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Special Report on

The Henley Certificate in Facilitation

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Patricia Bossons is Director of The Henley Centre for Coaching & Facilitation and also a Client Director within Henley Executive Education. As well as tutoring on the Henley Certificate in Coaching, Patricia also designs, develops and delivers tailored coaching and leadership development programmes for a range of blue chip organisations and works as an executive coach herself. She is a Chartered Psychologist and an accredited NLP coach. Her main interest areas are individual differences, personality and personal development and her latest book 'Coaching Essentials', written together with Denis Sartain and Jeremy ...
and abroad.Rashi also organized theatre workshops for children in schools and worked with different NGOs on social issues.
Business Storyboarding: Creative Communication in Motion
Leonardo da Vinci is known as the originator of storyboards. His journals and notebooks are bursting with inventions, drawings and ideas. Many of his illustrations are drawn in step-by-step stages showing Leonardo’s thought process. This sequential development process is known as storyboarding. More recently, Walt Disney popularized storyboarding as a tool to communicate with designers to get a multiple project overview. Each board combined words and pictures so that Disney could get an overview—at a glance. This was so effective, that outside the art studio, Disney used the same methods to plan for the future: Disneyland. The ... market research, surveys and trends
1. 1993: March. Julia Morton-Marr’s first peace tree of the ISPG program was planted at St. Peter’s Church, Erindale Mississauga, Ontario, with the children of the Sunday School. Many people have connected with the program from here. 2. 1993: June, Eric Foster, West Humber Collegiate Institute was the first school involved and aided in the development of the program with students from York University. 1994 3. 1994: Feb. 15 West Humber linked ISPG to the Environmental Bill of Rights. 4. 1994 October; Julia was honoured as “A Person Making a Difference”at the IIPT Second Global Conference in Montreal ... market research, surveys and trends


Executive's Personal Values Diversity: A Critical Interface ...
Apr 20, 2007 ... member of Faculty at Henley Management College in the United Kingdom .... Certificate in Enterprise Management from Swinburne University .... approach to one of facilitation. People at all levels must be ..... directors being the most popular and outside directors being in the majority. 76.9 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Resources Asia Pacific Journal of Human
ogy) introduced a Certificate in Foremanship. During the war, in 1943, this became ... College, Henley-offered a range of residential management education .... example, showed that in the previous two years 58 percent had changed their ..... vidual concerned and her or his line boss, the facilitation of such a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Kate McAlpine - Curriculum Vitae
Diploma in the Facilitation of Organisational Development, East African Support Unit for ... Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults; 1994 ... migration to the street: Kate McAlpine, Bob Henley, Mario Mueller, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
HRSA CAREAction - May 2007
In the United States today, providers deliver HIV/AIDS services in an environment of accountability—to funders, administrators, and consumers. Sophisticated electronic data systems are helping Ryan White Treatment Modernization Act* grantees and providers flourish in this environment in ways that would have been impossible to imagine when the program began in 1990. These systems have been created in the context of a national focus on electronic health records and information management, and they offer myriad benefits to those who operate and use them: the ability to process large quantities of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Developed and graded exam problems, and facilitated office hours and conducted exam ... *Mander, T., *Henley, M. *Scott, R., Hite Head, M., Mander, J., ...
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