provides $20.9 million annually, which is distributed to local school districts on a formula basis and may be used for teacher professional development. Reading Improvement Block Grant. The funds for this program are used to support reading programs in local school districts and may be used to train and retrain teachers in grades K-3. Annual appropriation is $83.4 million. Tech Prep and Connections Project. Historically 20 to 25 percent of Tech Prep funds ($5 million in state funds) have been used for teacher professional development. The Connections Project ($175,000) funds two statewide ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Archived: 10 Fact About K-12 Education Funding
The responsibility for K-12 education rests with the states under the Constitution. There is also a compelling national interest in the quality of the nation's public schools. Therefore, the federal government, through the legislative process, provides assistance to the states and schools in an effort to supplement, not supplant, state support. The primary source of federal K-12 support began in 1965 with the enactment of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) . ESEA authorizes grants for elementary and secondary school programs for children of low-income families; school library resources, textbooks and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Photo Release -- Northrop Grumman Presents "Elmer A. Sperry" Navigation Award ...
has presented the second annual Elmer A. Sperry Junior Navigator of the Year Award to Ensign Jeffrey Iiams, USNA Class of 2010, in honor of the midshipman who demonstrated outstanding navigation skills and knowledge during the four years of professional development at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. A photo accompanying this release is available at The Elmer A. Sperry Junior Navigator of the Year Award was established by the company to honor Elmer A. Sperry, founder of Sperry Marine (now part of Northrop Grumman) in 1910. Sperry invented the first marine ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Emergency Planning Simplifies Manure Spills
A dump truck with an unlatched back gate had spilled its load of chicken manure, covering two lanes of a major highway. Though the commotion irritated commuters, the situation was much worse for the livestock producer and the clean-up crew. If this were an isolated incident, the manure mess could be overlooked, but waste emergencies occur at an overwhelming rate. In fact, 364 Wisconsin incidences were reported to the state’s spills hotline from 2005 to 2009, counting highway havoc, pit overflows and unplanned piles. To keep your operation off of the 6 o’clock news, a webinar held on July 9 focused on manure spill ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING. FALL 2009 SCHEDULE. Updated 11/10/2009. To Register, call Human Resources at 4221 or email ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Physical Activity Resources for Health Professionals: Training ...
focused on the role of physical activity research. The set of 23 papers identifies the pivotal activity-related issues and several actions that decision makers and leaders in different arenas can take right now to increase physical activity across the population.     Read the commentary [PDF-1.5Mb] discussing the role that the CDC has played since 1964 in moving science, policy, and practice from exercise and fitness to physical activity and health.   1 This publications may require a subscription to view full text articles. The field of physical activity and public health is a rapidly ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image Caro_lann “@ianinsheffield: *Training* in using IWBs is only the start. This has to be followed by professional development #ukedchat” And practice!
  2. profile image studentlifeguru RT @The_SA_Blog: MOD: Q6: What professional resources do you use as you plan training and development for the year? #sachat
  3. profile image The_SA_Blog MOD: What professional resources do you use as you plan training and development for the year? #sachat
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Executives, in 2010, are you planning to resume the team building ...
I'd like us to explore this topic in depthy as we look ahead for the next year. Let's get our fingers on the pulse and see what organizations are planning for 2010. - Will we continue to see team building retreats and sales incentive trips placed on hold or will your company be resuming them? - Has any thought been given to bringing off-sites, on-site and making them more bottom line oriented and business focused? - Is it time to re-engineer incentives and team building in view of changing times? - Will cost considerations and the increased risks in air travel in view of the "underwear bomber" cause you to offer your ...
Can i know the possible interview questions in research and ...
I'm not sure if you explored the American Chemical Society website any more, but they do have a really good page about interviewing (I included the link below) - and within that page they tell you, depending on whether you're fresh out of school or more experienced, what questions you may be asked - ALSO I think what is included at the bottom of the page (& below), questions you might want to ask them, are great - that makes for a much more assertive & productive interview, when you show enough interest in the position & the company to learn about whether it's the right fit for YOU, not just if ...