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It is common knowledge that the days of settling into a job with the same company for an entire career are long gone, but what about a new career every 10 years? “Generation Y (those born between 1982 and 2002) will have new careers every 10 years,” predicts Mindy Price, Principal Consultant at Direct Effect Solutions, Inc. , an EDGE and DBE certified consulting, training, and coaching firm based in Pickerington, Ohio. That means the current workforce is going to have to constantly re-train and adapt to changes, says Price. Adapting to change, and the ability to lead others through change, is just one of the current ...
championships. The Hoosiers' five NCAA Championships are tied for third in history with North Carolina (5), trailing only UCLA (11), and Kentucky (7). Indiana has intense rivalries both in-state, against the Purdue Boilermakers , and out-of-state, against the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Kentucky Wildcats. The team is currently coached by Tom Crean .
Career Coaching Help or Resume Writer Help
I think many candidates are so afraid of getting ripped off that they don’t engage a professional to help them with their job search. I know there are many rip-off artists out there just waiting to take your money. I have written about this and even posted a video on YouTube in an attempt to expose these vultures. But in this case, a few bad apples don’t ruin the whole barrel. There are many outstanding resources for candidates to engage. I firmly believe these pros can dramatically shorten your time searching. The ROI for hiring one can be as good as mob rates. For a few dollars you can be making a full salary a lot ... market research, surveys and trends
Cavs Looking into more Coaching Options
Izzo did not announce a decision Saturday as he pondered what is no doubt one of the toughest choices of his professional career. There have been indications that Izzo will let the Cavs know whether he's accepting an offer to be coach by the end of the weekend. 23 0 0 Share With the hope that they can land a replacement for Mike Brown by the start of free agency on July 1, the Cavs are continuing to evaluate their options if Izzo passes on leaving Michigan State. General Manager Chris Grant and assistant Lance Blanks did talk to former Nets and Hornets coach Byron Scott over the phone on Thursday. Scott has a solid resume ... market research, surveys and trends


Web 2.0 Dominates Trends in Internet Job-Hunting
In 2001, as a service to our readers, the staff of Quintessential Careers decided to conduct an annual review of the state of job-hunting on the Web. You can read previous reports (which are also listed at the end of this article) here: Quintessential Careers Reports on Internet Job-Hunting . Have you noticed that the Help Wanted portion of your newspaper classified-ad section is getting thinner and thinner? The Conference Board reported in fall 2007 that 73 percent of surveyed job-seekers were using the Internet to do so compared to 66 percent in the same period in 2005. At the same time, use of newspaper classifieds ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Non-Clinical Physician Jobs, Careers, and Opportunities [part of ...
I realize that this is an old press release (from Feb 3, 2010), but I thought I'd share it since last week I wrote about physicians leaving the health care field ( How many doctors will leave medicine this year? ). 28 Percent Say They Will Not Be in Their Current Job 1 Year from Now  SAN DIEGO, Feb. 3 -- Nearly one-third of registered nurses (RNs) surveyed last month say they will not be working in their current job a year from now and close to half say they plan to alter their career path in the next one to three years in a way that would either take them out of the nursing field entirely or reduce their contribution ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SL: Kobe too much, but not enough; Doc's last home game?
couldn't believe it. Bryant was in the middle of his outburst in the third quarter when the ball swung his way 27 feet from the rim. He was well out of any normal shooter's range, but Pierce knows Bryant isn't a normal shooter. Bryant fired a shot that split the rim for 3 of 19 straight points he scored for the Lakers in the third quarter (23 stretching to the first half). 'I would say it was the toughest shot that I've ever seen somebody hit while I was on the court,' Pierce said. Making the latest stop on his free agent tour, watched from his courtside seat at TD Garden, shaking his head in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Tom Izzo has entered the building. The rest of the world waits outside.
for a decision to be announced today.  Believe it or not, the intensity level on this story may be on the verge of stepping up to another level. The buzz from all the non-sourced sources yesterday started to focus on LeBron James.  Lisa Byington of News 6 reported that Izzo has been waiting to talk directly with James .  (How much would you pay to eavesdrop on that conversation?)  Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski's latest piece concurs that James' status with the Cavaliers is, not surprisingly, the key question Izzo is searching for answer on. Meanwhile, the Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst says a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


NETWORKING CHECKLIST Seventy-five percent of GOOD jobs are found ...
й Source One Career Coaching. 614.568.7750. NETWORKING CHECKLIST. Seventy-five percent of GOOD jobs are found by networking. Networking with your contacts ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The TSA Career Coaching Service
Have you ever wondered why some of your work relationships are easier than others? Do you often feel misunderstood or like you "march to the beat of a different drum?" If the answer is yes, you may find that the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality assessment can help you appreciate differences in human behavior, and help you pinpoint your unique strengths and areas for growth. The MBTI measures four primary ways people differ from one another. These differences are referred to as "personality preferences." Just as most people have a preference for right-handedness or left-handedness, so too ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Career Coaching for Parents
Introduction. 4. Parents as Career Coaches. 5. Activity #1. Understanding the World of Work ...... Lane as my source for this activity. 19. Lane, L. (2005). ...
How would i start a coaching career in football? - Yahoo! Answers
I have little, i guess no interest in coaching high school football, since for the most part they also need to teach, which i do not have intentions to do. But i've been around and have watched football my entire life, and believe if given an opportunity, i could coach a team at a high level, if anyone can shed some light on how i can get started in college with it, i'd appreciate it very much :) Question one do you have any college football playing expierence at all. If you do, then you can pretty much get things going. Most College coaches today usuallly start at what is called a coaches assistance program or ...
Google Answers: What is the definition of NON/Athletic coaching?
what is coaching (I'm looking for a definition that is NOT related to sports or athletic coaching, but related to personal, business, organizational, career and executive coaching) Dear coachwise-ga, Researching this topic has been quite enlightening. A whole industry has been built by people who have the ability to see strengths and weaknesses in an employee or executive and encourages them to change behaviors to perform better at their current job or see better what sort of employment they are best suited for. The following definition is from Kathryn Musholt a business coach in Akron Ohio. “Most coaching is ...