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Special Report on

Red Tape and Regulation

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Mowing Down the Grassroots: New Report Details How “Grassroots Lobbying” Laws Threaten Political Participation   WEB RELEASE: April 15, 2010 Media Contact: John Kramer (703) 682-9320 [First Amendment]  Arlington, Va. —Grassroots political activism is a hallmark of American representative government.  From town hall meetings and statehouse rallies to talk radio, blogs and “meet ups,” Americans are constantly finding new and innovative ways to participate in politics.  But a new report has found that the lobbying laws of at least 36 states threaten to strangle these grassroots ...
The Big Society exists, just not where the Tories want | Liberal ...
I doubt David Cameron was watching Channel 4 last night, away as he is in America. But his aides ought to save the 4OD link for him. I’m talking about Undercover Boss , which followed Kevan Collins – Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Council – as he became “Colin” and met people doing frontline services in his borough. It was remarkable. There was Chris, who delivers meals on wheels to the elderly. She used to stay for a cup of tea and a chat, but now finds it hard because cut-backs mean she has more deliveries in fewer hours. It breaks her heart – especially at Christmas – because most of the elderly are alone and she is ... market research, surveys and trends
In the service of others | The Spectator
David Cameron’s Big Society re-launch continues after his American interlude. Today, he will introduce the national citizens’ service for 16 year olds, which was famously backed by Michael Caine during the election campaign. There is no military element to this national service; the aim is to unite different communities, ages and classes. As a leader in the Times puts it: ‘ The bold aim is to turn a summer of potential drift and disaffection into one of purpose for youths from different backgrounds, working together to help people worse off than themselves, under the wing of various charities and social ... market research, surveys and trends


Welcome to Twitter. Population: 15 million zombies | SMI
courtesy of Web security firm Barracuda Networks. The security specialist says they looked at Twitter’s 19 million accounts and determined nearly four out of five (or, 79 percent) Twitter users to be inactive, or, in Barracuda Network’s terms, they are not “true Twitter users.” Who exactly is a “true Twitter user” then? In one of the more rigorous definitions of true Twitter usage out there, Barracuda says an active or “True” Twitter user has: at least 10 followers follows at least 10 people and had tweeted at least 10 times. Pretty fair definition. No? By this measure, that comes out to 21 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
AARP survey shows strong support for guaranteed benefits ...
WASHINGTON — Most Americans continue to highly value Social Security's guaranteed benefits despite recent debate over adding private accounts, a poll released Thursday by the senior advocacy group AARP shows. AARP, the nation's largest group for elderly residents, looked at perceptions about Social Security from 1985, when the group first took the survey, and in 1995 and in July. Over that period, however, it found a slight, sustained increase in the number of people who say they believe the program should be phased out and that private retirement plans would be better. In 1985, the poll showed that 9 percent of those ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Green Agenda
The Green Party leader John Gormley recently stated on RTE Radio that he believed that the fundamentals of the Irish economy were still strong and that he was happy with the establishment of the assets management agency NAMA. To me this is further proof that John Gormley is ill equipped to hold a cabinet ministry. Many believe he has sold his soul to the devil for the trappings of power. His colleagues are equally inept. Mary White on being asked on TV how the Green Party would deal with the property crash replied with the asinine statement “The Greens are very thrifty.” Well Mary, I am afraid that bringing back ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cable tells the world: no more location grants
After decades during which governments of both parties spent billions on attracting foreign investment, the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has declared that Britain can no longer afford to "splay out" grants and subsidies to attract companies to locate in the UK. Mr Cable said: "Having very substantial amounts of money which we are splaying out in grants and subsidies to companies, we cannot do that. There is a budgetary problem which we inherited. The second reason is that it is actually very bad policy." Instead, said Mr Cable, the coalition would concentrate on setting competitive business tax rates, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Business regulation and red tape in the entrepreneurial economy
Table 1: Summary of empirical studies on the role of red tape and regulation on entrepreneurship. Author(s). Type of study and coverage ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Office of the Governor | Newsroom
The Red Tape Review Group, chaired by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, today presented its final report to Governor Chris Christie and released it to the public. Created by Executive Order 3, the Red Tape Review Group, a bipartisan body with representatives from both the Legislative and Executive Branches of State government, was empowered to "review all pending and proposed rules and regulations" frozen under Executive Order 1, as well as all operative Executive Orders from previous administrations. "I want to thank Lt. Governor Guadagno and the members of the Red Tape Review Group for undertaking this important work ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Regulation, Government Involvement, and Red Tape around the World
Corruption and red tape negatively related. Corruption is efficient. • Corruption as extortion: – Red tape (regulation) positively correlated with ...
  1. profile image Mirac777 RT @angrycalifornia: Obama's New Financial Regulation Bill Strangles the Economy with Red Tape And Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are untouched
  2. profile image angrycalifornia Obama's New Financial Regulation Bill Strangles the Economy with Red Tape And Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are untouched
  3. profile image Jerome_Dethier New Regulation proposed on tractors to strengthen safety and to cut red tape: IP/10/1001 Brussels, 23 July 2010 Th...
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It doesn't work that way | Ask MetaFilter
"This is how it really works." I'm looking for things you know that work differently than people assume they do. For instance, people usually assume that school textbooks are chosen strictly on merit, when actually it is Texas book events that end up controlling textbook sales. Or like the comment that said " what the FBI does is collect evidence for prosecution. They rarely solve crimes on their own and they rarely prevent them. " Before payola was widely talked about in recent years, most people thought songs on the radio got there solely because of popularity. I'm looking for other examples where widely common ...
WikiAnswers - What are the advantages and disadvantages of ...
They can provide huge monetary rewards with just one proposal. Some government grants can total in the millions of dollars. Those who receive government grants find it easier to raise money from other government and private sources. These grants can be prestigious and give your organization instant credibility and public exposure. Disadvantages Government grants are usually on a reimbursement system, so if you are a cash-strapped organization, you might face hardships. Preparing government grant proposals usually require hard work and tons of research and planning. They are not easy to write. Government grants come with ...