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Safety in the Union Shop

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After nearly three months of arguing, lawmakers may be close to a deal on an $800 million tax package that does not include a general sales-tax increase. The state Senate's decision to drop its proposed sales-tax hike is key to the apparent breakthrough. ►  At -- Here's the new $800 million tax plan -- It's still being tweaked, but this chart largely reflects what the Democrats are working on.  ►  Also see budget coverage from the AP , The (Everett) Herald ,  The Olympian , and The Spokesman-Review . ►  ...
The trade union, through its leadership, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members (rank and file members) and negotiates labour contracts ( collective bargaining ) with employers. This may include the negotiation of wages , work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring, firing and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies. The agreements negotiated by the union leaders are binding on the rank and file members and the employer and in some cases on other non-member workers. Originating in Europe , trade unions became popular in many countries during the Industrial Revolution , when the ...
Does the City of Rohnert Park deserve your “yes” vote on Measure E ...
If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to go out and vote today. In Rohnert Park, our city government is anxious to have our citizens’ opinion on Measure E. If Measure E passes, it will raise the sales tax by half a cent for five years in an effort to help save various services including emergency services providing neighborhood police patrols and disaster preparedness, along with various repair and maintenance projects. The Rohnert Park City Council supports this measure in the face of tremendous budget cuts and a lagging economy, all compounded by the State’s budget cuts and “takeaways” resulting in burdensome affects on ... market research, surveys and trends
WSJ: Safeway, Supervalu Training Unions to Battle Wal-Mart - Hit ...
to see people rise up. Or, if you're accusing them of not liking to see people rise up, then they would not be going around ramping up class warfare. That's because you only have one outdated, defunct definition of class warfare. Actually I think it's the paternalistic, reactionary definition of "warfare". You know, the one that requires strife and conflict. It's so bourgeois. The "rich people suck" style of class warfare has been in vogue for many years, Oh no. In fact, we now have a president who bases his economic policy on that version. Dipshit, it's other corporations waging fake ... market research, surveys and trends


General Electric Signs Contract to Supply 310 Evolution Series(R ...
WASHINGTON & ERIE, Pa. -- General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) today announced that it has signed a contract to supply 310 new Evolution Series([R]) locomotives for Kazakhstan's national railway company, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ). The locomotives will be used to help KTZ move record amounts of goods and materials by rail, driven in large part to strong demand for transit, intermodal traffic and petroleum products. "By choosing Evolution Series locomotives, KTZ is investing in the very best technology available," said John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Transportation. "I am proud that KTZ and GE are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Work in Progress—May 2, 2005
—The 141 Bergen County ( N.J.) Court administrative employees voted April 18 for representation with Communications Workers of America Local 1034. Other recent victories include 34 workers at Frontier Telephone in Statesboro, Ga., who voted to join CWA Local 3220, and 30 workers at Casa de Maryland, a nonprofit community service agency in Silver Spring, Md., who voted for TNG/CWA Local 32035. TRUCKIN’ TO VICTORY —Truck drivers at six independent DHL contractors voted last month to join the Teamsters. In Miami, 66 workers at three locations—D&P Express, M&P Express and Miramar — voted overwhelmingly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Teamsters: Alaska Air outsourcing jeopardizes safety
parent of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air -- is compromising safety in outsourcing aircraft maintenance, Teamster-represented Horizon Air mechanics and pilots charged Tuesday. "Alaska Air Group shareholders know all too well the devastating impact an airline tragedy can have on the security of our nation, the safety of our passengers and the bottom line of business. That's why the company's increased reliance on contract repair facilities, which are not subject to the same regulatory standards as the company's in-house maintenance operations, is of such great concern to all of the company's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Blotter: Woman turns herself in to Bossier authorities
Young Kim Tidwell, 60, of Bossier City, was charged with eight counts of illegal use of a counterfeit trademark, racketeering and money laundering. Her bond was set at $300,000. While Tidwell's sister was listed as the official owner of the store, interviews with three previously arrested individuals and documents seized during two search warrants showed Tidwell handled the day-to-day operations of Pro Beauty Supply, ordered products for the store and managed the money, a news release states. A woman arrested four times in the past 18 months after being accused of bilking area banks out of thousands is back in jail. Sharon ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Paying dues to the union: A study of blue-collar workers in a ...
shop or union shop) in the collective bargaining agreement. ..... (including the one in this study) to negotiate safety and health codes, committees, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NIOSH FACE Program: New Jersey Case Report 92NJ006 | CDC/NIOSH
On March 9, 1992, a 49 year-old male iron worker was fatally injured after falling from the structural steel framework of a building under construction. The incident occurred while the victim was preparing to install steel decking sheets to the peak of a roof. The victim had just climbed up to a stack of steel decking that was resting between two steel girders. After taking a short break, he apparently moved to the side of the stack and was trying to separate the first sheet from the stack with a screwdriver when he fell 20 feet to the concrete floor below. He died of his injuries the next day, 29 hours after the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Collective Bargaining FAQs
published by the University of Maine's Bureau of Labor Education (1995) as edited by John R. Hanson and William C. Murphy here reprinted by special permission. NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS ACT     History has shown that organization has been an effective way for working people to change their social environment and to protect their interests. The story of workers' efforts to form labor organizations is long and filled with struggles. From a legal point of view, labor organizations have moved from being outlawed as criminal conspiracy in the nineteenth century to being highly regulated by law today. What Are ...
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Google Answers: Important political action that has influenced ...
Hello, talula987-ga! Since you are in a rush, I have done my best to research and compile the most significant events which have affected labor relations in the United States. == This first reference from the Illinois Labor History Society contains a wealth of information about the history of labor relations in the United States. Please refer to the site and click on the link for each period to read information in full. There is an introduction to each section which summarizes the most important labor issues for the time period which might prove helpful to you. I have excerpted some of the most noteworthy events for ...
What are the disadvantages of having a union shop? - Yahoo! Answers
I think unions were formed back then to protect the workers from being taken advantage of by the companies. Now we have minimum wage laws and OSHA which protects us from a dangerous working environment. Some disadvantages of having a union shop were mentioned earlier such as the union leaders not having the same interests as the workers or the company. Another disadvantage is that if there is a disagreement and the workers go on strike, the company will suffer. Employees who do choose to work instead of going on strike will be ostracized by other co-workers. A unionized worker does tend to get higher pay but part of that ...