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It is the policy of the Company to be an equal opportunity employer and to hire individuals on the basis of their qualifications and ability to do the job to be filled. Unless otherwise provided in writing, employment with the Company is considered to be at will, so that either party may terminate the relationship at any time and for any lawful reason. (See EMPLOYMENT-AT-WILL , Policy 106.) Comment: Supervisors and department heads who need to fill a job opening or want to add a new job position should submit an employment requisition to the Human Resources Department ...
for a definite term governing the employment relationship and that the employer does not belong to a collective bargain (i.e., has not recognized a union ). Under this legal doctrine: Several exceptions to the doctrine exist, especially if unlawful discrimination is involved regarding the termination of an employee. As a means of downsizing , such as closing an unprofitable factory, a company may terminate employees en masse. However, there are legal limitations upon the employer's ability to terminate without reason.
Tom Collins' World Wide Web Log » Vilsack Still Suffering from ...
Today’s miserable outdoor conditions were more proof (as if we needed it here) that the primary difference between Hell and Washington DC in the summer is that Hell has dry heat.  The mercury climbed to around one hundred this afternoon, and with the humidity, it felt like about one hundred and ten outside.  Which is why I stayed inside, watching movies with Cerise on the big-screen HDTV in the basement.  It was seventy degrees down there, a temperature that, IMHO, is perfect for munching organic black kernel popcorn with grass-fed butter and a bit of Celtic Breton sea salt while quaffing a frosty artisanal oak-barreled, ... market research, surveys and trends
Directors And Officers Liability Insurance | Stress Management
In recent years, directors and officers liability insurance has become a core component of corporate insurance. As many as 95% of Fortune 500 companies maintain directors and officers (“D&O”) liability insurance today. Furthermore, it has become a commonplace of the financial world that disappointed investors will charge corporations and their officers and directors with securities fraud whenever a company’s stock drops significantly in price. Studies indicate that the average settlement of securities fraud litigation in 1999 was greater than $8 million, with average defense costs exceeding $1 million. In light ... market research, surveys and trends


HOST HOTELS & RESORTS, INC. - HST Proxy Statement (definitive ...
Three Directors will be elected at the 2001 annual meeting. Richard E. Marriott, R. Theodore Ammon and Christopher J. Nassetta are being elected as Directors to serve until the annual meeting of stockholders in 2004. Each of them is an incumbent Director. The table below contains certain biographical information about them as well as our other Directors. They have consented to serve if elected, but should any nominee be unavailable to serve, the proxies named on your proxy card will vote for the substitute nominee recommended by the Board of Directors. Vote Required The three persons nominated for Director who receive the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Shared Responsibility: U.S. Employers and the Provision of ...
400 percent of the poverty level. These work- ... include charity and bad debt ( $13 billion). Workers, them- selves, also pay a portion of these costs, either through out- ... for two months after termination of employment. “Policy ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Plaintiff-appellant, Joanne R. Wissler ("appellant"), appeals from a judgment of the Court of Claims of Ohio finding in favor of defendant-appellee, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services ("ODJFS"), on appellant's claims of wrongful discharge in violation of public policy and breach of implied contract. [ 1 ] For the following reasons, we affirm. {¶2} Appellant began working for ODJFS on October 25, 2004, as a 180-day probationary employee. Appellant was employed in a customer service capacity at the help desk. Her duties included: providing information, referrals, and assistance regarding child ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jewish officer fights dismissal
Brown, a convert to Orthodox Judaism, had declined to work the Sabbath — from sundown Fridays through sundown Saturday — and religious holidays. The small university police force said it simply could not accommodate his schedule. But a student protest and publicity drove both sides to a peace accord. The day before a hearing in which Brown could have been fired, he agreed to be suspended six days without pay, and the university promised to make it easier for him to take days off. The publicity went away. But the problems didn't. On Aug. 19, 2008, Towson University Police Chief Bernard J. Gerst fired Brown. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


general Termination of Employment policy with respect to exit procedures are incorporated by reference in this policy. 1. Voluntary Termination ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lawriter - ORC - 3923.38 Continuing policy upon termination of ...
(1) “Group policy” includes any group sickness and accident policy or contract delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state on or after June 28, 1984, and any private or public employer self-insurance plan or other plan that provides, or provides payment for, health care benefits for employees resident in this state other than through an insurer or health insuring corporation, to which both of the following apply: (a) The policy insures employees for hospital, surgical, or major medical insurance on an expense incurred or service basis, other than for specified diseases or for accidental injuries only. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
U208 - Termination of Employment
Terminations should be handled consistently pursuant to the guidelines that follow. Before proceeding with any termination action, a supervisor should review all appropriate policy statements and consult with HRS-Employee/Labor Relations (E/LR). For employees working in a position covered by a collective bargaining agreement, refer to the agreement which governs the terms and conditions of employment. All other employees are what the law terms "at will" employees. This means that employment is a matter of continuing agreement between the employee and the University. Either the employee or the University may decide to ...
Just Cause vs. Employment-At-Will
Employers have two possible methods of operating the personnel side of their business: Employment-at-Will or Just-Cause. The reason for focusing on just-cause employment is that legislation and court decisions, especially in the 1980s, have eroded the concept of Employment-at-Will. Legal Environment In recent years, court rulings have made it more difficult for organizations to use an Employment-at-Will policy. If a firm wishes to use Employment-at-Will it is necessary to state that policy both on the employment application and also in the employee handbook. Failure to establish this policy in ...
Does termination show on your employment history of a background ...
I was terminated for breaking a company policy at my last place of employment. It was a noncriminal offense. I however recieved a new job. The employer from my previous job was called and she only stated the facts and did not mention I was terminated. I also did not state that I was terminated to my new employer. I however work in child care and had to give permission for a background check. I know that pre employment history shows on your background check. However, what exactly is stated? I know that the place of employment, dates, position etc...However, does it state that you were terminated and/or why? Thanks. 2 months ago ...