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Random Thoughts on Broadbanding

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Sampad Swain explores Marketing, Social Media and Technology trends, strategies and its impact on Business, Culture & us January 02, 2009 By: Sampad Swain Good Friend, Nimesh Shah who runs Social Media Agency called WindChimes Communications has done a small survey on Indian Social Media Landscape. Infact, the truth is that there is absolute dearth of good stats and analysis on Indian Social Media Landscape. More so, we are still confused about how many Indians inhabit online space. So the small survey (in terms of scale) comes as a respite to Indian Social Media Mavens who wants to practice as well start off with Social Media. ...
community based, while maintaining an editorial staff. Unlike CNET, Bonnie aims to keep Whiskey Media small, stating "Our goal is we want to remain less than 10 people". The company's target demographic are focused primarily on males between 10 to 30. 1 The name "Whiskey Media" is a reference to a Kentucky distillery that was owned by the family of Shelby Bonnie before prohibition . 1 Whiskey Media operates in Sausalito, California . Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
I'm not good with stress… « develish1
As you all know, I’m not the most emotionally stable of people to start with, but today I’m really not in a very nice mood. This always results in bad languages. You have been warned…… So what is it that’s pissed me off today? Well to start with, it seems my credit card company has decided to increase my interest rate. This is annoying in itself, but then it happens from time to time right? Thing is though, it’s even more annoying when I discover that due to the last few increases, plus this new one, I’m now going to be expected to pay double the minimum interest rate they offer for my ... market research, surveys and trends
Obama FCC to attempt government takeover of the Internet foiled by ...
uffering a set back from the court system, the Obama administration is now soft peddling the idea through a back door approach. With the recent finding that George Soros  has funded a group called Free Press , they recommend the development of a world-class government-run media system in the U.S..  Exactly what a free country needs.  Perhaps the government will spend vast sums or our money determining how the likes of Hugo Chaves, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-il and or friends in Iran are running their programs. I t is my contention that the obvious reason to gain control of the internet is to silent the dissent of millions of ... market research, surveys and trends


Perspectives on US Competitiveness in Science and Technology
more than 1 million monthly visits, a 56 percent annual increase. .... and suggest a few thoughts on which proposals might be relatively higher priority. Overall, I ..... broadbanding and pay for performance to the entire workforce. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
least 15 percent of the total workforce working for some level of ...... The two newest demonstration projects focus on broadbanding and hiring in one ...... selections was purposive not random following several general criteria aimed ...... In closing, my final thoughts look toward the blending of the historical ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Report of the International Civil Service Commission for 2004
Implementation of the pilot study on broadbanding/reward for contribution. .... by systematically distorting it, as distinct from a random error which may ...... The Human Resources Network looked forward to hearing the thoughts of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Is There Enough Spectrum -
(PN) asking for comment about whether there is sufficient spectrum available for wireless services.  Specifically, we asked for focused comment on the current spectrum allocations available in spectrum bands and whether that amount of spectrum is sufficient for our broadband needs. The questions we ask in the PN arose as a result of the information we have already received in response to the National Broadband Plan Notice of Inquiry and the discussions at the workshops we have already held.  Multiple commenters have raised the issue that the United States will not have sufficient spectrum available to meet ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Main Page - Community Multimedia
This wiki is a place to gather information about projects, programs, and events related to Community-Based Multimedia that are connected in some way to USC's Institute for Multimedia Literacy. Please feel free to create an account and edit this wiki! Here is an ongoing list of existing, or past, projects with a community component and a link to IML. Wallis Annenberg Initiative: A Multimedia Literacy/Media Arts Professional Development Institute for Middle School Teachers and Administrators (2003-2006). (are there online outputs from this that we can link to?) Open Play game design project: ...
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How do I pick the right tenants to sublet (or swap for) my ...
Have you done a short-term sublet (or housing swap)? If you were the renter: how did you evaluate applicants, and how did you help your subletter feel at home? If you were the subletter: what worked, and what do you wish the renter had done for you or told you? I'll be subletting my apartment in NYC but I'd love to hear from people in all areas & situations. I'll be allowed to sublet my rent-stabilized apt if I give advance written notice. I will ask to make sure, but I assume the same rule would apply if I did a housing swap (where two people in different cities trade apts, with no exchange of money). ...
Why did the news for the mocospace login in its account? They chose to
Boston-based MocoSpace is celebrating two milestones this week. For one, it collected $4 million in second-round funding from a group of investors including General Catalyst, Pilot Group, and former eBay executive Michael Dearing. And its mobile-phone-based social network recently passed the 2-million-user mark—making it perhaps busiest social-networking service you’ve never heard of. Founded by serial mobile entrepreneurs Justin Siegel and Jamie Hall, MocoSpace has been in business since 2005, and has been in rapid-growth mode since mid-2006. The company has 25 employees, split between offices in Boston and Herzeliya, Israel. ...