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Special Report on

The John Molson Competition Program

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It all started by an email from the MBA Office inviting people to participate in the John Molson Business Case Competition. The students needed to submit an essay, their resumes and also solve a case which was judged by our distinguished professors. About a month after the whole process started, the team was announced; Jaimin Shah, Hugo Rufino, Suveer Rajpal and of course, me. Then started the rush for flight tickets, visas etc. Hugo was chosen our team leader and he did a good job ensuring everything went well. A little more details on the competition itself "The John Molson MBA International Case Competition" is a ...
in 2008. With over 6,500 undergraduate students, 1200 graduate students and 36,000 alumni. The business school offers 15 different programs from five different departments, Accountancy, Decision Sciences and MIS, Finance, Management and Marketing. The Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) and the Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin) are offered at the Undergraduate level. Graduate level programs include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Executive MBA (EMBA), MBA with Complete CFA Concentration, Master of Science in Administration (MSc), PHd and Diploma in Chartered Accountancy (CA). The business school is accredited by the ...
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A leading businessman, a renowned chemistry professor and a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland were the distinguished recipients of honorary degrees from Strathclyde this week. Jim McColl OBE, Chairman and Chief Executive of business development company Clyde Blowers, James Gimzewski, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Very Rev David Lunan, who served as Kirk Moderator in 2008-9, received their doctorates in a ceremony at the University's Barony Hall on Wednesday, 5 May, as part of University Day celebrations. The awards ... market research, surveys and trends
JMSB Wins Case #1 Against Ryerson « John Molson MBA Alumni
The first day of competition was a great success for both JMSB’s Organizers and Competing team.  The Organizers offered a seamless and very professional day of competition for the 36 teams and the numerous judges and volunteers.  The competition got off to a great start in its new venue at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel.  The teams dove into their first business case without hesitation.  The subject of the Libert-E Motor case was a Chinese electric scooter manufacturer hoping to penetrate the US market.  The case study involved developing distribution networks, dealer relationships, creating sales teams and marketing the ... market research, surveys and trends


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The NIBS Case Competition (hereafter referred to as the Competition) began in 1996, ... an undergraduate (bachelor level or equivalent) – business program ( commerce, ...... Over six billion songs have been downloaded from the iTunes Music .... Its iPod commands 70 percent of the MP3 player market. Over six billion ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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2082 Malt Beverages; 5211 Lumber & Other Building Materials Dealers; 6512 Operators of Nonresidential Buildings; 7941 Professional Sports Clubs & Promoters; 7999 Amusement & Recreation Services, Not Elsewhere Classified Much has been accomplished, but more remains to be done. Brewing has always been the single most important source of shareholder wealth for The Molson Companies and there is still much to do to renew the Corporation as a brewing company. However, we are closer to that goal than at any time in the past decade, and we are working harder than ever on behalf of our shareholders. Company History: Established in 1786, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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entering the program on or after June 1, 2001. The John Molson School of Business is ..... process and the dynamics of competition in a variety of contexts. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Purdue Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) has made substantial progress during the current reporting period with programs that integrate the University's strengths in management, science, engineering, and agriculture in ways to equip students to think and act globally, stimulate and support faculty international business research efforts, inform and educate the business community on the importance of global competitiveness, and to promote K-12 global literacy education. Curriculum development accomplishments included the infusion of cross-cultural attitude assessments and increased ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Gary Carini, Associate Dean for Graduate Business Programs and long-time mentor with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), will join 15 PEP graduates and one PEP staff member in a private meeting with Texas Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton on Sunday, July 25, at the Ballpark in Arlington. Hamilton is scheduled to talk to the PEP graduates about his experiences and recovery and to encourage them going forward. ( FULL STORY ) Capitol Experience Brings Valuable Insight to Baylor Executive MBA students [6/24/2010] Baylor Executive MBA students from Austin and Dallas traveled to Washington, D.C. in mid-May to learn more about how ...
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Greetings, PopSasquatchers! The 2010 Vancouver Olympics closing ceremonies are still raging on, but I no longer recognize the Canadian musicians, and Joannie Rochette just rushed through the same interview she’s probably recited a billion times. It’s time to say goodbye. In honor of Team U.S.A.’s medal count, here are 37 of my favorite moments from tonight’s closing ceremonies. 1. O Canada! Your tongue-in-cheek humor delights us early on as only three arms of the Olympic torch raise — and this time, it’s intentional. 2. Some crazy mime/mechanic “fixed it” through the power of facial expression and “dance.” He is an Olympic hero ...
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In MS Money 2007, I am able to open my MS Money 2002 file and everything is great except for one difference that is causing me fits. I like to put all my Bills in the bill section and then I can easily see what the balance is going to be in my account after all those bills go through to make sure I have enough money (Shift+Click), but it seems that starting in MS Money 2006, that functionality was taken away. I am not aware of a way to select multiple bills to see the balance after paying all of them. When I import an AVI video file I recorded on a Canon digital camera to Adobe Premiere Pro, it only shows up as a still picture ...