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Special Report on

Threats to Public Workplace Democracy

threats to public workplace democracy special research report Photo by
Ayeray Medina Bustos, David Webb, and Gavin Fairbairn, (Un)Covering the Silence During the Argentinean Coup d' Ètat Patrick Crogan, Tracing the Logics of Contemporary Digital Media Culture Kristen Daly, Remediating War in Iraq Aida Dias and Luisa Sales, War's Mental Health Legacies for Children of Combatants Gavin Fairbairn, Empathy, Sympathy, and the Image of the Other Charles E. Gannon, Imag(in)ing Tomorrow's Wars and Weapons Gillian Huebner, Restoring the Story Emily Ravenscroft, The Meaning of the Peacelines of Belfast Adebola B. Ekanola, Realizing the Value of Peace in Africa Andria K. Wisler, A Peace ...
refers to the act of foreign nationals violating U.S. immigration policies and national laws by entering or remaining in the United States without proper permission from the United States government. The illegal immigrant population of the United States in 2008 was estimated by the Center for Immigration Studies to be about 11 million people, down from 12.5 million people in 2007. According to a Pew Hispanic Center report, in 2005, 57% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico ; 24% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America ; 1 9% were from Asia; 6% were from Europe; and 4% were from the rest of the ...
En Passant » Election 2010:Equal love and free speech under attack
Labor and the Liberals have the same policies on war, refugees, attacking living standards, cutting public services like schools and hospitals, screwing Universities and doing nothing about climate change. They both run the system for the bosses and their profits. It’s time for a real alternative – a socialist alternative of democracy where production is organised to satisfy human need. The first step in that process is fighting against the attacks of whichever party is managing capitalism for the bosses. Come along to hear John Passant from Socialist Alternative argue the case against capitalism and for socialism ... market research, surveys and trends
UNHCR | Refworld | Freedom in the World 2010 - China
The numerical ratings and status listed above do not reflect conditions in Hong Kong or Tibet, which are examined in separate reports. Overview The Chinese government continued in 2009 to demonstrate high levels of insecurity and intolerance regarding citizens' political activism and demands for human rights protection. Aiming to suppress protests during politically sensitive anniversaries during the year, including the 60-year mark of the Communist Party's rise to power, the authorities resorted to lockdowns on major cities and new restrictions on the internet. The government also engaged in a renewed campaign against ... market research, surveys and trends


Issue Brief: Unions Are Good for the Economy and Democracy
Only 12 percent of American workers are currently represented by unions, and those who attempt to unionize face an uphill battle. The Employee Free Choice Act, which is likely to be one of the most important issues debated when the 111th Congress starts in January, holds the promise of restoring workplace democracy for workers attempting to organize, boosting unionization rates, and improving the economic standing and workplace conditions for millions of American workers. The bill has previously passed the House and received majority support in the Senate, though the opposition of a few conservatives in the Senate has prevented ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rise of Telecommuting Poses Unique Privacy and Security Threats to ...
Telecommuting, a practice increasingly favored by employers and workers alike, has a great deal to recommend it, but it also raises serious new privacy and security threats that must be addressed in order to prevent this generally beneficial practice from leading to serious privacy and security failures. CDT joined Ernst & Young to survey employers about telecommuting and to identify the best practices and areas of weakness. (1) Telecommuting Carves A New Privacy and Security Landscape for Employers (2) Emerging Privacy and Security Concerns Are Not Being Consistently Addressed (3) Companies Must Adopt New Practices to Offset ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Veiled Threats?
In Spain earlier this month, the Catalonian assembly narrowly rejected a proposed ban on the Muslim burqa in all public places — reversing a vote the week before in the country’s upper house of parliament supporting a ban. Similar proposals may soon become national law in France and Belgium.  Even the headscarf often causes trouble.  In France, girls may not wear it in school.  In Germany (as in parts of Belgium and the Netherlands) some regions forbid public school teachers to wear it on the job, although nuns and priests are permitted to teach in full habit.  What does political philosophy have to say about these ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, of major corporations, and opinion leaders stretching from the National Review magazine (and the Wall Street Journal) on the right to the Nation magazine on the left, agreed that spending some $700 billion to buy the investors' "toxic assets" was the only alternative to the U.S. economy's "systemic collapse." In this, President George W. Bush and his would-be Republican successor John McCain agreed with the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Many, if not most, people around ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Threats to Public Workplace Democracy
Threats to Public Workplace Democracy. M. Shamsul Haque. The existence of a democratic mode of governance at the national level is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Official Website of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer: Press Releases ...
Washington, DC-U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer today strongly supported Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's request to President George W. Bush for a declaration of disaster following the recent levee break in the San Joaquin River delta near Stockton. Senator Boxer also repeated her earlier requests to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation to provide additional disaster assistance under Public Law 84-99. A copy of Senator Boxer's letter to President Bush is attached.   ---------- June 18, 2004 President George W. Bush The White House Washington, D.C. 20500 Dear Mr. President: I am writing to you to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Right to Strike, an Essential Component of Workplace Democracy ...
threat of embarking on an industrial action that provides employers ... form of workplace democracy should include the right of workers to .... view, but the acceptance of the public refusing to silence unpopular ...
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Writing Business Plans: hman resource mangment, positive ...
1.In your view, does utilitarianism provide a more objective standard for determining right or wrong than moral rights do? Explain. 2.Advertising should be banned because it diminishes consumers freedom of choice�. Discuss this claim 3.what is progressive descipline?hoe does it differ from positive discipline? 4.discuss the conditions when a transnational or international firm is likely to out complete a multidomestic or regioanl strategist. contrast this with the opposite situation where the multidomestic is most likely to be successful.   Answer MARIA, HERE  IS SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO  LINGHAM
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think ...
In a sense any and every government program is "socialized," and that includes any and all Federal jobs programs, public works programs, unemployment payment programs, educational programs (Headstart, No Child Left Behind, various student loan, grant and assistance programs), Veterans Administration, etc. Furthermore, and without snark, virtually the entire US banking industry is currently semi-socialized through TARP loans and other ongoing Treasury and Federal Reserve loan "windows." Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. The for-profit insurance behemoth AIG, which recently borrowed another $2.2. billion from the Federal ...