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Special Report on

The Peer Mentoring Scheme

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The present thesis is an investigation into the impact and role of formal peer mentoring programmes as retention and enrichment strategies within UK Higher Education. Reviews of the literature highlighted several limitations within the empirical evidence for benefits of mentoring schemes. This thesis systematically evaluated the availability and impact of peer mentoring schemes within UK Higher Education. Firstly, a new measure of wellbeing was constructed and validated in student samples. A UK wide survey of 94 Universities supported the notion of increasing popularity of formal peer mentoring schemes and demonstrated the ...
Young people will be mentors to their peers as Government announces £720,000 to help young people become more active citizens, Beverley Hughes, Children and Young People's Minister, announced today. The Peer Mentoring programme, run by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, will work across England, to enable young people to provide support and advice to one another in schools and build friendships. The programme will work in schools and colleges and involve young people being trained to mentor their peers, listen to their problems and engage other young people in the community. As part of the National Peer Mentoring ... market research, surveys and trends
Inspire awards
Cllr Brian Griffiths and Executive Member for School and Lifelong Learning Cllr Freda Salway will be in attendance to award primary and secondary pupils, plus school staff and community representatives who have helped to tackle bullying. Those nominated have assisted in making their school or community group a bullying free zone. Many of the pupils nominated have used their own initiative to help new or younger pupils and create a friendly environment. School staff and community representatives will also be praised for their work tackling bullying. The nominations were judged by Cllr Freda Salway, Inspector Shane Ahmed from ... market research, surveys and trends


Peer Resources: A Comprehensive List of Mentor Programs
While the professional and popular literature is fairly consistent about a definition of mentoring, for the purposes of these program listings, we conclude that formal mentorship has the following characteristics: a deliberate, conscious, voluntary relationship: that may or may not have a specific time limit; that is sanctioned or supported by the corporation, organization, or association (by time, acknowledgement of supervisors or administrators, or is in alignment with the mission or vision of the organization); that occurs between an experienced, employed, or retired person (the mentor) and one or more other persons (the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BioMed Central | Full text | Assessing computer skills in ...
International Health Electives Co-ordinator, International Health and Medical Education Centre, University College London, London N19 5LW, UK 4  PRHO, University College Hospital, London WC1E 6DB, UK 5  Research Fellow, Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education, University College London, London N19 5LW, UK author email corresponding author email BMC Public Health 2004, 4 : 37 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-4-37 The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at: © 2004 Samuel et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. This ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Working cooperatively
Lambeth has just launched a major public consultation on our plans to become Britain's first cooperative council. The proposals are built on Labour's experience of running the council for the past four years and outline how we will protect frontline services and make them more responsive to local need. That means reshaping the relationship between citizens and public services in favour of ordinary people. Labour's proposals were trailed in the Guardian back in February, months before David Cameron launched his ‘Big Society' proposals. There are some superficial similarities, but there is a fundamental ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kennet Valley School wins the day
Your opinion counts so tell us what you think about our stories. Add your comment below each story or e-mail the editor by clicking here . 9:22am Thursday 8th July 2010 Kennet Valley School has been given the green light from Wiltshire Council to consolidate on one site. Last Thursday members of its eastern planning committee gave unanimous support to the plans for an extension to unite the primary school on one site instead of the two it has occupied at Lockeridge and East Kennett for 25 years. The two village schools were federated under what was then a unique scheme in the South West to save either village losing its school. market trends, news research and surveys resources


Final report - Evaluation of the Peer Mentoring Scheme
work have improved in those pupils involved in the peer mentoring scheme. In addition benefits are also evident for mentors. The returning student ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Peer-mentoring for first-time mothers from areas of socio-economic ...
Peer-mentoring for first-time mothers from areas of socio-economic disadvantage: A qualitative study within a randomised controlled trial Christine A Murphy, 1 Margaret E Cupples, 2 Andrew Percy, 3 Henry L Halliday, 4 and Moira C Stewart 5 2 Division of Public Health Medicine and Primary Care, Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland 4 Regional Neonatal Unit, Royal Maternity Hospital and Department of Child Health, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland Christine A Murphy: christine.murphy/at/ ; Margaret E Cupples: m.cupples/at/ ; Andrew Percy: a.percy/at/ ; Henry L ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Peer mentor roles in a collaborative on-line - Generally ...
Many of these academic peer mentoring programs are based on a social ...... A peer-tutor- ing scheme to support independent learning and ...
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I can answer any questions to do with relationships, boys, crushes and teenage problems. I give good advice to people who are wanting it. I am a good listener and enjoy helping people and hearing about what they have to say. Even if they just want someone to talk to, I am willing to give up my time to be suportive. Experience In school I was part of a Peer Mentor scheme. The idea of the program was for year 10 students to team up with younger children and help them through hard times and just be thier friend when they need to talk to someone. I have a lot of friends who are mainly all boys and I have got to know how thier minds ...
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Easy to setup, 2 GB free, and automatic. All you do is save a file to a folder and it instantly gets backed up to all connected computers. There is also a web interface and an iPhone app. Works on Mac, PC, and Linux Enjoy ! posted 1 month ago Why not just copy the data to a usb stick or usb hard drive, and just edit the files off of that? No need to sync. Unless you need the files to be accassible at all times on both pc's. In your criteria you state that "both computers shouldn't have to be running in order to sync" in order for a sync to be done both pc's would have to be up.....unless you meant "logged in" At ...